Story 24

Posted: November 24, 2015 in Uncategorized

So, this one just involves Travis and Spencer spending some time together.



Sometimes, Spencer hated being on-call. He wasn’t a big fan of having to leave his nice warm bed and his loving wife at three in the morning. All because they needed him to check in on something. On the one hand, okay, this was his job. But on the other…


Would consistent hours be that much of an inconvenience to people? He wasn’t even typically in the ER. But one of his patients had come in with some kind of problem and had insisted that Dr. Abbot come in.


At the moment, he was splashing cold water on his face to wake himself up a bit more. The thought of having to go out alone at this hour didn’t exactly sit right with him, either. Terrible things happened late at night, he was sure. Of course, things could turn to shit at any time of the day. But late at night seemed especially terrifying to him.


Travis already knew about the call, and was waiting near the door for him. It was better than having to call and wake someone else up. Plus, Spencer liked being able to spend time with Travis. There had been so many times lately when they couldn’t be together for long periods of time… Usually because one of them had to work or was in some kind of danger or something.


But they would have a full ten minute walk to the hospital. Spencer could take care of what he needed to, and then they could probably find something to do for a while. Once Spencer was awake enough, there’d be no going back to sleep for a while, anyway.


“Ready?” Travis asked as Spencer pushed up his glasses.




Spencer grabbed his jacket. It was a brown faux leather one, with some kind of white fleece lining. Travis had gotten it for him for his birthday one year. They had both joked that Spencer didn’t seem badass enough for a leather jacket (though Gemmy had begged to differ). But either way, it was Spencer’s favorite jacket…cool enough in the spring, but still enough to keep him warm in the winter.


Travis had already gotten his coat on, opening the door for the two of them.  Spencer walked outside first, Travis following and taking to all fours.


“Y’know, I never did get why you do that,” Spencer told him.


“Do what?”


“That. The whole thing where you walk on your knuckles. Doesn’t it hurt your back at all?”


They began walking along the sidewalk, Travis’ tail swaying lightly behind him.


“Not really. It helps me move quicker. at any rate.”


Spencer wondered if Travis was concerned that it made him appear less human, really.


“But wouldn’t it make you more animalistic?”


Travis shrugged. “Maybe. But people are gonna think that just with the tail, anyway. So why freak out?”


“Fair enough. I don’t expect to be at the hospital for very long this time. Would you be up for finding something to do when I’m finished? There are a few places that we could grab a late night snack or obscenely early breakfast. Interested?”


“Hell yeah! You’re good for it, right?”


“I wouldn’t have offered if I weren’t.”


Travis grinned, keeping close to Spencer. His tail started slapping against Spencer’s leg slightly. The doctor looked for a moment, before reaching out and taking a gentle hold of the tail. He stroked the hair on it, and Travis looked at him.


“What’re you doing?” he asked.


“Sorry…it’s just that your tail’s really soft.”


“I hope so. It goes through the same grooming setup as my hair, dude.”


Spencer nodded. Yes, he knew all too well how much care went into Travis’ hair. Given how long that typically was, though, it wasn’t entirely surprising. Plus a lot of people said it was his best feature. Spencer definitely had to agree, there. It helped him stand out immensely.


“Makes sense.”


They were getting closer to the hospital, attention more on each other than the ground. Which came back to bite them when Travis tripped over a manhole cover. He came close to falling into the open hole below, but Spencer grabbed a hold of him.


“Careful,” he told him. “Rather we didn’t have to ride the ambulance there, y’know?”


“Yeah, I gotcha, there. Thanks.”


“Not a problem.”


More walking ensued (this time without anyone nearly getting hurt), and they eventually reached the hospital. Spencer walked to his usual work area, pausing to look back at Travis for a sec. Travis stretched.


“Hey, I’m gonna hit the vending machine. Want anything while I’m there?”


Spencer thought about that one. “If they still have the pita chips in slot B3, could you get me a bag of those, please?”


“Yep, got it.”


As Spencer got to his patient, Travis made a beeline for the vending machine. Okay, first off, pita chips. He had 5 bucks for this thing, so money wasn’t an issue.


By the time Spence was finished, Travis had gotten a bag of the aforementioned pita chips and four candy bars. He was leaning against the wall just next to the doorway of Dr. Abbot’s usual spot, munching on one of the chocolate bars he’d picked up when Spence emerged.


“Okay, situation handled,” said Spencer, as Travis handed over the bag of pita chips. “Thanks, by the way.”


The pair left the hospital, ready to embark on the next part of their late night/early morning quest. But what was even open at this hour…


“So, where would you like to go eat?” Travis asked, back on his knuckles.


“Not sure… I’d still want to stay with a vegetarian diet, but want you to be able to find something, too…”


“Huh…probably aren’t a lot of places open at this hour, are there?”


“Yeah, not really. Best we can really do is a convenience store, I think.”


“Welp. Works for me. Isn’t there one, like, right next to the park?”


“Yes, I believe so. And the park is generally empty this time of night, anyway.”


And so, to the convenience store they went. It was a quick trip from where they were. And after picking out an egg salad wrap (Spencer), and a footlong meatball sub (Travis), as well as a couple of drinks, the guys made their way to the park.


The park was easily one of the most identifiable landmarks in Hell Bent.  The huge dome around it was pretty hard to miss, after all. And once they were able to enter, they rushed for the first bench they could see and sat down.


“Any idea why they keep the dome around this place?” Travis asked, pulling his sub from the bag. “I mean, I’ve seen what parks in, say, Philly look like. LOVE Park doesn’t have this kind of setup.”


Spencer peeled the plastic wrap from his wrap, taking a bite. “Well, if I remember correctly, it was so that the environment contained within the dome would remain uncontaminated. The chamber we walked through? It’s to make sure a park visitor doesn’t contaminate the pristine environment they’re trying to keep.”


“Yet they let people in with food.”


Spencer chuckled. “Yeah, that is kinda weird. I’ll be the first to admit it. Wait, wasn’t your dad involved in the creation of the dome?”


“…Yeah. Could we not talk about that jackass, though? You know how I feel about him…”


Spence shivered at that thought. He knew that there were few people he resented as much as his father. His father that had abused him and Gemmy as children, and evicted them both when Travis finally stood up to him. Granted, Travis did slug him in the throat, but given how he’d described Walter Malone, it was justified. He knew that there was at least one incident in which Gemmy had gone to the Emergency Room due to his abuse, and that there were multiple occasions where both had been called worthless.


“Okay, we won’t talk about him, and I’m sorry for bringing him up.”


“It’s alright. If it weren’t for the fact that we’d probably get busted for it, I’d probably suggest egging the fuck out of his house or something.”


“And how about the part where we’re both grown adults? Does that count for anything?”


“Eh, maybe? But seriously, the guy’s got it coming…”


“I can’t argue with that one.”


Travis’ tail started whacking against Spencer’s thigh again. And yet again, Spencer took a hold of it.


“Is there a reason you keep hitting me with your tail?” he asked, holding back a laugh.


“I can’t help it. It just kinda happens, y’know? Need me to stop?”


“Nah, it’s fine. I’m used to it.”


“Let me guess…Gemmy does it sometimes, too, right?”


“What do you mean ‘sometimes’? It always happens when we’re alone, and she’s in a good mood.”


“When you say ‘a good mood’, do you mean…”


Travis set his sub down for a moment to mime some sort of sexual gesture with his hands, causing Spencer to nearly choke on his wrap.


“N-not necessarily… Seriously, I thought thinking of your sister and me getting it on made you uncomfortable!”


“Oh, it does, Spence. Believe me, it still totally does. But I was curious.”


Spencer shook his head and chuckled, finishing his wrap and resting his arms on the top of the bench. One arm was close to going around Travis’ shoulders.


Sure, Spencer may have been happily married to Gemmy, but there was no doubt about it that he loved Travis greatly. And Travis may have had a massive crush on one family friend. But without question, he loved his best friend like nothing else.
They sat in the park together for another hour or so, Travis resting his head on Spencer’s shoulder as they continued to talk and just chill.


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