Story 18

Posted: November 18, 2015 in Uncategorized

Since I’ve decided that November 18th would be Beast and Serena’s birthday, I went with them for this story. Story number 18.



The morning sun broke through the windows in Serena’s lab, washing over the feline/human hybrid. She was sprawled out on the floor, one of her shoes all the way across the room. For whatever reason, the other one was on her hand. Her head ached, and when she reached up to rub her temples, she found something she hadn’t expected. Was that a sombrero? Why the hell was she wearing a sombrero?


Something wasn’t adding up. She sat up to try and make sense of what all was going on. What was with the curtain of red hair dangling down in front of her? She batted at it for a moment, before following it up to the ceiling. And promptly began to wonder how it was Travis had been taped to the ceiling. She seriously couldn’t recall doing that.


“Beast?” she called. “You around at all?”


Her cybernetic twin gave a loud purr, rolling around in a state of sheer bliss. She had managed to get tangled in some yarn, but seemed rather pleased with herself. But there was a strong smell of something near her.


“You smell like catnip,” said Serena, crossing her arms and trying to look serious.


Trying to look serious with a sombrero and a shoe on her hand.


“So do you…”


She blinked and sniffed at her lab coat. Well, how about that…


“How much did we have last night?”


Beast shrugged and began detangling herself from the yarn. Serena walked back to Travis and tugged at his hair for a second to wake him up. He yelped in response and jerked awake.


“Travis, could you answer something for us, please?” she asked.


“What?” he groaned, yawning.


“Do you have any idea what’s going on here?”


He considered that. “Well, you two were baked as fuck on catnip, for one.”


“Yes, yes, we’d gathered that much. But what did we do when we were on the ‘nip?”


“Well, I didn’t see all of what happened…” he admitted. “But I remember you two rushing into the kitchen. I was in the middle of a snack and could year you both getting all excited about a ceiling fan. Aunt Beast was rubbing up against the wall, purring like a fucking engine. You karate kicked a chair into that same wall, and she called you, and I quote, a ‘chair-o-phobic meanie-pants’… I looked up from my sandwich, wondering just what the fuck was going on before you both came over and hugged me. She was purring again and the only thing keeping it from feeling weirder is the fact that I’m adopted. So…thanks for that, I guess?”


Serena and Beast both blushed, looking away from him for a second.


“Okay, so why are you on the ceiling?” Beast asked.


“You two decided we had to go to the hardware store. I wanted to just loan you the money, but you insisted that I go with you. I don’t know why. I don’t think I’ll ever know why. I had to finish the rest of my sandwich along the way. Mom decided she wanted to take a bite out of it, saying that she had the munchies. I wanted to call her out on that, but like I said, you two were baked as fuck.


“And then you two decided we needed to skip to the hardware store and started singing about how we were off to see the Wizard of Awls. And then you were both giggling like a couple of nutjobs.


“When you skipped into the hardware store, you both let go of me and walked right to the display of ceiling fans, where you both fell to your knees and cried. I think I heard Aunt Beast purring, too? I’m not sure about that, really, but let’s face it, it makes about as much sense as anything else last night. You two got stared at by the store owner before rubbing up against one of the boxes and calling it the sexiest rectangle you’ve ever seen. Mom, I think you attempted an ass-grab on it?”


The pair looked at each other again. How much HAD they had?!


“Anyway, we bought a ceiling fan and you also picked out a bunch of tools. Including, like, five rolls of tape. You wanted to grab a few pink rolls, but Aunt Beast knocked that wall out and cursed you out in…I think it was really, really, REALLY bad Spanish. I paid for everything, and we headed home. I think you wanted to go out again, but I hoped you’d both forget about it. We got the ladder out and mom was all set to start installing the ceiling fan. But then Aunt Beast said ‘Hey, ya’ll, I found a better one!’. I looked around to see what she was talking about, but then she picked me up and started climbing the ladder with me.


“It broke under her weight and we both landed on the floor. That was when Ivy and Yvette walked in, and I hoped the crazy would be over. But then mom asked if they could help get the best ceiling fan ever up there. Yvette stepped away, but Ivy was laughing her ass off and agreed to help. Yvette fixed the ladder, though, and Ivy picked me up with her powers and held me up there while mom climbed up the ladder and started taping me to the fucking ceiling. After that, you two proceeded to turn around in circles, yelling ‘Ceiling fan! Ceiling fan!’


“You both fell on your asses and giggled again, then mom opened up the ceiling fan box, emptied it, and jumped inside and purred. You guys all left and I kinda fell asleep by the time you got back. I don’t know what else happened while you were out there.”


Beast tapped her claws on the floor. “Right…it’s starting to come back to me, kinda… maybe we should ask them, though.”


With that, Beast and Serena walked out to find Ivy and Yvette. And they left Travis taped to the ceiling.


The twins in question were not far off at all. Or at least Ivy wasn’t. She was in the middle of a bottle of vodka, flipping through a magazine.


“Hey, ‘nipheads,” she greeted, not even looking up from her reading. “Come to piece together more of last night?”


“Please,” Serena replied.


“Well, okay.” She placed her magazine face down on the floor, standing and stretching. “So, Serena decided she wanted to go out for tequila, right? Well, there’s no way I was going to take you two to a bar because…let’s face it, you were fucked up enough already. But lucky for us, you two were way easier to trick while high! Anyway, we ended up going to a costume shop and Serena found a big-ass sombrero. She tried to get an oversized moustache to go with it, but ‘Vette talked her out of it. Right before Serena licked her face. And then moved down a bit. Like, to the point where ‘Vette punched her and said she wasn’t up for that. At least not in a public place. Here, I even took pictures.”


She pulled out a phone, going through the photos on it until she found the right one. “Here.”


Serena looked at the picture and blushed, as did Beast.


“Wait a minute…isn’t that Spencer’s phone? How the hell did we get Spencer’s phone?” she asked.


“I forgot to mention the detour we took to Spence and Gemmy’s house. See, you guys thought that was the bar at first and walked in. Spencer had left his phone in the living room and you two thought it was a saucer of…I think you guys called it ‘tequila milk’. We weren’t able to wrestle it from your grasp until we were all outside. I’d have taken it back to Spence, but I think he and Gemmy were working on a second kid or something. I still need to get it back to him, but whatever.


“On the way back, Beast ran into a craft store and grabbed some yarn. I think ‘Vette went back to pay for it. I know she’s out there fixing the property damage from the craft store run. And when we got back, Beast played with the yarn and Serena started dancing around and singing something way off-key. One of her shoes flew off and hit the wall. And she decided that her shoe was a glove and started Moonwalking across the floor. At least, I think that was her intention. It looked more like she was walking backwards and trying not to slip and fall on her ass. Still a better dancer than me, though. I’ll give her that.”


As Beast and Serena took this whole thing into consideration, a phone rang. It was the one in Ivy’s hand, and she went to answer.


“Hey, Spencer. Yeah, there’s kind of a long story as to why I have your phone right now. Don’t worry, it was nothing illegal! Well…nothing ‘Vette can’t fix, anyway. So, see you later?”
She hung up, walking back to the main room to get Travis off of the ceiling. That way, he could head back home with the phone and return it to Spencer.


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