Story 28

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Only a couple more left. This one takes place during book 3.



Agent Nick Taylor had just finished gearing up. There was a case he had been very invested in, and there was finally a strong lead. How strong? Strong enough that they would be able to bring someone back home after he had been missing for a year. And one of the most notorious killers to hit the state of Pennsylvania in recent memory would finally be brought to justice.


Of course, this particular case was unique. Both the unsub and victim were genetically altered in some way. Some might have felt that this was an unnecessary detail. Others, however, were not quite as calm about it.


“Why the hell are we on this one?” another member of Nick’s team asked. “I mean, it’s just a visit to a sideshow, right?”


“Because it’s our job?” Nick had asked, rolling his eyes. “I mean, one hundred percent human or not, that patch does translate to ‘To Save Lives’, and all… That being said, if it’s absolutely necessary, our unsub gets wasted right there. But only if necessary.”


“Never thought I’d hear you say that about a woman, Taylor. Feeling okay?”


Another eye roll. “You know I save my flirting for off the job, Anderson. And what I know about Jesse Lynn Belle, to be quite honest, makes ‘em retreat into my body like you wouldn’t believe, know what I’m getting at?”


“Fair enough. So, how are we going about this one?


The team of ten had finished putting on their (as Nick liked to call them) Sunday Best. Solid black fatigues, black combat boots, balaclavas, knee pads, bulletproof vests with neck protection, helmets, and tinted goggles. Each one had on them a Remington shotgun and a .45. They also each had a tazer somewhere on their person, tucked into a pouch attached to their belts. And all of them were to go to a rural part of New York state to pay one Jesse Lynn Belle a little visit. They would have brought flashbangs with them, but they were fresh out of those and had to instead bring a couple of smoke grenades.


They were piled into their van, making the long drive from Virginia to New York. Nobody had gotten a huge amount of sleep prior to this, and were collectively mainlining caffeine. Nick had tried to hide it, but he was honestly feeling slightly anxious about this whole thing.


“Everything okay over there, Taylor?” asked one of the others.


“Yeah, Young. I’m good, I’m good…”


“You seem kinda nervous. Scared of the psycho?”


“It’s not that I’m scared of her. It’s just that…well… No. I’m not going into it.”


In all honesty, he was scared for her current victim. He’d never met the man, himself. But he did know said man’s mother and aunt very well. Very well, indeed. How so? They were his own older sisters.


Hell of a way to meet a family member.


“So…I heard that the guy we’re going there to save is part monkey or something. And heals from all kinds of crazy shit,” another part of the team stated.


“No way…are you sure you didn’t just fall for some kind of clickbait internet thing, Jones?”


“Swear to God, Anderson.”


“I’m Sanderson. That guy’s Anderson.”


Nick sighed. Who the hell brought both a Sanderson and an Anderson onto one team? That was just asking for confusion and headaches.


“No, I’m pretty sure that’s dead on,” said Nick. “The guy’s my nephew. And you all remember my sister, right?”


They thought about that. “Yeah, I think so…” Sanderson replied. “She’s part cat, right? Glasses?”


“That’s the one. She’s been worried about her son’s whereabouts for the past year. I’d like to be able to call her with some good news soon, y’know?”


“Completely understandable, Taylor,” Jones told him. “We’ll do all we can not to hurt him in the raid.”


Despite the fact that the regenerative ability did sound pretty cool to them. But since this guy was family to Agent Taylor, they would not trigger said regeneration. They would do all they could to get him out of there and to safety.


“Have you ever met your nephew?” another teammate asked.


“Not yet. This is the first time, actually. I really do wish it were under better circumstances, though. I hope he’s okay, of course…”


“Of course.”


The ride continued in relative silence from there, and Nick leaned against the wall of the van. He knew that sometimes, people in the situation of his nephew had formed a closeness to those that took them from their loved ones. It all depended, of course, on how long they had been held there and how much of a dependency would have been nurtured. There was a very good chance that he wouldn’t even seem to remember his own name. Nick may not have been there for a long time. But it was long enough that he had seen some crazy shit.


But he couldn’t see himself doing any other job. He liked being able to travel to all sorts of places. The body armor got a little sweaty, sure, but he still enjoyed this work. The exploration, the gratitude a lot of people showed upon being saved. Not all of them showed it, of course. But enough did. And of course, the ladies loved a man that could be called a hero. His height wasn’t going to help him score, and he preferred to impress them through deeds rather than looks. Not that he felt his looks hurt, at all. But it was better, to him, to get coos of “He’s so brave!” as opposed to “Awww! Look at how cute he is! You just wanna pick him up and push him in a stroller, right?”


But he still primarily did this for the sake of helping others. Returning them to their families in certain situations (unless their families were the reason they were in danger in the first place, of course).


The van came to a stop after a lengthy drive. It had stopped just outside of a forest, in a field behind someone’s house. The residents of the home had noticed the FBI van, but kept their distance. Surely, they would read about what had happened in the paper later or online or something. Best to just let these agents do their job.


The team of ten entered the forest, Nick leading the way. Since this was a family thing for him, they let him go first. His eyes scanned the area, looking for some sign– any sign– of the cabin they were seeking.


It was still midday. A pity, as some of them did get a bit of a kick out of breaking in in the dead of night. But they weren’t about to make the work wait until past midnight. They were in this area now, so they were going for it.


After half an hour of walking, they saw it up ahead. The cabin. Nobody was outside, and the whole area seemed desolate. Was this a dead end, or was someone actually here?


Only one way to find out…


The group split into two. Five of them snuck around to the back door, just in case. But Nick and the other four that were left huddled outside of the front door. It was time to figure out their official strategy now…


“Okay, so who wants to kick in the door?” Nick asked, voice hushed.


“You were in the lead on the way here. And it’s still your family. You can do this one, Taylor.”


Nick nodded and took a breath. “Okay, Anderson, make sure you got a smoke grenade ready to go once we’re in.”


“Got it.”


He counted down to himself.








Nick began to inspect the wooden door for a good spot. If he found an ideal weak spot, kicking this thing down would go a lot more easily. Right in the center was where he found it, and he raised his boot to the spot.


He began to kick at it as hard as he could, and the wood began to crack and splinter straight away. Inside of the cabin, there was the sound of someone beginning to stir. No doubt having been interrupted in the midst of something. Something important? Who could say?


Once there was nothing left of the door, save for chunks of wood attached to the frame, the team began to pile in, shotguns raised and ready for any threat that might come their way. They would wait until that bedroom door up ahead opened before chucking the smoke grenade.


The door began to creak open…


And the first thing they saw was the emaciated form of a redheaded young man. His skin was pale and his dishevelled hair and sunken eyes gave him an almost feral appearance. He had been forced to his knees before a knife was held to his throat by their main target. Well, she looked healthy enough… So it wasn’t like there was a pronounced lack of food around there.


The moment Jesse had appeared, the smoke grenade was thrown. Yes, the victim would also feel the effects, but they intended to get both of them out in short order.
As the raid continued, Nick thought of his sister and how happy she would be that her son would come home safely.


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