Untitled Monkey Story

Posted: January 10, 2017 in Uncategorized

So, this story takes place sometime before arc 1 of the Hell Bent series…

“Quick, hide behind the sofa!” Gemmy hissed as she pulled her older brother behind the piece of furniture in question.

Travis glanced over at her. He’d known her for their entire lives, and not once had he anticipated that she’d pull something like this. What was “this”, you might ask?

Well, a few days ago, the Abbot/Malone family had come to Florida, as Spencer had to attend a medical conference of some kind and didn’t want to be alone. Plus, Gemmy and Travis were more than willing to take a vacation.

The first day of the conference had led to the Malone siblings going through various brochures in the hotel room. That was Gemmy’s idea. Travis had wanted to check everything out for themselves, but Gemmy had felt that having a plan would be better.

So, while she was looking through various attractions, he was watching outside. He’d heard legends of this state’s insanity and felt that some people watching would be fun. So far, however, there was nothing too noteworthy.

And then he got a look at an apartment next to their hotel.

“…Fuck…” he murmured, some degree of awe in his voice.

Gemmy looked up, wondering what it was he saw. She walked over to join him, tail flicking.

Inside that apartment, lining the walls, were cages. Not only that, but the cages all contained monkeys.

“Is…is someone hoarding monkeys?” was Gemmy’s question.

“I…I think so.”

“That’s just…how in the hell could they think that’s okay?” she growled.

Of course, Travis was quite taken aback by his sister’s response. He would definitely have expected her to be horrified. But anger? It was exceedingly rare that she ever expressed it. He’d always thought that anger was his thing, but seeing her eye twitch, nostrils flare, and fingers clench…

Ooh, how he hoped she wouldn’t go against her pacifistic nature.

The older of the half-monkeys stretched a bit. “Well…who knows? Maybe this guy’s got a permit?” he asked.

“Permit or not, we’re breaking them out.”

“…Wait. ‘We’? What’s all this ‘we’ stuff?”

Gemmy strode up to her brother, staring at him with her big green eyes and pushing out her lower lip.

Aw, god DAMN it…

She was giving him THAT look. He hated when she did that. Not that he was above giving that kind of look, himself, but he’d always been her protector and friend.

“Please, Travis…? It’s just not right that they’re stuck in cages in there. I mean, you of all people could relate to how uncomfortable it is, right?”

Well, the wasn’t wrong there. Lab after lab had shown him that much. He sighed.

“But how do you expect to get in there?” Travis asked after a moment. “I don’t think knocking and asking nicely is gonna do much good at all.”

“How are you with picking locks?”

By this point in time, he was actually quite good at it. The various times he’d spent in cages had seen to that. He may have been picked up a bunch of times…but he had figured out how to escape after a while. But that still didn’t mean he was entirely on board with this idea. He had no idea what’d happen if they got busted for this.

Gemmy grabbed a hair tie and pulled her red hair into a short ponytail. She handed another to her brother.

“I’m pretty sure breaking and entering is okay if it’s for a good cause,” Gemmy said.

And Travis was pretty sure that breaking and entering would lead to all sorts of awkward questions from Spencer. But he didn’t feel like arguing with his sister.

“So, how we doing this?” he asked as he pulled his hair back.

“I figure we can get to the roof, jump to the apartment building, then get in through the roof’s door.”

With that, the pair exited the hotel room and headed straight for the elevator. All the while, Travis couldn’t help but wonder how he’d gotten into this situation. Oh, right. He was the one that pointed out the monkeys in the first place. He got the feeling that he really needed to learn to keep this shit to himself once in a while. Seriously, why did he have to alert Gemmy’s attention to them?

It took little time at all for them to reach the roof, and they scanned the area. The sun was high above them, and there was a gentle breeze that likely wouldn’t knock them off-course. The apartment building was a story shorter than the hotel, and they had a good 10 feet between the two buildings.

“So…running start?” Travis asked.

“Read my mind.”

They both backed up, before they ran toward the edge of the roof and made the leap. Thanks to their monkey-like reflexes, they actually managed to nail that landing. They landed with a roll, but they still landed on the other building with few issues. Just a few scrapes. And they were both okay to take the elevator into the apartment.

“So…fourth floor, right?” Travis asked.

“Sure is.”

They reached the fourth floor, finding the right apartment and going to try the door. Which happened to be locked. And so, it was time for Travis to do his thing. He pulled the piercing from his tail, using it to unlock the door. When it was unlocked, the two strode into the room to find…

A body.

A dead freaking body right there on the floor. He had a bit of brown facial hair, messy dark brown hair, and a scarf that’d been wrapped way too tightly around his neck. But they could tell that wasn’t what killed him. No, they could see the three large stab wounds in his abdomen.

“Should…should we call the cops?” Travis asked.

“Hell no…then we’ll have to admit to breaking and entering!” Gemmy replied.

And then they heard footsteps coming from the kitchen. Looking around, they saw a large couch. Gemmy pointed toward it.

“Quick, hide behind the sofa!”

And that was how they got where they were right now. As they hid, they tried to keep as quiet as possible. They weren’t paying much attention to what was going on around them. Not until a figure stood over them.

“Hey, what brings you two here?” asked a familiar voice.

Both gave a panicked screech, before looking to see Ivy there.

Travis waved to her a little, trying not to stare at her and how that bodysuit of hers hugged every curve beautifully and made him want to sleep with her,…

Of course, he figured he wasn’t her type (and would never be), and so tried desperately not to blush. Just like how Ivy tried to pretend that she didn’t see his face turning redder than his hair.

“Well…” Gemmy replied. “We were here to release the cages full of monkeys. Came to Florida because Spence had a conference…”

Ivy chuckled, taking a swig from her favorite flask. “Well, the guy that keeps those monkeys here? His name is…erm, WAS Ilya Bradley. Beast took ‘im out. Might just wanna get them the hell out, then get the hell out, yourselves. Don’t need anyone getting busted here.”

They nodded and made their way to the next room. The monkey cages were there and ready to be unlocked, the various occupants watching these two newcomers. Why the fuck did they look like people? What hath evolution wrought?!

Travis set to unlocking as many as possible, Gemmy opening them once he’d worked his magic on the locks.

The monkeys burst forth from the cages, screeching and leaping all over the place. One took up residence in Travis’ hair for a moment, before he entered a screeching match in response to it. Their conversation, as translated into English, is as follows:

“How in the hell did you learn the language?”

“Genetic engineering, dude.”



Gemmy sighed as they argued, watching as the monkeys took their leave and began to run amok through Florida. And they saw their cue to do the same, just as Yvette entered the apartment to cleanse it of all DNA.

Overall, the pair had gotten away with the whole thing. And Gemmy didn’t speak a word of it to Spencer…

Because Travis was more than happy to.


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