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So, another Thursday, another group of pics for a friend. This time, they’d be three of the fairies (and one human) featured in my friend C.C. Naughton’s novelette “Don’t Piss Off The Fairies”.

Synopsis: Nellie stopped believing in fairies when she was very small, although her Gran insisted they make extremely tiny shoes and give them a bowl of milk to drink each night. Why they had to be the ones to keep the irritating little things clothed and fed was beyond Nellie’s understanding. Then one day, the fairies took Gran. Just like that, she was gone; in her place was only a note scratched onto a leaf. Nellie had to accept they were real, if a bit lacking in manners and subtlety. What happened next was so incredible that surely you would think anyone mad for the telling. But Nellie’s story is as real as any story can be, and her life was completely turned inside-out, thanks to those creepy (yet also adorable) fairies.

First up is the main character, Nellie.  And below her are two of the creepy (but adorable) fairies: Flutterglow (in green) and Cloverflower (pink).


Another set of pics with each of them.


And last but not least: Bud Mushroom, the half-mushroom fairy that enjoys the simple things in life…like floating in, say, buttermilk. He doesn’t have a huge role in the book, but he’s sort of taken on a life of his own. I’ve included a couple of links connected to the character, below.


The book can be found here.

C.C. Naughton’s Blog

Bud’s Blog

Bud Mushroom And The Nefarious Trousers (Free)

  1. Funny how a minor character just kind of comes to life.

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