New Year, More Projects

Posted: January 1, 2017 in Uncategorized

Happy New Year, first and foremost. Secondly, I notice it’s been a bit since I’d last posted something here.

So, what’s the purpose of this post, you might ask? That’s simple, really. I’ve been figuring out a list of everything I intend to accomplish during 2017. And to that, I say, STRAP IN, Y’ALL! This is gonna take a bit.

  1. Set up a Patreon page for myself. The aim is to launch that on the 29th of this month.
  2. Finish the major fan art projects I sketched in 2016 (the Fullmetal Alchemist piece that was originally around 100 characters…and it doubled over time, the Avatar: The Last Airbender/Legend of Korra piece with upwards of 186 characters, give or take, and the Buffyverse piece that ended up going a bit over 400 characters…may half-ass that one a bit and only color the main characters from both Buffy and Angel)
  3. Work on at least 3 more large fan art pieces (all 6 seasons of American Horror Story so far…every named character…the list is pending, a pic of every RWBY character from the first 4 volumes…will not have a definitive list for it until volume 4 ends, but I’m currently at 104 characters overall, and one with everyone from the first 7 seasons of The Walking Dead)
  4. Books 5 and 6 of my Hell Bent series. The intent is to start working on those again on the same day that I launch the Patreon page.
  5. Market the SHIT out of my stuff. See if I can finally pull in some sales. I know that my work could use some improvement in spots and I’m also planning to work on that. But my natural introversion probably doesn’t help matters.
  6. Write even more. Build up some short stories. Who knows? Maybe I’ll manage to come up with something to submit to some kind of publication that they might actually like.
  7. Pay more attention to my social media accounts. All of them. This includes those from my half-monkey character’s POV.
  8. Read more. I already have about 4 books on standby for beta reading purposes, and there are a number of others that I’ve either bought (or found for free and downloaded) that I’ve not yet gotten around to. Some were written by friends/acquaintances, others are more widely-known…and the biggest one, from the look of things, may be that PDF of “Journey to the West”.

I think this about covers it…anyway, a happy start of 2017 to you all!

  1. That’s a pretty big list. Good luck.


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