Story 30

Posted: November 30, 2015 in Uncategorized

Last one for the month! Might post an excerpt from book 4 at some point in the near future. And possibly the progress on a few projects. Anyway, this takes place prior to book 4.



Another day was coming to an end, and Travis and Spencer had been heading back home. Their shifts had ended at around the same time for once, so they might as well go home together. It was a quiet evening.


And the quiet was broken by the sound of a vehicle driving along the road. It seemed to slow down as it got closer to them. And that sound on its own made the pair immensely uncomfortable. They were both familiar with that, and it was what usually led to stuff like traumatic stays at a lab. Travis was more apt to be targeted for that, but Spencer had been picked up once just as a witness.


Okay, time to run.


As the pair started running from the suspicious vehicle, they could vaguely hear someone chasing them. Of course, they chose to ignore it. Turning to look at who or what was pursuing them would almost certainly result in disaster.


And that was when Travis felt the vaguely familiar sensation of a tazer jabbing him in the back of the neck. The discharge of electricity brought him to his knees with a screech. Spencer came to a halt to pull him along, only for Trav to push him away.


“Please, get home as quickly as possible….” he told him.


Before Spencer could answer, he found himself on the ground next to Travis, a few sparks still visible near his neck.


“You two are gonna have to come with us,” said a somewhat gruff voice.


They looked up to see a pair of large, imposing figures in ski masks.


“…Why?” Travis asked, shakily making his way to his feet.


One of the masked men grabbed a hold of him, an arm keeping Travis’ arms pinned.


“It’s for your own good. You and the doctor.”


The other was hauling Spencer to his feet and pulling him to the car. Given that the car was a two-seater, it took no time at all for the guys to figure out where they’d be riding. They had no idea if the trunk would be big enough, but they’d probably find out really soon.


Both were shoved against a nearby wall, arms pulled behind them. Travis flinched at the feeling of a zip tie tightening around his wrists. He’d always hated those things. They tended to bite into the skin. Spencer had been trying to keep his composure. This wasn’t the first time something like this had happened to him. But that didn’t make it any less stressful and made him wonder if the company he kept made him a target by default.


A bag was pulled over both of their heads before they were marched to the trunk of the car. It took some effort, but they were both packed in and the trunk slammed shut. As the car drove off, Travis found himself wondering a few things: why was this going on, whose idea was it, and why did this bag smell like hard liquor?


“You okay?” Travis asked as they were driven to who knew where.


“Kind of shaken…” Spencer replied.


“Yeah, I could imagine…but we’ll be okay. At least, I think so. I don’t know one hundred percent, but the worst case scenario would be someone trying to kill us, and we’ve gotten through that okay, right?”


“Says you…we both ended up with nightmares, remember?”


“…Do now,” Travis replied, sulking slightly.


The car came to a stop after a while. The trunk was popped open and the guys dragged out. The two in masks pushed them along. They could hear pneumatic doors sliding open, and Travis got tense. Oh, hell…


It was another lab, wasn’t it?


Travis had tried to pull himself free, but that wasn’t working anytime soon. But he also had no intention of begging. He still had his pride, dammit!


He and Spencer were forced onto a couple of chairs, and they were greeted with a few more sets of footsteps. One sounded light, one had the unmistakable clicking of high heels on linoleum, and the third was heavy and metallic.


And so, another piece of this particular puzzle fell into place.


“Ivy? Do you have anything to do with this?” Travis asked.


“I dunno. You tell me,” she teased, pulling the bags away.


Looking around, the guys could see that they were in a large, mostly empty room. With them were Ivy, Yvette, and Beast, looking like they hadn’t organized any sort of therapy fodder for Dr. Abbot.


“What’s going on here, anyway?” Travis asked.


Yvette cleared her throat. “Well, boys… We couldn’t help but notice that you two have, like, the worst possible track record for keeping yourselves out of trouble. And considering what you both do for a living, we can’t chalk it up to ‘occupational hazard’.”


“So, we’re planning to train you two to maybe defend yourselves a little bit better,” Ivy put in.


“And what the fuck was up with having those guys in masks grab us off the street?” Travis demanded.


“We needed to get you into the right kind of mindset. If we’d simply walked up and asked you if you’d want to go for it, would you have agreed?”


They thought about that one. Travis probably would have, but Spencer…


Spencer was staring at Beast’s hulking arms and legs, honestly sort of unnerved at the thought of dealing with those.


“…I don’t have to fight you, do I?” he asked Beast.


She smiled and gave him a soft mew in response. “And what if you do, Spencer? Don’t worry, though. I’ll go easy on you.”


Great…he’d be in for only a light pummeling, then.


“So…how are we supposed to start this off, anyway?” Travis asked.


“First,” Ivy told him. “You find a way out of the zip ties. Those aren’t too difficult to get out of. But I won’t go into how right here. Understood, you two?”


“Got it…” said Travis.


“Okay, and GO!”


Travis started by pushing himself from the chair, trying to work his hands out in front of him. But there wasn’t enough of an opening between his arms for him to do so. So, he couldn’t chew it off.


Spencer had been trying to find something sharp that he could use. The best he could find was a key to the pharmaceutical cabinet at the hospital. And so, he fished that out of his back pocket and started using that to cut himself free.


Travis was working on rubbing his wrists against the back of his jeans, relying on friction to get free. It took a few minutes, but he had it off of his wrists. Spencer was free a little bit beforehand, and the ladies were discussing the results amongst themselves.


“Okay, good work, there,” Yvette said. “Of course, there are all sorts of variables that could impact the ease of escape, or lack thereof,”


Ivy nodded. “Yeah. Sometimes, someone will try to restrain every joint, make sure you can’t use your fingers…and there won’t always be anything at your disposal to cut the restraints. Sometimes, they’ll search your pockets and steal whatever keys are there, Spencer.”


“But, since we know you guys and vice versa,” Beast put in. “We won’t force you to explore every possible scenario, there. If you want to, then fine. But let’s see what we can do about teaching you to avoid it in the first place, hm?”


Travis strongly considered checking out various restraint-based scenarios. But only if it would be with Ivy. Though with her, there was a good chance he’d screw up on purpose.


“First off,” Beast began. “A simple arm grab.”


She reached her non-clawed hand out toward Spencer.


“Put your arm in my hand, please.”


He didn’t dare argue with her, doing so. Her grip tightened around his arm, and he tried pulling away. It wasn’t working. Beast shook her head.


She then began to describe a more effective means of freeing oneself from such a grip. He was instructed to twist his wrist to a certain degree, and then pull. Not that it was all that effective with Beast’s involvement, but he got the point.


Yvette was instructing Travis, meanwhile, on attacking someone’s instep if grabbed from behind. She also told him a bit about knee strikes. Given that Travis didn’t wear shoes, however, his blows were a little less painful than if he were wearing something with, say, rubber soles.


Over the next few hours, the three went over a few different simple techniques with them, including a palm strike to the nose and a good old fashioned smash to the solar plexus. Of course, they stopped the lessons for the day after those three hours.


“Might be a good idea to head home now,” said Ivy. “Gemmy might start to worry.”


“But we’ll get more lessons in one of these days,” said Beast. “I’d be willing to personally train you to fight. That means you, Spencer.”


“What about both of us?” Travis asked.


“You’re more experienced and could probably help me train him,” she said. “But for now, I suggest you two get home.”


Ivy handed a few bills to the men that had driven them there in the first place. “Thanks for the help. If you could drive them back home, that’d be much appreciated.”
The two sighed, making their way back to the trunk. Spencer was nervous as they got in again. Not because of the ride, but because he had no idea what training with Beast of all people would entail.


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