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Posted: April 18, 2016 in Uncategorized

Doing this for a friend this time. The first book of his Legends of Windemere series is now available for free! And to help promote that, here’s a guest post from the author himself.

This is the first book of my fantasy series, which follows the adventures of Luke Callindor. Feels like so long ago that the young warrior lied his way into a mission that pitted him against a demonic assassin. His habit of getting in over his head continues even this far into the series. It’s a fun quirk of his that makes him stand out among his more levelheaded allies. So, here are some tips on how to be an effective reckless hero.

  1. It isn’t that you jump into situations without a plan. You have the basic idea of what you want to do, which is going in the right direction. Determined to win and live to see another day definitely counts.
  2. Don’t give a clear warning to your allies about what you’re about to do. This can also warn your enemies and that’s just foolish. Last thing you want is to explain that you’re about to leap onto the dragon’s head, slide down its face, run along its lower lip, and jump to stab it in the eye. Odds are already against you, so a warning would makes things worse.
  3. Always carry rope with you. Not that you’ll use it a lot, but it brings a level of seriousness to your high risk stunts.
  4. Become good friends with the healer or whoever has the most money to buy healing potions. Defend them in fights, remember their birthdays, and always apologize for breaking the limb they fixed only last week. Keep a stockpile of their favorite treats to help with your apologies.
  5. For the reckless caster, always act first. Attack spells have this thing called area of effect. If you do something foolish late in a battle, you have a high risk of hurting your friends. Those that survive your spontaneous inferno may have some choice words for you. FYI- Some of those words may be incantations that leave you confused and naked in the street.
  6. Keep your blades sharp, but your senses sharper. People think the reckless hero is an idiot, but the truth is that you act when you see an opening. It might not be the biggest opportunity or even the wisest, but you spot the chances that others will overlook. That makes you unpredictable and is the key to your success. Well, that and following tip #4.
  7. Whatever you do, only put yourself in danger. Being reckless with your own body is one thing. That’s your decision and you accept the consequences. Your friends are merely there to witness the event and shouldn’t be dragged into the chaos. Then again, they knew the risk of traveling with you in the first place.


Legends of Windemere




Grab Legends of Windemere: Beginning of a Hero for Free!

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  1. Thanks for helping with the promotion.


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  3. Liked the list but think I will stay in the non-hero category. Thanks for hosting


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