Story 19

Posted: November 19, 2015 in Uncategorized

The 19th one for the month. Had some fun with this one.



Yvette looked over her designs. Pages upon pages of sketches lined her wall. If one didn’t know any better, they might compare it to a wall they might see in some serial killer’s lair, where said killer would have photos of victims and newspaper clippings and all that fun stuff. But no. This was Yvette’s design wall.


She had been stitching every one of those designs, but needed to make sure they’d all fit the way she wanted. But she couldn’t make any alterations to the back if needed. And it wasn’t as if there were two of her…


Or were there?


Ivy might have had different hair and different colored eyes…but she was the same exact size. The one problem was that Ivy would not be into the idea. She knew that much.


Though perhaps she could bribe her…


She made a trip to the liquor store, picking up a bottle of everclear and some vodka. Given that Ivy was at this store fairly often, the clerk could identify Yvette as her sister. She even managed to get a 5% discount.


Upon arriving home, she found Ivy on the couch, watching a horror movie. But before she could alert her attention, Ivy pointed at her.


“I’m not doing it. Leave the booze, though.”


Yvette grumbled to herself. Damn telepathy… She sort of preferred that people stay out of her mind. And most people had no choice. But Ivy just had to work on her nerves, now didn’t she?


“Please, do this for me?” Yvette begged, leaning over the arm of the couch. “You’re the only real option I have…and I don’t want to get a regular dress form because those don’t have heads and that creeps me out, so I need someone that’s my size… Please?”


“Why not just ask Beast or something?”


“There’re a few reasons… 1) There are no holes for her tail, 2) Those metal arms and legs are bulky enough that sleeves and pant legs aren’t really an option unless they’re incredibly loose, and 3) The chest area would be way too tight for her. Same with the midsection too, I think.”


“I really hope you don’t intend to insult her figure, ‘Vette. One wrong swing of an arm can cause a concussion.”


Yvette cringed at that thought. “You’re right. I never thought of that part of it…But that doesn’t change the fact that I need someone close to my size to do this.”


“And I still don’t wanna do it. Why not just make an exact double of yourself or something?”


“Because do you remember what happened last time? That other me went rogue and tried to conquer a small country?”


“Nope. Don’t remember that,” Ivy replied, soon focusing on the everclear bottle.


A blue glow emanated from her eyes and hand, also surrounding the bottle. The bottle started to pull away from Yvette’s hand and it took all she had not to just let go.


“No, not until you agree to help me.”


Ivy sulked at that one. “B-but…that’s some of the good shit…”


“And you will get it if you help me.”


“I don’t like being used as a model, though. Not with the kinds of things you like making for yourself.”


“I’d try it on myself, but I don’t trust you with pins and needles. I don’t really want to get stabbed in the back.”


“Ugh…mess with a voodoo doll one time, and suddenly your sister doesn’t trust you. Typical.”


“…That’s not ‘typical’. Who the hell messes with a voodoo doll knowing full well what it is?”


“I was bored!”


She rolled her eyes at the response. Boredom was no excuse for unwanted incompetent acupuncture.


“Anyway, please…?”


Ivy thought about it. And thought a bit more. Then yet more, before she finally caved.


“UGH, fine! Whatever! Just so you’ll stop begging me about it, alright?”


A grin spread across Yvette’s face and she sprinted to her sewing room. As she did that, Ivy ran for the door, intent on making a break for it. But the moment she touched the knob, a blast of red energy knocked her backwards.


Well, son of a bitch…


Yvette seemed to have put some kind of spell on the door. She must have anticipated Ivy would try to get away. Ivy sat up and rubbed her back, before standing upright and going to the window. Yeah, if she could get to the fire escape, she’d be in good shape. And it wasn’t like Yvette had had the opportunity to put that same spell on the window.


She crept toward the window, making sure she was as stealthy as possible. Between her, Yvette, and Beast, Ivy was easily the best at stealth in their little group of assassins. Yvette was their one-woman cleanup crew, and Beast was the most physical. So Ivy was sure she could get away.


Ivy got to the window and undid the latch. Slowly, she pushed it up and the screen out.


Almost there.


She moved herself onto the windowsill, taking note of the fire escape’s location. Her feet hit the platform first, the rest of her following soon after.


And in moments, she was safely on the fire escape and began to rush down the steps. Yes, she was free now! FREE!


She got to the bottom of the steps and began to run, only for something to stop her in her tracks. A red glow surrounded her legs.


“Dammit,” she grumbled, as the summoning spell cast by Yvette pulled her back inside.


She crossed her arms along the way. And landed with a thud on their apartment floor. Yvette smirked down at her, being met by her sister’s glare.


“Thank you, Ives, for pointing out that little oversight.”


“Screw you, ‘Vette, for calling me Ives.”


Ivy stood up and dusted herself off, seeing the dress Yvette wanted her to try on out of the corner of her eye. The dress was a long strapless mermaid style gown. Oh, man, this was gonna suck…


Not the strapless part. That much, she could deal with. But the skirt would make it difficult to walk, and she enjoyed walking.


With a huff, she walked over to the couch and snatched it from the arm, stripping out of what she was already wearing. Yvette turned away for a moment.


“You could just do that in another room, you know…”


“It’s nothing you haven’t seen before.”


She pulled on the dress, and Yvette walked over to her to check the fit. Thinking for a moment, Yvette decided to take the easy route with the small tweaks she had to make to the waist. She focused on that, moving it in a little. Soon enough, it was a bit more fitted.


“Okay, we’re good.”


“Great, am I done yet?”


“Not yet. I still have five more to try out.”


Ivy groaned and held out her hand. Her favorite flask, accompanied by that same blue glow from earlier, flew from the couch to her hand.


“If I have to be your dress bitch, I need another drink.”


“Just don’t spill it on the dress.”


“It’s vodka. Vodka doesn’t stain.”


“No, but it has a distinct smell and I don’t need it to smell like alcohol.”


“And yet you’re having me test it out.”


Well, that was something Yvette had not considered.
Oh, well. Too late now. She’d just clean them after they were perfected. For now, she handed her sister the next dress and turned away so she could change.


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