Story 11

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Jesse’s backstory. It’s probably not the most coherent, but here it is.


Jesse nudged the corpse of her mother, making sure she had died. Given the amount of poison she’d put into the woman’s food, she’d better be dead. She had been planning this for a while.

Jesse was in her early 20s at that point, and seemed to be well on her way to becoming a well respected chemist. It wasn’t overly difficult for her to eventually concoct a poison that would be able to simulate a heart attack. It had been tested out on her father, Ted Belle. It worked well enough, though she did have to up the dosage to completely kill him.

With her mother Lizzie, she made no such mistake.

She made sure the required dosage was high enough. And she’d slipped the colorless, tasteless, odorless substance into her egg salad sandwich.

In Jesse’s mind, Lizzie and Ted needed to die. She looked at them as horrible, oppressive individuals that wanted her to give up on her goals in life. Not that they were, really. Her parents had her best interests at heart…

They wanted her to go into biochemistry. They pointed out the amount of good she could do in that field. And truth be told, that’s what she wanted to go into, as well.

But she felt her parents had ulterior motives for encouraging her to go into that field.

What those motives were, exactly, she had no idea. But she knew that she didn’t trust them any further than she could throw them. They always regarded her with suspicion. They had been judgmental of her ever since she’d killed her cousin.

Said cousin had jumped off of a roof at her request. It was a simple dare. They were trying to get him to fly. Not that it worked out. The landing had broken the younger child’s neck. That part of the family had ceased speaking to them.

In reality, her parents had passed it off as an accident. They were doing their best to keep an eye on her. They hoped to avoid any other such incidents.

And for the most part, there weren’t any real incidents. Nothing that raised any red flags, anyway. She gave a few kids in school a death glare or two, but never attacked them.

Her homicidal urges remained (mostly) concealed. Or at least, her parents never quite caught on.

It didn’t even register when Ted’s coffee had been spiked that one morning. He always did have a minor heart condition. There was always some possibility that he would one day keel over and die.

The only time anyone caught onto her murderous intent was when Lizzie took a bite of her last egg salad sandwich. As she collapsed, she had looked to Jesse.

“C-call 911…” she choked out.

Jesse merely smirked, picked up the phone, and hung it right back up.


Her amber eyes were cold, as she watched the life fade from her mother.

Of course, now that they were dead, she’d need to dispose of any evidence. And the most efficient means of doing so appeared to be a concealment fire.

Jesse grabbed as many cleaning products as she could. If it was flammable, she’d put it to use. If not, she’d just toss it. Thankfully, most of it was, in fact, flammable.

She made sure to light the fire while inside of the house, to make it look as though she’d just managed to escape the blaze. The flames singed her clothing, skin, and hair, as she made her way outside.

Her next plan? Run to the neighbors to ask them to call the fire department. She made certain that she gave her best performance. When the police, fire department, and ambulance showed up, she turned toward the house.

“I-I think my mom’s still in there…” she had said, tears streaming from her eyes. “She’s okay, right? Please tell me she’s okay…”

For a while, they believed her word. She was attended to by the EMTs. And she felt she’d easily get away with her crime.

Which is why she was surprised when she was taken to one of the many labs in Hell Bent. They’d waited until she was deemed healthy enough to avoid a hospital stay, but ultimately ushered her to the lab they usually kept for certain parts of society that were deemed less than desirable. These included criminals, runaways, and the homeless. Not that Jesse knew that at the time.

As far as they knew so far, Jesse was only in that last category.

She was there for a week by the time they’d gotten through the autopsy and had run the toxicology report. And that was when the questioning began.

No more sense in denying it, then. She admitted to the murder. And as they regarded her with disgust, she couldn’t help but smirk. What were they going to do? Bring her to the lab? It was a little late for that, anyway, wasn’t it?

It took another week before she was formally charged and convicted of murder and arson. She was somewhat concerned about her now uncertain future…

But she was free of her parents. And she might have been able to weasel her way out of here.

Another week passed before they decided on what, exactly, to do to her genetic structure.

It was decided that they would alter her strength level. See how strong they could make her without making it outwardly visible. Not that they informed her of the decision, of course. But it would be just to see if they could. If the procedure happened to kill her? So what? She was just an experiment now, anyway. So why should they even be bothered to inform her?

The first week of the experiment involved getting a read on every little bit of her genetic structure. And what followed were multiple days of painful injections. Each day, they would monitor the experiment’s progress. Some said they shouldn’t enhance the strength of someone who had committed matricide (and as they eventually learned, patricide).

As they loaded Jesse’s body up with chemicals, she swore she would get revenge on them. She wasn’t above slaughtering as many as she could. But before now, they wouldn’t have been on her radar.

Now, however…

She was planning out just how to end each one’s life.

She could get her hands on a scalpel easily enough. And with what they’ve been doing with her, overpowering them wouldn’t be too difficult at all. She could feel that enhanced strength coursing through her veins, in every cell of her muscles.

Getting in her way would be a terrible idea.

A terrible idea that would only end in pain and death.

Oh, how Jesse relished that very notion…




It was when they were escorting her to her cell that she elected to make her move. Before her escorts could open the cell door, she broke free of their grip and tackled one of them to the ground.

He tried to push her away, but her hands wrapped around her would be assailant’s throat. After a few seconds, he was dead. The other guard tried pulling her away, but Jesse kicked her in the legs. She stumbled back and Jesse turned toward her.

Reaching out, she chokeslammed her into the wall. She pulled her away, before slamming her again and again, until the blunt force trauma was enough to kill her. With those two out of the way, she pulled them into her cell. Hurriedly, she grabbed the female guard’s uniform and pulled it onto her own body. It wasn’t the best fit imaginable, but it would do. She pulled the ski mask over her face, keeping her hair tucked away, and walked away. Her lab jumpsuit was put on the dead woman. She thanked her lucky stars that this other woman, like her, was a blonde. Hopefully, nobody would notice the blood on the back of the mask.

Much to her astonishment, she was able to walk out without any incident. It wasn’t until an hour after she left that they realized that the dead woman in the cell wasn’t her.

As Jesse moved further and further from the lab, she found somewhere to hide out. It was a small colony of survivalists. In exchange for taking her in, she had refrained from giving in to her natural urge to kill.

She could not quite place why, but murder gave her a certain rush. And that rush needed to fulfilled.

There came a day that she found a casting call for an indie horror movie. Someplace called Visions Studios. They were looking for the main female character. Thinking that this might be her chance to find some way to pay for her own place, she auditioned and got the role.

She stepped into the studio on the first day of shooting. And there, she met the actor playing their villain, and the accountant. The director was the same man that had hired her for the role.
And as they set up to film, Jesse was eying the intended villain, already forming an excuse for his impending death in her mind…


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