Story 29

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Second to last one! This time, it’s one about Spencer and Gemmy’s wedding. Takes place a year before book 1.



So here it was. The culmination of a couple years of planning. Spencer was set to marry one Gemmy Malone. And his stress levels had never been higher. Dating was one thing, but this? This was a step up. Back when he had proposed to her, he could feel a high amount of pressure as it was. The fact that he ended up proposing at her college graduation did not help matters. He’d had the idea of doing so there, but almost chickened out at the last second. Right until Travis pushed him to follow through.


At the moment, he was trying to avoid sweating. This tux was a rental, after all, and he seriously had no desire to deal with the fallout.


“It’s okay, Spencer…it’s just a wedding…” he told himself. “People do this all the time, and seem to be happy with it. Oh, shit, what about all those cases of divorce out there…”


His thoughts were interrupted by a knock at the door, causing him to jump and give a high pitched little yelp. And then he could hear Travis chuckling outside.


“Okay, dude, you just sounded like a girl. Y’know that, right?”


Spencer exhaled and opened the door. Travis had been standing out there in his own tux. His wasn’t a rental, though. They had to actually buy it to account for his tail. Without a hole for the tail, he’d be highly uncomfortable at best, thrown off-balance at worst. In his hand, he held a bow tie.


“Can you help me with this thing?” he asked. “I have no idea what the fuck I’m doing with it.”


“Take back the comment about me sounding like a girl first,” he said, trying to look hurt.


In reality, he was holding back a smirk.




He looked up at him, giving him a look not unlike that of a kicked puppy. Spencer sighed.


“Okay, okay, let’s do this…”


Travis handed over the bow tie, Spencer tying it for him and going through a step by step tutorial with it. Not that either of them expected Trav to remember, though. But just in case, he knew now.


“Thanks,” Travis told him. “Nervous?”


“Not at all,” Spencer lied.


“You sure? I was just in talking with Gemmy, and she was freaking out, too.”


“She was?”


“Yeah. I think she cried a little. And then there was the pacing, and she wanted to eat. And I mean, REALLY eat…like to the point where your typical bride wouldn’t fit in the dress anymore. And then run it all off and binge again.”


He blinked. “Wow. That IS stressed…”




“How about you, Trav. Ready for this? I mean, you are going to have a bit to do, and all…”




Spencer had already asked Travis to be his Best Man a while back. And then Gemmy had asked for him to stand in for their dad. She had considered asking their father to get involved. Sure, he had broken her arm that one time, and had her and Travis both evicted from their home. But there was some hope that he would at least be happy for her.


She had even sent an invitation to him months before. She had waited for the RSVP to come back. It never did.


And so, her big brother was willing to stand in for him. Serena was also willing to, but Gemmy had wanted someone who had been there for her for her entire life rather than most of it. Serena was incredibly important to them all, sure. And she had been responsible for taking the Malone siblings in, and making them what they were today. But Trav was the one that always protected her when they were young. Plus, he’d agreed to it. Had he not, then Serena would have been her second choice.


“I’m pretty sure this would go over well…” said Travis.


“It’s not too late to hand off part of your duties to Serena, if need be.”


“No, I’ve got this! See, I promised Gemmy I would do this, and I haven’t broken a promise to her yet.”


“Fair enough.”


“I’ve pounded a couple of energy drinks, so I should be good to go.”


Spencer debated questioning him about that. Particularly how healthy of a habit it was. But he thought better of it. No need to make waves this close to the wedding.


Another knock outside.


“Hey, Spencer. How are you holding up?”


Okay, this time it was Serena.


“I’m good!”


“Mind if I come in for a bit?”


“Go ahead.”


She walked in, adjusting the skirt of her light blue dress. She hugged Travis first, before moving on to her to-be son in law.


“Good luck, Spencer,” she said, her ears twitching. “Are you nervous at all?”


“A little.”


“You’ll be fine,” said another voice.


This time, Spencer saw his own mother walk in, wearing an identical dress to Serena’s.


“It does work on one’s nerves. I’ll be the first to admit that. When I married your father…oh, that day…”


“What happened?” Travis asked.


“His mother didn’t like me very much, for one thing. She thought I was a gold digger. To be honest, I didn’t even know about anyone on his side of the family being rich until that accusation. And even then, it was only implied.”


“Any advice?” Spencer asked.


“Yes. You only do this once in your life.”


“What about people that get remarried, like, fifty times?”


“That’s different from this. You only get one first marriage in your life. But don’t worry about her disliking you or anything like that. She would not be marrying you if she didn’t love you. And I’ve seen the way you two look at each other. I have a good feeling about you two.”


Travis flinched at that last comment. People had said the same thing about him and his ex from college. That didn’t work out. She dumped him, and it took a year or two for him to feel okay. He hadn’t tried flirting since then, though. What if any girl he fell in love with ultimately left him for being genetically altered?


“Thanks, mom…dad getting stuff set up?”


“Yeah, he got a wedding photographer. It took some negotiation, but the photographer is here. He had to take time off from the comic shop, but he’s here.”


Travis thought a bit. He knew one guy from the comic shop that could be into that sort of thing, and that one guy was Peter… well, he forgot his last name. But that wasn’t the point. The point was that they’d found someone.


“So, are we ready to do this?” Serena asked.


“Yeah,” Spencer replied. “Travis?”


“Hold on a sec,” Travis replied, opening the jacket of his tux.


Inside of the jacket, he had another energy shot tucked away. He opened that and chugged it like there was no tomorrow.


“Okay. Now I’m good.”


Travis approached Spencer, the pair beginning to walk him outside to the altar. It was going to be a small wedding, only immediate family and close friends. It was being held right outside of Serena’s lab. There was a tent set up to provide some protection from the sun. Considering the fact that their wedding photographer had an immense sensitivity to light, it was necessary.


“Spencer…there’s something I forgot to tell you back there,” Travis said as they walked to the altar.


“What’s that?”


“You break her heart…you hurt her in any way, EVER, and I swear to God I will end you…”


Spencer was, to be quite honest, surprised at that particular threat. But he could understand where Travis was coming from.


“I promise,” he said. “I will make your sister the happiest woman in the world. And if I do manage to break her heart, I won’t try to stop you.”


Travis grinned. That was the sort of answer he wanted to hear.


“She made a good choice, then.”


Spencer smiled. When they got him to the altar, he hugged Travis tightly. Travis returned the hug, tail twitching.


Once the hug broke, Travis hurried off to where Gemmy had been preparing. On the way to her room, he grabbed a packet of tissues. She might appreciate that, he figured.


He knocked on her door.


“Gemmy…you ready?” he asked.


“Y-yeah. Come in.”


He opened it, walking in. She was still sitting on her bed, hands gripping the skirts of her long white gown. It was strapless, with an empire waist and several layers of skirt. The veil was in place, and her hair styled in an elaborate updo.


“Need more tissues?” Travis asked, holding out the pack to her.


She grabbed the packet from his hands, ripping one of the tissues out and wiping away the tears streaming from her eyes.


“C’mon, Gem…Spencer’s waiting,” Travis told her, giving her a smile.


She nodded. “Okay…thanks, by the way, for all you’re doing…”


“Not a problem at all,” he said before giving her a hug. “Let’s get going, okay?”




That was when the music had started. They couldn’t get a live band and were instead using a CD player with Spencer’s father acting as a DJ.


Travis ended up walking his sister down the aisle to Take My Breath Away. It was a favorite song of hers. She wasn’t a huge fan of Top Gun, but damn if she didn’t love that song. It was a fact that Spencer had brought up to his father during preparations.


Once at the altar, Spencer and Gemmy read their vows. They’d both written their own.


“Gemini Elle Malone,” Spencer began. “I’m…I’m not sure how to start this off. I never thought I’d find myself getting married to someone as amazing as you. You’re the most beautiful woman I could ever have hoped to meet, both inside and out. I promise to always be there for you, and to avoid hurting you in any way. You don’t need someone else to hurt you, and if I do, I fully anticipate your brother’s wrath.”


That last part was an ad lib, but that didn’t make it any less true.


“Spencer Kirk Abbot, you’re the sweetest man I could have found,” Gemmy said. “People always say that women will be drawn to men that remind them of their fathers. You, however, are the complete opposite of my father. You have never raised a hand to anyone, that I’ve seen. If I’m at all distressed, you’re always there to comfort me. I’ve read a lot of books. I know that you don’t find men like the heroes in those books in real life. But you? You’re the closest thing out there. I couldn’t ask for better.”


The priest soon gave the okay, and Spencer lifted the veil. The pair shared their first kiss as a married couple.


The reception happened later in the day. The only member of Gemmy’s family to arrive, other than Travis, was Serena. Her aunt Beast would have arrived, were she not on a job. But she wasn’t hurt by it, really.


She was just happy to be with people that cared, period.


At some point during the reception, Gemmy had offered to let Travis move in with her and Spencer. It might have been the wine talking, but she didn’t feel right being separated from her older brother and wanted to share her happiness with him. Spencer wasn’t exactly opposed to it, either. Plus, Serena would have appreciated a bit more room in her lab.


By the time the reception ended, Travis’ energy high had worn off and Spence and Gemmy had already been making honeymoon plans.
All in all, an excellent day for all involved.


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