Story 15

Posted: November 15, 2015 in Uncategorized

Halfway through the month! So, another backstory thing, this time with Beast, Ivy, and Yvette. It’s shorter than other pieces, but yep…here it is.


Nobody quite knew the identity of the figure known only as Crimson. All they knew was that she wore all red. Red bodysuit, red boots, cropped red hair, and a red mask that covered her face. The mask was rounded, with a borderline psychotic painted-on grin and the eyes were narrow and black. No human eyes could be seen behind the mask. But of course, she could see out of it.

This appearance unnerved the members of the Young Assassins Initiative. This was meant to keep them on their toes. After all, if they turned their backs, who knew what Crimson would do?

The teens involved in the Young Assassins Initiative all knelt on the floor, making sure their attention was on the red-clad woman pacing before them. Most of them were age 14 and up, but their two newest members were still 12 years of age.

“Class, I would like to introduce our two newest recruits,” Crimson stated.

Nobody knew her real voice, as it was always filtered and sounded vaguely mechanical and void of emotion. She stepped over to her class, pulling the two smaller girls from the very edge of the group out to the front.

“These are Experiments 182113 and 182114. Also known as the Sangre sisters. If you prefer the more personal touch, 182114 is also known as Yvette, and the other one Ivy.”

Ivy and Yvette looked out amongst the group. A few of them seemed to be even more nervous in the former’s presence. The attack on the Psionics Wing was still fresh in everyone’s minds, and that little twelve year old girl was responsible for the whole thing.

“I’m sure we all know of 182113’s qualifications. We all know of the incident in the Psionics Wing, where she murdered 20 of the lab’s employees, don’t we?” Crimson asked.

“Yes, Crimson,” they replied in nearly perfect unison.

Yvette had never heard anything that creeped her out to that extent. She knew her sister had her reasons for that rampage. Were it not for Yvette, she would have been executed for it.

“I understand that the other one has been studying magic. A bit less threatening, but nothing a bit of hard work won’t fix. Girls, go back to your spots.”

She let go of each one’s wrist, which they began rubbing in pain.

“Class, if you would, please recite the YAI mission statement to our two new students?”

Most of them looked at her around the same time.

“The Initiative exists to create the most elite assassins in the world. In this line of work, there are only two things one can be: successful or dead. If you successfully pass your training and are still killed, it is you who have failed. We answer to no government, only to our Handlers and ourselves.

“The only rules are to be quick, be professional, and leave no trace. Form no personal attachments. Empathy must be done away with.”

Crimson nodded, before eying another of her students.

“Excuse me! Experiment 24601! Are we putting you to sleep?”

As it turned out, yelling into the voice filter caused a high frequency squeal that caused the experiment in question to flinch. Her feline ears twitched and she gave a whine of pain.  

“Pathetic,” was Crimson’s response. “You will never be a success if you continue to doze off in class, Beast.”

“Sorry, Crimson,” she muttered.

Beast was 16 at this point, and had been catching up on the sleep she’d lost when Dr. Adler was around. Since that creeper was one of those killed not too long ago, she was able to sleep a lot more easily. Which, unfortunately, also meant that she was able to in class. Perhaps not “allowed” to. But she had no trouble sleeping in class.

“You are already two years behind where you should be. A willingness to fight does not a successful assassin make. One must be professional. And I would hardly call sleeping in class ‘professional’.”

She grumbled a bit.

“The two new girls will be put with you in the remedial group. Do not disappoint. Any of you.”

The remedial group…

That was something Beast had never anticipated. Not when her twin was doing such a good job with her scientific studies. Serena was already building tiny robots of her own design, releasing them into the lab every so often.

Her annoyance was mitigated somewhat when she learned who the two new students were. She remembered the Sangre sisters from the few times they’d been able to interact. Mostly, it was at lunch periods. And now they were in the same group.

All three of them seemed comforted by that fact. The fact that they were all in the same group.

As months went by, the three trained together. Hand to hand combat was learned first. As it turned out, Beast had something of a knack for it. Her natural inclination to fight combined with the added flexibility of her feline genetics helped her along.

It was a year before they could start learning weapons. Beast immediately chose some claws that she could attach to her fingers, feeling that they added to her feline motif. Yvette’s chosen weapon was a gun, as that would make it easier and more efficient to take out a target. Particularly if from a distance. Ivy had decided to grab a sword. She and Yvette had practiced fighting with them, and Yvette was a bit more proficient with it. But Ivy enjoyed the sword a bit more.

During Yvette’s time in the program, she became more and more in tune with magic. She had been learning and mastering a number of spells. She’d even created one that was tailor made to remove all traces of someone’s DNA while on a job. Her sense of fashion was also coming into its own, and during her downtime, she would sketch new designs.

As for Ivy, she had been focusing on learning to control her anger. To only use her powers if absolutely necessary. She found a way to block off someone’s memories if needed, after a while.

Anytime someone had messed up on a lesson, they would be punished. Depending on the infraction, they would be either yelled at or beaten by their peers. The severity of the beatings depended, also, on how badly they’d screwed things up. When one of these beatings would happen, it was usually directed toward the remedial group. But there were rare occasions where they could turn it on someone else.

When the time came for them to apply their lessons, none of them were exactly ready. The fact that their target was a simulation meant nothing. They feared screwing up. What if they failed? On an actual job, there would be no acceptable failure. It would result in death for one or all three of them.

Some hesitation during that test. Their executions were otherwise well-done.

But the hesitation was enough to put them at the back of the class. They still passed. But just barely.

At age 18 (or in Beast’s case, 22), they were released from the lab to go out and make their way in the assassination biz.
And they were ready to prove that they deserved to graduate.


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