Story 14

Posted: November 15, 2015 in Uncategorized

Okay, so this one’s a bit late. It’s set after book 3, though, and was incredibly fun to write.


Ivy groaned as she watched her sister circle her in what seemed to be her best impersonation of a vulture. She could feel her eyes boring into her, judging her, and overall just creeping her out.

“Um, ‘Vette? Don’t you have anything better to do?”

Yvette shook her head, gripping the hem of Ivy’s shirt.

“Not at all. This is, after all, the first time either of us have gone on a date. An actual date, I mean, not some kind of job where we had to gather information from someone. I really think you should go with a nice dress. Show off those legs.”

“Have you ever seen me wear any kind of skirt?”

“Well, once…”


Yvette had no answer for that one.

“Besides,” Ivy added. “Travis isn’t gonna give a shit.”

Her sister mulled that over for a moment. “True… but just make sure that whatever you wear is flattering. It’s just that I wouldn’t want you to be embarrassed, is all.”

Ivy rolled her eyes. Of course Yvette would worry about looks. Ivy was just concerned with whatever was comfortable. But if she wanted her to show off her legs and wear something nice, she did have that one gray pair of shorts. Form-fitting and the hems were actually hems, rather than being the jagged indication of cutoff jeans.

“And you can borrow a pair of my shoes, if you want!” Yvette offered, perhaps a bit too excited at that thought.

“I can’t just go with some boots?”

“Well, sure, if you wanna keep your legs covered and break your sister’s heart.”

Well, someone was certainly being dramatic, wasn’t she? But that damnable sisterly guilt was taking hold.

“…Just so long as you’ve got something comfortable around here.”

Yvette grinned, before snapping her fingers. Within a glow of red, ten pairs of shoes appeared. Ivy knew that was merely the tip of the iceberg, though. After all, Yvette was many things: her (older by a few minutes) twin sister, a skilled assassin, a witch, and a fashionista/voracious collector of shoes.

As Ivy perused the pile of shoes, she tried to find one she could consider comfortable. A lot of what she found had skinny heels. Tall skinny heels, to be exact. The most intimidating pair had to be 6 inches tall, purple, and strappy. There was even an ankle strap attached to each one. While she cringed, however, Yvette only saw her eying them.

“Ooh, those ones are the best! Try them!”

“I really don’t know…” Ivy replied. “Those look like a good way to break a neck. Like, my own this time, not someone that’s got it coming.”

“Just try it…” Yvette said, pouting.

Her pale red eyes went wide and soulful, much like those of a puppy. Ivy had tried to resist, of course. But that expression always got to her.

With a sigh, she grabbed the purple ones. “I don’t know who I hate more right now…you for guilting me into trying the freaking things, or myself for giving into your guilting.”

“You can go with both,” Yvette replied with a grin. “I don’t mind.”

She flipped her the bird, going to change for the date. She ended up pairing a purple halter top with the shorts and those heels she was convinced would lead to disaster for her. But seriously, if Yvette pressured her to wear anything else she typically wouldn’t…

She might have to kick her ass one day.

As that was going on, Travis was pacing around the living room at the home he shared with his sister and brother in law. He had not been out with a woman since college. What had happened with Jesse did not, of course, count.

Spencer wondered how long it would take to see a real live example of a man wearing a hole in the floor. Surely he had to be getting close now. The doctor pushed his glasses up.

“Travis, look at me for a second. Okay? Just look at me…”

Trav paused and looked at him, tail giving a small twitch.

“There is nothing to be nervous about. You’ve done this before, right?”

Travis played with his hair for a moment as he thought that over.

“Well, yeah, but that was years ago when I was in college. Remember how that relationship worked out? She dumped me, remember? I was too weird for her to continue dating, remember?”

“Yes, I do,” he replied. “Now, do you remember how to ask a question without it ending on a ‘remember’?”


Spencer walked over and put an arm around his shoulder.

“What do you two have planned, anyway?”

He shrugged. “Not sure. We’re thinking of just spending time together and finding something.”

Spence nodded, and seemed to be in thought.

“Well…what you could do,” he began, “is go to this one restaurant just at the edge of town. It’s not expensive at all, and the atmosphere is casual. I know you’re not a fan of anything too fancy, and Ivy doesn’t seem like it, either.”

“What’s its name?”

Spencer searched his brain for that piece of information. But sadly, it did not come to mind.

“I can’t really remember,” he admitted. “But it’s right at the north end of the city. It has a large neon sign of a cat.”

“You mean that wasn’t the strip club?”

“Yeah, I thought that too…”

Travis nodded slightly, before something occurred to him.

“Wait…was this before you married Gemmy?”

“No. It was after…”

The half-monkey cracked his knuckles and glared at his friend. “You have precisely ten seconds to prove that you weren’t cheating on her with a stripper…”

“I was meeting with some of the guys from work. I hesitated when we got there, but when we went in, there was a distinct lack of stripper poles and they make an excellent tuna melt.”

Travis’ green eyes studied Spencer for a moment, before he grinned like nothing had happened.

“Okay, then, cool! I’ll run it by her and we’ll check it out!” he chirped, before hugging Spencer.

At that point, Spencer was reminded that there was at least one bag of mood swings in this family he had married into, and it just had to be the guy hugging him right now. But at least Travis didn’t want to beat him, so that was a relief.

“So, let’s just make sure you’re ready…” Spencer said after a moment. “I know you showered and washed your hair already, right?”


“And yet you still smell like pizza.”

Travis puffed out his chest proudly. “I will have you know that everyone loves pizza.”

It took all Spencer had not to crack up right there.

“Fair enough. And your date usually smells like hard liquor.”

“Sounds like a party.”

The doctor shook his head slightly, chuckling. “Now…wallet?”

Travis pulled out the wallet in question. It was on a chain and had a Batman logo on it.

“And hopefully, you can find that happy place between ‘gentleman’ and ‘condescending douche’,” Spencer told him. “From what we’ve seen of Ivy’s personality, she is probably the type to throttle someone if they land in the latter category.”

He shivered at the thought. The only things that would save him from death in that case would be his regenerative abilities and the fact that she cared about him. Well, the whole family, really. But she’d been in his mind before. He knew less about her than she did him.

“Okay, I’ll be back later,” Travis said after a moment. “I’ll see you when I get back!”

Spence pushed his glasses back into their proper perch on the bridge of his nose, as opposed to close to the tip. He gave Travis a smile.

“Have fun, be careful, and don’t do anything that will cause her to snap.”

“Got it!”

With that, Travis headed to the lab his mother owned/lived in. He knew that Ivy and Yvette had been staying there, along with his aunt. His tail swayed behind him as he walked, his hair pulled back into an overly long ponytail. The fact that he didn’t trip over it at this point was incredible.

His hands moved to his pockets, and he thought about their relationship. She didn’t look it at all, but she was 10 years older than he was (at least). She was also a strong telepath, along with having telekinesis and no issue with killing if she felt it necessary. He, on the other hand, had the ability to heal quickly and not stay dead, and the one time that he had killed another human being had caused him to experience nightmares for a few months.

But she had been able to use her abilities to help him get through a rough patch in his life. And he’d kissed her in the heat of the moment in thanks. It took him a while to get up the nerve to ask her out on a proper date.

He reached his mother’s lab in short order, activating the retina and thumbprint scans to let himself in. And much to her surprise, Serena herself was standing near the door, holding what looked like a raygun from one of those 1950s B-movies.

“So, here to take our little Ivy out for a night on the town, huh?” she asked, a vague look of malice in her eyes as she pointed it at him.

“MOM! What the hell?!”

Serena giggled, lowering the raygun. “I’ve always wanted to do that…”

He raised an eyebrow. “And why didn’t you do that with Gemmy and Spence?”

A smirk. “Now who’s to say I didn’t? Anyway, she’s ready for you, Trav. Have fun tonight.”

She hugged him as Ivy made her way out into the main room of the lab. Her gait was a tad unsteady, as she was trying to get the hang of these godforsaken heels. She would have removed those, but her damn sister had put an enchantment on them that would keep them from coming off for three hours. It was something she’d cast when she first got the shoes. She called it extra security. Ivy called it grounds for a throat punch.

The psychic looked at the half-monkey as she approached, managing to keep steady for a moment.

“Hey. Didn’t hear you coming.”

“Hey. Um, would you want some help? Spence mentioned a restaurant to me. Said it was north and at the edge of town. Neon sign. Easily mistaken for a strip club.”

Ivy thought for a moment. “Yeah, I know that place! Beast almost applied there once when we started getting fewer jobs for a while. When she found she’d be making wait staff money rather than stripper cash, though, she pulled out.”

“Piggyback ride?” he offered, before crouching down to let her onto his back.

She thought it over for a second, and climbed onto the back he’d so generously offered. Her legs were wrapped around his waist, her arms around his neck and shoulders. And once she was situated, a thought crossed his mind. He could move a bit more quickly if he ran on all fours.

Soon, he was supporting himself on his knuckles and the balls of his feet, and began to run monkey-style through the streets. She held on for dear life, occasionally pointing out the right directions to their destination. They nearly plowed over at least one unsuspecting pedestrian, but managed to avoid anything that would end in a lawsuit.

He came to a stop near the neon sign in question. And it was an abrupt halt, at that.

So abrupt that one of Ivy’s borrowed heels managed to hit a spot that Travis really preferred would not be smacked, particularly with a six inch spike heel. He collapsed onto the ground, and Ivy fell off of his back. Trav was curled up in a ball, intent on protecting his nuts from another such incident.

“Sorry ‘bout that…” Ivy said, reaching down to pull Travis up.

And promptly losing her balance and landing on him.

It took five minutes, but both managed to stand up and enter the restaurant. Upon entering, they learned a few things… 1) The establishment’s name was “Schrodinger’s”, 2) They were an all-you-can-eat sort of deal. and 3) Travis always took “all you can eat” as a challenge.

After the restaurant visit filled with judgmental stares from strangers and a bill somewhere around $80, they decided to go for a movie. Of course, the movie turned out to be terrible and there was no refund, which meant either wasting that cash or staying the course.

By the end of those two hours, they wished they’d just walked out.

Also by the end of those two hours, Ivy was able to remove the shoes. As soon as she had the opportunity, she unbuckled the ankle straps, ripped the heels from her feet, and proceeded to run around in giddy circles, yelling “FREEDOM!”

More judgmental stares from strangers. Especially when Travis got caught up in the moment again and pulled off his shirt, whipping it around his head like a helicopter blade.

Their last stop for the night was at a go kart track. Neither had really done this before, given each one’s childhood (one raised by a lab, the other by an abusive asshole of a man). So, it was time to make up for missing things during childhood.

They had gone a few rounds around the track, before going for twice as many rounds in one stationary go kart. It was the last time either of them would make out in a go kart… Travis had chosen the most uncomfortable position possible for both of them and they had managed to get stuck. The owner of the track had to come by and help them, much to everyone’s mortification.
All in all, though, they enjoyed their date. If nothing else, they had formed a lot of fun memories. They’d have to do it again sometime.


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