Story 9

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New one, and this time, it tells a bit of Beast and Serena’s backstory.


Neither Beast nor Serena remembered much before they were brought to the lab. They had vague recollections of two parents and a baby brother. And they could very slightly remember a time that they were normal children. They were only about three at that point, though.

Most of their memories were formed in one of the labs in Hell Bent. It was one that took in any of the homeless population. Whether they wanted to be there or not.

The gene splice had happened around the time of their fourth birthday. They had been taken to different rooms for the procedure. It’d been the first time in their young lives that they were separated from one another.

Some debate was had about whether or not the girls should be raised separately or together. And for the first several years of their time in that lab, they were practically inseparable. And if a couple doctors had had their way, they would have become completely and literally inseparable. Of course, Dr. Adler’s forced conjoinment idea was shot down, being cited as too cruel.

Why Dr. Adler continued to hold a job was a mystery to many. As it turned out, his uncle was one of the major trustees for the lab, and nepotism always led to magical things, for some. The Taylor twins were not amongst those “some”.

As they grew up together, the sisters began to develop divergent interests. While Serena had become enamoured by the sciences, particularly those of genetics and cybernetics, Beast was more interested in fighting. Of course, both also shared some of the same interests, as well. Perhaps unsurprisingly, those interests tended to be along the lines of catnip, seafood, playing with yarn… If it could be associated with cats, they usually embraced it together.

There had been times where the twins would switch glasses (same prescription, different design) and attempt to confuse the doctors. Of course, they neglected the one major difference between them…Beast’s tail was much fluffier than Serena’s. They still played along with the attempt at a prank, though. Just to humor the twins.

Around age 6, Dr. Adler had had another plan for them. He wondered if he could condition a child to fear something that most would see as completely innocuous. Other doctors had tried to talk him out of it, but the man was stubborn, determined, and could ask his uncle to stop investing, thus crippling some aspects of that lab. And so, he was allowed to proceed with his planned experimentation.

The first thing he thought of was to condition one of a set of twins, and there were two of those around the lab. There were those two really little ones…toddlers, at this point. One had light red eyes, the other had perhaps the strangest blood any of them had ever encountered. No, that might not be the best option.

Which led him to the Taylors. Those two were practically identical, despite the tail differences and different glasses. But which one…

Serena seemed to be a bit more cautious than other children her age, always caring about safety and whatnot. It wouldn’t take as much to push her toward fearing something, if he could get it into her head that it would be a threat to her safety.

But Beast…

Beast appeared to be the more fearless of the two. Much harder to frighten, probably.

Which made her ideal for testing.

But what to use as a trigger…

He thought of what sorts of things were associated with young girls. Ponies, puppies…kittens? He could probably make her fear her own reflection, if he felt like it…but ultimately decided against that.

As he thought of what to use as a catalyst, he couldn’t help but pass by a couple of his coworkers. One had a photo of his young cousins. All girls, all decked out in shades of pink. Hm…


That was always associated with young girls, wasn’t it?

Yes, he could try to make her fear a color. It was, after all, for science. Or at least, it was in his mind. Others just assumed he was doing it for shits and giggles.

Okay, maybe it was both.

His blonde hair was dyed pink, first and foremost. After which, he made sure his shirt, tie, and lab coat were all in some shade of pink, as well. A few of the other doctors thought he was mad. But thanks to good old fashioned nepotism, he wasn’t called out on it.

Nor did anyone call him out when he stopped by the twins’ room (or holding area, depending on who one asked).

“Excuse me. Experiment 24601. I need you for a bit. Tests to run.”

Beast sat up from her cot, giving a soft mew. She walked to the door. It was a plexiglas one, and she could see Dr. Adler right through it. Why did he dye his hair? Did he lose a bet? What was going on?

With a grin, he held out a hand for her. His teeth seemed sharklike to her. She took a step back from the door, not wanting to go with him now.

“Come with me, and I’ll get you some candy.”

Her ears folded back. She hadn’t had candy in a while. Not since her birthday a few weeks ago. Birthdays were the only times they got something like that. So maybe he had something really nice in mind.

“Can Serena come too?”

“No. I only need you for this, Beasty.”

She blushed slightly. Nobody called her “Beasty”.

The door slid open and she took his hand. Gently, he led her down the hallway, to one of the examination rooms. Her pale blue eyes scanned the area, and she continued to walk with him.

When they entered the exam room, her tail drooped. She didn’t know a lot of what they did in these rooms. But she knew that they used all sorts of sharp, pointy things that hurt. Reflexively, she reached up and rubbed her arm. Her arm that had a slight rash from all of the blood tests they’ve run on her in the past week alone. She didn’t know if whatever candy he was offering would be worth it.

“Now, c’mon, Beasty…up on the table…”

She was still hesitant, shaking her head.

“No…I don’t wanna get up there…you’re gonna hurt me!”

“You will, if you want that candy I promised you…”

“I don’t want it anymore. I just wanna go back to Serena…”

He gripped the child by the shoulders, his fingernails digging into the skin. Not even the thin gray fabric of the jumpsuit they had all experiments wear kept it from hurting.

“Unless you allow me to do what I need to, you will never get to see your sister again. If you get on that table willingly, I will go easy on you. But if not, I promise I will make your young life a living hell. See, because you’re young, everyone around here likes to pretend you’re a normal little kid. By y’know what, you little brat? You’re not normal. You will NEVER be normal. You are this lab’s property, and don’t you forget it.”

She stared up at him, shaking.

“Now…will you get on that table, or am I going to pick you up and put you up there myself?”

With a shiver, she moved to the table, carefully making her way onto its smooth metal surface. She settled herself on the flat tabletop, shivering once more.

“Now that’s a good girl…”

She hated being called that almost immediately.

The last thing she saw before everything became a blur was Dr. Adler’s pale pink lab coat, or rather the sleeve of it, as he brought a pink metal scalpel down to her chest, cutting into her. Without anesthesia, this was easily the worst pain of her life.

More sessions like this happened over the next several months. Over time, Dr. Adler became more and more threatening, more and more inappropriate. And during all that time, Beast had come to associate the color pink with every single feeling of negativity that cropped up there.

After each session, Beast was dropped off in her room with Serena again. She would always lose consciousness by the end of it, and when recounting her tale to her sister, her claims would be denied as nothing but the mere babbling of an overly imaginative child.

Dr. Adler had made sure to inform the other scientists of what had happened, as well. Anything that he did was “just a routine test”. He even gave some of his results to the higher ups, just making sure it all was documented.

Nobody had to see the bruises he’d left along her little body. Up her back, along her arms, and even a couple between her legs. Nor did she even have any recollection of those. Granted, she had vague remembrances of being cold, of a blur of pink standing over her unmoving body. Thanks to some level of paralysis, she’d never been able to scream or question him.

After a couple of years, she had tried asking one of their other experiments for some help with her memories. However, Ivy had not been able to provide a great deal of assistance. She could only access what Beast actually remembered, at that point.

Not that she had a lot of time to do a more in depth scan. Since her powers had been discovered, she’d been taken to some unknown part of the building for them to test her abilities, day after day, for hours at a time. She’d always avoid eye contact on her way back, shaking.

Serena hadn’t been through such things, nor had Ivy’s sister.

Why did they get to have such an easy time of things?

Why didn’t the lab dictate that THEY had to suffer?!

This treatment had stopped one day, though. Beast and Serena were in their mid teens when they learned of Dr. Adler’s death. His neck had been snapped, and the entirety of the psionics wing had been destroyed. Beast hadn’t expected that to ever happen, but she was relieved when it had.

Aside from the sessions with Dr. Adler, however, Beast’s childhood was actually not as terrible as it could have been. She did get to spend a good amount of time with Serena. She might not have been quite as interested in the whole science thing, but she liked spending time with her. And sometimes, they’d get to spend some time with the Sangre twins, as well. But that was usually at meals.
They looked forward to the day that they would be released, of course. After all, this lab couldn’t keep them there forever, right?


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