New Book Announcement AND A Free Book!

Posted: September 9, 2016 in Uncategorized

As of yesterday, book 4 of the Hell Bent series has been completed and it is now available on Amazon! To celebrate that, I’m also offering the full arc 1 volume for absolutely FREE!

Blurb: Sick of being the universe’s punching bag, Dr. Spencer Abbot begins to look into self-defense training. His search leads him to Slade McManus, a powerful mage who is more than willing to teach Spencer the way’s of magic.

But there is something very off about this mage, and before he knows it, Spencer and Travis find themselves in trouble yet again.

Can they keep their lives from being ruined by McManus?


Deception is the 4th book of the series overall, and the 1st installment of Arc 2. While Arc 1 was more horror-oriented and primarily from Travis’ POV, Arc 2 is more urban fantasy-based and is mainly from Spencer’s POV.


Full Paperback/Kindle Cover Image


First Meeting of Spencer and Slade


Hardcover Jacket


Full Arc 2 Cover



Arc 1
Amazon US:
Amazon UK:




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