Story 26

Posted: November 26, 2015 in Uncategorized

A Thanksgiving one. Sort of chill. But here it is.



Serena paced a bit. First time she was doing anything like this. What was “this”, exactly? A full Thanksgiving family gathering at her lab. Her sister and their friends were usually busy, and the past couple years hadn’t been that great either. Travis, Spencer, and Gemmy had been going through issues related to a deranged killer for the past couple of years.


But this time?


This time, she had invited all of them; Beast, Ivy, Yvette, Travis, Spencer, Gemmy…even Spencer’s parents. She had debated inviting Trav and Gemmy’s father, but quickly thought better of it. Probably not a good idea to invite a man that made their childhood a living hell.


She’d had to go for a few vegetarian options, given Gemmy and Spencer’s preferences. She didn’t expect to have a lot of leftovers, with Travis around. And since Ivy would be around, she had already picked up a few bottles of liquor for the occasion. Yvette was likely to eat whatever she could, and she wasn’t sure about Linda and Leroy Abbot. But hopefully they’d enjoy being around here.


At the moment, she was watching the parade on TV with her sister and both Sangre twins. Yvette and Beast were holding Ivy back. There had been a mention of a high number of clowns, somewhere in the quadruple digits. And Ivy’s coulrophobia had kicked in once more.


“For the last time, Ivy, you can’t go through the TV and cause clownicidal havoc, especially on Thanksgiving when millions of people are watching. And a lot of those are kids that don’t hate clowns…”


“But clowns are evil…those red noses they use to pump their blood instead of a fucking heart…”


“We’re getting you an encyclopedia for Christmas, because you’re done getting your information from anonymous sources on the internet.”


“I haven’t even been online for a while. So don’t tell me what to do, ‘Vette!”


“Plus, how do you expect to get to the clowns from here?” Beast asked. “If you try going through that TV, you’re just gonna destroy it and nobody wants that. Plus, Serena would probably start smacking you with a shoe.”


“…I knew that.”


Serena shook her head and chuckled. “We can expect Travis to get here soon,” she said. “Someone needs to help with the cooking, and he’s actually good at it.”


“I’m good, though…” said Beast.


“But your hands make it difficult for you to do so without breaking something. And Yvette would want to add too many frills. We don’t need edible glitter.”


“Says you!” Yvette scoffed, arms crossed.


“And Ivy…we don’t need a visit from the fire department.”


“Aw, c’mon…wouldn’t you want a nice sexy firefighter to show up at your door?”


“So just rent a stripper like a normal person!”


“Pff! Please, I don’t need a sexy firefighter. I’ve got a sexy monkey boy.”


“You sure that’s the right term?” Yvette asked.


“Well…he’s adorable.”


Around then was when the monkey boy in question arrived. He walked into the lab, whistling. His hair was pulled into a ponytail, and he was cracking his knuckles.


“Hey, mom! You wanted some backup?”


“That I did, Trav. If you’ll follow me to the kitchen, we can get started.”


He walked with her, pausing for a moment to look at Ivy and grin. He shot her a wink and she smirked back at him. He got back to following Serena, though, ready to start cooking. He’d be in charge of the turkey. They’d gotten a huge one, despite the fact that not everyone would eat it.


“So, got any preference as to how I should do this?” Travis asked.


“I would not suggest deep frying it. I don’t have the right setup for that, and I already told Ivy I don’t want a visit from a fire department.”


“Fair enough. Hm…we got any sage?”


She opened a cabinet, rummaging through the spices and tossing the plastic jar of sage to him. He managed to catch it, looking through a nearby cookbook. Just about any turkey recipe he could think of included sage somewhere. He would also be in charge of a tofurkey for Gemmy and Spence, thinking of using the same recipe for the turkey.


Serena had been working on the various sides, including potatoes (both regular and sweet), peas, corn, asparagus, green bean casserole, cranberry sauce, carrots, stuffing, shrimp riggies, homemade bread, and scallops. The stuffing would be put together first, though, so that it could be stuffed into both turkeys.


When the turkeys were finally in the oven, that was when Spencer and Gemmy showed up, bringing their son along. They felt they could finally get him started on solid food. Cut up quite a bit, sure. But they would still try it. And they felt he should try a little bit of both turkeys. He could decide if he wanted to be a vegetarian or not later in life.


“Nice to see you,” Serena greeted. “And how’s Daniel doing today?”


“Been doing well,” said Gemmy, as Daniel nibbled on a little bit of her hair. “We’ve been thinking of giving him some solid food today. His teeth have been coming in, so might be good.”


“Fair enough. And how are you this morning?”


“Good, good. Got the whole weekend off.”


“And Spencer?”


“I don’t have to go into the hospital tomorrow, but Travis asked me to go to work with him so I can act as a medic.”


“Black Friday sale at the comic shop?”




“I wish you the best of luck, then.”


“Yeah, I’ll need it.”


Travis poked his head out of the kitchen. “Hey, you guys look familiar. Have we met?” he asked with a grin.


“Maybe,” Spencer replied. “Aren’t you that weird drifter that crashes on our couch night after night?”


“Guilty as charged.”


He walked out and hugged him, and then Gemmy and Daniel. Despite the fact that he’d been away from home for a grand total of two hours. But none of them really cared about that.


Before much longer, Linda and Leroy Abbot arrived. It was their first time coming over for any sort of family get-together. Usually, they’d been at Spencer’s house , or met the rest of the family at the hospital. But here they were, both getting a look at the area.


“Welcome, Mr. and Mrs. Abbot,” Serena said, smiling brightly.


“Thank you, Dr. Taylor, for having us over.”


Spencer greeted each of them with a hug, and Daniel cooed in greeting.


“Nice to see you too, Daniel,” Linda replied. “And of course, Gemmy. Been doing well?”


“Yes, thank you.”


They all paused upon hearing the sound of metal footsteps clanging on the floor.


“Hey, Mr. and Mrs. Abbot. Been a while,” said Beast.


“Likewise,” Leroy replied. “Been keeping out of trouble?”


“Astoundingly, yes,” Yvette said from Beast’s right. “I’m not sure how, but we’ve managed.”


“Yeah. Kinda boring, really,” Ivy put in. “Safe. But I get bored outta my mind.”


“I see…” said Linda. “So, want any help in the kitchen, Dr. Taylor?”


“No thanks. I’ve got Travis for that. He was in charge of both the turkey and the tofurkey.”


She stopped and sniffed the air for a moment. “It does smell good… “


“Thanks,” Travis said with a grin. “I used the same recipe for both. The regular turkey’s the bigger one, though, so we don’t get them mixed up.”


“You excited for your first turkey, Daniel?” Linda asked, leaning in to the child.


Daniel reached for her glasses, pulling them off and sticking one of the ear pieces in his mouth. Linda gently pulled them away.


“I remember when Spencer used to do that,” she sighed. “It wasn’t until he was four that he grew out of it.”


“…Do you have to do that?” Spencer muttered.


“Aw, but you were such a cute little guy as a kid. And then you grew into my handsome young man.”


She kissed him on one of his steadily reddening cheeks.


“So glad he outgrew that phase where he ran around with underwear on his head. Not his, either. It was mine.”


“SO, uh…who’s hungry? Are you guys hungry? Because I sure am…” said Spencer with a chuckle, face officially redder than Travis’ hair.


Travis was snickering, as was Gemmy.


“Well, then,” said Gemmy. “That gives me some fun ideas for the bedroom…”


The noise that Spencer made could best be described as a squeak, combined with both a  whimper and a growl. There would be no salvaging his poor poor dignity now.


Serena looked to the whole family. “So…the meal should be finished soon,” she said. “Please, make yourselves at home. And Spencer? Please don’t die of embarrassment, okay?”


“I feel like I already did, but thank you for your concern.”


Before much longer, the meal was fully prepared and set out on a long table. Serena and Beast sat at the heads. A high chair had been set up for Daniel, and he was set between Gemmy and Spencer. Ivy and Yvette sat across from one another, Yvette next to Gemmy and Ivy right by Travis’ side. Leroy and Linda had been sitting next to Ivy.


The meal itself went off without an issue, really. The food was delicious, and there was plenty of it. As predicted, there was very little turkey left over. And soon enough, they all found themselves going over what each one was thankful for. For the most part, the answers included “family”, “not being dead”, and “not being Travis”. But with Travis being…well, Travis, he could not exactly say the same. He was still thankful for family, of course. Family and friends. Family, friends, and food. And he’d especially be thankful if he could get through the next day at work without any sort of major incident.
For the rest of the day, they watched movies together, just enjoying each other’s company. It was nice to finally have a Thanksgiving together, instead of worrying about being separated.


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