Horror Review: Carrie (Any Version)/How It Relates To My Work

Posted: January 20, 2017 in Uncategorized

Evening! So…next horror review. And this time, I’m going with a favorite Stephen King story of mine: Carrie. This one has a special place in my dark ol’ heart, as it had heavily inspired one of my characters. In this case, the concept had found its way into her backstory.

Of course, the story for the book/movie/remake of the movie is that of a girl that has been raised by a religious fanatic. And when I say “religious fanatic”, I mean “one of those that treats a normal-albeit-unpleasant monthly function of the female body as punishment for the first sin”. Her upbringing under Margaret makes for a shitty childhood, of course. In her school, she’s an outcast, which is NOT helped at all when she gets her first period. Right there in the gym showers. With witnesses. ESPECIALLY not with witnesses. And, as some assholes are apt to do, they start pelting her with pads, tampons, and shame. They end up experiencing punishment under the gym teacher, with the threat of being suspended from school and banned from the prom if they don’t go through it.

One of the girls, as a means of atonement, asks her boyfriend Tommy to invite Carrie to the prom. However, another of the girls (along with a few friends) decides to get back at her for the punishment aspect. Despite the fact that she could have just gone through with the punishment and been able to go to prom. But no. She decides to be a bitch about it. Enough of a bitch to get her boyfriend to kill a pig and drain its blood.

Meanwhile, Carrie comes to the realization that she has telekinesis. Or as her mother would think of it, that she is a witch. She’s also feeling that things are looking up, thanks to Tommy’s invitation. Of course, her mother’s not exactly thrilled about her going to the prom, citing it as sinful.

At the prom itself, Chris sees to it that Carrie becomes the prom queen, with the intention of dumping the pig’s blood on her and making the girl feel even worse about life. If she knew about the telekinesis factor…well, maybe she’d have backed off. But sometimes, people like her can’t be dissuaded from terrible ideas. And when what was meant to be a humiliating prank leads to the destruction of a school, part of a town, and anyone unfortunate enough to be caught in the crossfire…yeah, I think that’d transcend the “terrible idea” category.

Post-rampage, Carrie returns to her house, where she goes to her mother for comfort. That comfort is short-lived, as Margaret stabs her in the back, feeling that she’s not killing her daughter so much as ridding the world of a witch. Carrie uses her powers to defend herself, ultimately killing her mother, and bringing the house down on both of them/ending her own pain.

So…yep, the rating I’d give the book and 70s version of the film would be 5 stars out of 5, mainly because…well, I remember getting picked on when I was younger and this gave me hope. The remake from a few years ago would probably be a 3. Still enjoyable, but it loses a little something.

Now, how does it relate to the backstory for one of my characters? First and foremost, Ivy possesses telekinesis. That and telepathy. She and her sister were sold to a lab as babies, and raised there. However, the scientists had decided to push the limits of her powers. They saw her less as a child and more as an experiment. They tried forcing her to rely solely on her abilities for the sake of communication and whatnot. The telepathy was easier for her than telekinesis. She couldn’t really turn off the ability to hear what others thought of her.

And so, one day at the age of 12, she snapped entirely. Not only did she break out of the cell/exam room, but she began to take her rage out upon the entire Psionics wing. By the time security subdued her, she had killed 20 scientists. The most morally bankrupt of them was Dr. Adler, whose neck she had personally (though still mentally) snapped.

Another reference: her middle name is Carrietta.

However, she had gone on to become an assassin. She had been slated for execution, but her sister had begged on her behalf. Her childhood may be one of the reasons that she drinks…others being that it helps keep the thoughts of others from flooding her own mind, her physiology isn’t exactly normal and what percentage of water you’d find in a normal body is basically alcohol for her, and because vodka tends to go down nice and smooth.

So…yep, I think that about covers it for now. Not sure which movie to go with next week. And still figuring out how I ultimately want to go about structuring these. There may come a time when my characters get directly involved. Still figuring that part out, too.


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