Story 25

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Takes place when Spencer and Travis are 18, and it’s a rather abbreviated rendition of the story being told here.




Spencer panted as he stopped running, trying to get his bearings. He didn’t bother looking to see if Travis was behind him. He knew the people from that lab had gotten him again. The one thing going through his head was that he had to be somewhere in Russia. He wasn’t exactly conscious for the trip there, but the accents and names of those around them had tipped him off.


He was around what looked to be a small town. And of course, it had to be late at night. It just had to be. Being picked up by someone he didn’t know, losing track of his best friend, and finding himself in a completely different country clearly wasn’t unnerving enough for the young man. No, now he had to be out wandering alone at night, where just about anything could happen.


The sound of a truck engine cut through the air. Spencer froze at the noise, but kept walking. Maybe it would just drive on by and leave him alone. He just wanted to be left alone for now, so he could find a police station or something.


Upon hearing the vehicle get closer and begin to slow down, he debated running. But his legs were burning and his lungs did not want anything to do with it. The truck pulled up next to him, engine idling. a man with dark brown hair stuck his head out of the window.


Zdravstvujtye!” he greeted.


Spencer froze. “…Hi…?”


The man noticed his trepidation rather quickly.


“What brings you out here, young man?” he asked, seeming more concerned than threatening.


Spencer had no idea how to answer that one. Was this guy going to help him in any way, or was he just some random creeper driving around late at night?


“I-I could ask you the same. Who’s out driving at this hour?”


A chuckle. “Fair question. I had to make a house call.”


So, a doctor? Spencer had a feeling that he could trust him on that alone. But he wasn’t sure.


“Are you a doctor?”


The man nodded. “A pediatrician. My name is Aleksey Petrov. Are you lost, by any chance?”


Spencer nodded. “Yeah…I-I was brought out here with a friend, and-”


His exhaustion caught up to him and he collapsed. Aleksey got out of the truck to check on him, ultimately picking him up and putting him into the truck. Time to bring him home so he could recover. Maybe they could find a way to get him home.


Spencer woke when they reached Aleksey’s house. He looked at the older man, fear in his eyes. What was this guy going to do with him?


“I’ll introduce you to my wife. She might be able to help you.”


“Why did you bring me here?”


“You need rest. You passed out on the side of the road. And you seem malnourished.”


“I-I’m just naturally skinny, is all…”


“To the point your ribs are showing?”


“Well, no…”


He guided Spencer into the house, allowing him to enter first. Spence walked in, looking around. It was a small house, but he could already feel some warmth there. He could have sworn he smelled cinnamon,


“Jack, dear! I’ve returned, and I have company!” Aleksey called.


Spencer blinked in response. Was Jack the name of his wife? Though perhaps it was just short for “Jackie” or something. He would find out soon.


“Hold on a second, Alek!” called a light female voice.


Unlike Aleksey, she had no Russian accent. From the sound of it, she lived in another part of the US. And as she walked into view, Spencer couldn’t help but stare. Her face was heart shaped, pretty, and freckled. And she had long red hair. But that wasn’t what got him. What got him was that she looked rather muscular. Not to obscene levels, but she definitely had a build someone would not want to mess with.


She greeted her husband with a kiss, looking at Spencer.


“So, who’s this?”


“Forgive me. I never did get your name.”


“Oh, um. My name’s Spencer. Spencer Abbot.”


“And where are you from, Spencer?” Jack asked.


“I’m from Hell Bent, Pennsylvania…” he replied.


Spencer walked to a chair, looking to the Petrovs as if to ask if it was okay for him to sit.


“Please, feel free,” Aleksey told him.


He sat, glad to be able to relax for now. Jack sat in a nearby chair.


“So, what brings you all the way here?”


Spencer rubbed the back of his neck. “It started not too long ago, but I’m not sure how long it’s been. My friend Travis and I were preparing to graduate from high school. Of course, we’d been having a falling out lately. I’ve been dating his sister, and he’s been supportive of that…but for a lot of our dates, we’d invited him along. It was after I got attacked on a previous outing. We wanted the extra protection. Plus, part of the thought process behind this was to spend some time with him, as well. But then we started to forget he was there. He began feeling like a third wheel, and we got into it over that.


“We were already starting to bury the hatchet when we were on our way to the school. It was just us out there, since everyone else was either working or at the school. And that was when we heard a car driving toward us…


“We tried to keep walking when it slowed down. And then one of the occupants of the car leaned out of the window and fired…I think a tranquilizer dart. It hit Travis in the neck, and we both started running. When it finally started to take effect, I tried to carry him, myself. But it didn’t help at all. One of them chased after us. He was a big one, too… To be honest, I’m not sure he wasn’t the patron saint of steroids. He caught up to us both in short order and picked us both up. The last thing I’d remembered was being stuck with a tranquilizer, myself, and hearing something about taking care of a witness…


“I’m not sure how long I was out, exactly. Or where we were being taken. All I knew at that point was that we were probably in trouble. The first thing I recalled seeing were four cold steel walls in a seven by seven cell. I was cuffed to a chair and largely left alone. Every so often, I could hear a monkey screeching. Travis is part-monkey, by the way. I forgot to bring this part up. I think it’s part of why we were chased in the first place…


“I was force fed while there. I’m not sure if they intended to do anything to me aside from keeping me locked up. I had to get out and find Travis, though. Had to see if he was okay…


“It took me a while to figure out how to break free of the handcuffs. I’m still not sure how I managed it, really. But I still managed to get free. My wrists were bloody from the attempts, and I had difficulty running from however long my legs had gone unused.


“Tearing through the building, I found that my suspicions were correct and that it was, in fact, a lab. And after a while, I managed to find where they were holding Travis. What I saw in there was…ooh, it was awful… They were keeping him strapped to an x of some sort, and there were guns everywhere. He seemed exhausted, and the floor and frame were covered with his blood. They had been testing different calibers on him to see how long it took to heal from each one.


“I freed him from the straps and we just started running. No real time for strategy. And we’d managed to get outside pretty quickly, all things considered. Unfortunately, we could not evade their attention forever…


“We were running through a field, being chased by people on foot with a helicopter or two overhead. We got to a point where only one of us would make it out of there. I tried to push Travis ahead of me, but he insisted that I run, instead. I didn’t want to leave him. I tried everything I could to get him to run with me, but he shoved me aside and walked toward those pursuing us…”


Spencer couldn’t utter another word on the subject, wiping away a few tears. Travis was probably being tortured again, and he could do nothing about it. Jack was already by his side, a hand on his shoulder.


“We’ll get in touch with law enforcement, INTERPOL, anyone we have to to make sure your friend gets the help he needs. I promise.”


Spencer was relieved, to some extent. Hopefully, they’d be able to get him back soon.


Two weeks passed.


Once those two weeks were up, Spencer was informed that there had been a raid conducted on a lab. The lead scientist and many like him had been arrested, and a handful of people released. One of them was a half-monkey redhead from Pennsylvania.
And as the pair were finally taken home, they refused to leave one another’s side.


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