Story 10

Posted: November 10, 2015 in Uncategorized

Today’s is done, and it involves Travis making another unwanted visit to a lab.


For most teenagers, one’s sixteenth birthday was supposed to be special. It was supposed to herald the very beginning of adulthood, where one could learn to drive. Hell, there was a reason they called it “Sweet Sixteen”.

But for Travis…

His sixteenth birthday was shaping up to be, for lack of a better term, a raging piece of crap. He’d been walking back from school, and was hiding in an alley, trying to catch his breath.

It was another one of those days. One of the local labs was targeting him again. They couldn’t just ask Serena for some notes on his regenerative abilities? They seriously had to keep coming after him like this?

As he leaned against the wall, he poked his head out to see if it was safe.

People walking along the sidewalks. But none from the lab, it seemed.

Thank. God.

Okay…so was he safe now?

He took a few tentative steps out of the alley, heaving a sigh of relief. Good, he could get home now…

He froze as he heard the clearing of a throat. What the fuck…

Okay, cool. It was just some random guy talking on a cell phone.

Travis continued to walk along, looking around. Still nobody involved in the retrieval section of the lab.

He headed down the sidewalk, looking over his shoulder every few steps. So far, so good… So now, it was just a few minutes until he reached the residential area, and then he could get home.

He could hear a van driving slowly behind him. Like it was stalking him.

“Please, leave me the fuck alone…” he murmured, not bothering to look. That would only slow him down.

Instead, he started to sprint. The van sped up, coming to a stop right in his path. He began to move around the vehicle, but the side opened up. Three of the retrieval agents were in there, springing out to apprehend the teen.

Travis jumped away from them, green eyes narrowed.

“Please. Leave me the fuck alone!” he repeated, his tail lashing back and forth like that of an angry cat.

His mother may have had some influence on that, come to think of it.

He turned to run from them, trying to ignore the footsteps following him. Trav hoped and prayed that they would just back off and leave him alone.

But as luck would have it, he was tackled by one of the agents, both of them landing on the cool concrete. He let out an involuntary screech as he was knocked off of his feet. His 5’10”, 162 lb frame was thoroughly outweighed by this 6’4” behemoth that probably played as a freaking linebacker in high school football. Probably could have gone pro were it not for the obvious fact that something was clearly deficient in his brain. Of course he had to be some big dumb ape…why else would he be involved in freaking lab experiment retrieval?

“Don’t try to resist,” he told him. “It will make this a lot less painful for you.”

Of course, that only made Travis resist even more. He tried to bite the guy holding him down, but wasn’t able to. And soon, he was pulled off of the ground and tossed into the van like he was nothing.

He managed to land in such a way that his wrist hit an awkward angle. He could feel a rush of pain go through it and heard a very soft crack.

“You assholes…” he muttered, sitting up and cradling that wrist.

He tried to flex his fingers, but they wouldn’t move.

“Told you you shouldn’t resist,” said the retrieval agent, as the van drove toward its destination.

Travis could feel it turn around, taking him further from the residential area. He would have watched outside, but the agent held him down. They would have restrained his hands, but didn’t want to exacerbate the broken wrist.

“They’ll want to know about your wrist when we get there,” they told him.

Travis had never broken anything before now. At least not with his regenerative abilities. He had received a broken leg once when he was little, and that took weeks to heal. But with his healing power? It might clear up in days. It wasn’t feeling any better right now, though.

When the van came to a stop, that same guard that tackled him escorted Travis to the lab. This one was bigger than the first one he’d gone to, but smaller than the previous three. His eyes were still narrowed, and his red hair was starting to come out of its long ponytail.

Of course, he still resisted entering the building, until he was picked up by the guard and hauled inside.

“I suggest you stop struggling if you don’t want me to personally snap that other wrist of yours. Got that?” he hissed.

Travis froze for a second.

“Would you seriously do that…?”

He was thrown to the floor, the man stepping on him and grabbing his arm.

“If you push me, then yes.”

He was shaking by now, before he was picked up once again and marched to the main testing room.

The guard set him down on the table, being slightly more gentle about it now. Much to Travis’ shock, of course. He continued to sit up, waiting for whichever doctor worked here. The guards stood nearby, watching him carefully.

The one thing that made Travis feel better right now was that Serena had given his tail that one piercing she’d promised. The one that was supposed to let her track him. So, she would know that he was here. Hopefully she’d show up soon enough to negotiate for his release.

But for now, he got to put up with this place.

After a while, all of these exam rooms looked the same after a while. Sure, some had brushed steel walls, and others had some kind of cheery wallpaper to help offset the fact that there would be pain and bloodshed and invasion of personal space. But they always had that same metal table, and those same trays of equipment. Always the same sort of equipment and the same smell of industrial cleaning fluid.

Like they have to constantly clean up blood.

“Hello, there. I presume your last name is Malone, right?” a female voice asked.

Travis looked around, seeing a short woman with long brown hair. Streaks of gray littered her scalp.

“You’re that boy Dr. Taylor adopted, aren’t you?”

He eyed her with suspicion. “Yeah…but who are you?”

“I’m Dr. Laney Thorne. I was one of the scientists that raised Serena, her sister, and both Sangre sisters. I hope they weren’t too rough on you…”

Travis just stared. Why was this woman being so nice to him right now?

“I think one of them broke my wrist…” he said.

She blinked. “Really…that’s great!”

What. The. Fuck?!

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry…I know that sounds horrible, but it’s really quite fortunate for what we need to test. We’re all curious about how long it takes you to heal from fractures with your ability.”

“Uh…okay? And what if I didn’t end up getting something broken?”

She sighed. “Then one of the guards might have had to manually break a finger or something. I’m glad it hadn’t gone that way, though. Even the finger breaking made me cringe. Would you mind?”

She held out her hand, pointing to the wrist he was currently cradling. He set it in her open hand, and she began to inspect it with the utmost of caution.

“If you’ll come with me, I can get this x-rayed and make sure it’s broken. Then I’ll make sure it’s set properly. I have no idea if that actually matters with your powers, but just in case it doesn’t…”


He moved off of the table, following her lead to the x-ray room. He was nearly a foot taller than her, but had no urge to overpower her. She was the only one that’d treated her with even one iota of kindness in these labs.

Once they got to the correct room, she motioned for him to sit down.

Dr. Thorne ran the x-ray on his wrist, and he waited patiently…okay, partly patiently, partly anxiously.

“Okay…it’s a minor fracture, but it should be enough to go on. You’ll have to stay here for a while, until we can see that it’s healed. But on the bright side, it doesn’t need to be set, really. You got lucky.”

“Yeah, I feel really lucky. Happy fucking birthday to me…”

She blinked, wondering if he was just being sarcastic, or if it was legitimately his birthday.

“…Wait right here,” she told him. “I’ll be right back.”

His head tilted to the side. Where was she going, anyway?

She returned a few minutes later with a lollipop.

“I’m not sure if it’s legitimately your birthday or if you were just making a sarcastic comment, but either way…”

She handed it over to him. He wondered if now would be a terrible time to ask if this shorter doctor represented the Lollipop Guild. Considering that she wasn’t being as terrible to him as other doctors, though, he held back.

A few hours passed. During that time, Serena showed up to check on him. She and Dr. Thorne had caught up with one another in that time, both monitoring the progress of Travis’ wrist. It took about three hours to heal.

Once it had healed, he was free to go for now. Serena led the way out, just glad that he was safe.
And Travis was just glad that some good came out of today, as he unwrapped the lollipop, his tail wrapping around Serena’s waist as they walked home together.


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