Story 8

Posted: November 8, 2015 in Uncategorized

Just finished this one. This one takes place sometime after book 3, but probably before book 4.


Gemmy watched as her son crawled on the floor, hanging up the phone for the umpteenth time this morning. She’d been trying to get a sitter for the boy, but every viable option was busy. Her aunt and her friends were on a job, her mother was in the middle of a project, husband had been called in early, and her brother had to help with inventory at the comic shop. Even her in-laws had a lot more on their collective plate than usual.

Normally, this wouldn’t be too much of an issue. There was usually someone available to watch him while she was at class. But that didn’t seem to be the case today.

“Hm…I don’t think anyone would have a problem with you coming along, Danny.”

The child in question looked up at her from playing with his own little monkey-like tail. He was chewing on the tip with his gums. She hoped he’d drop the habit when he started teething.

“Would you like that?” she asked, picking him up. “Would you like to come to work with mommy?”

He gave a little coo and let go of his tail. Only to take a hold of her hair and start sucking on it.

“No, sweetie, that’s not for you to eat,” she chuckled.

She made sure he didn’t need a change, before getting him in his stroller. Okay, so she’d be taking both the diaper bag and her yoga bag with her this time. With everything ready, she walked outside with him.

Truth be told, she’d been meaning to introduce him to her students for a while. But for a while, things had gotten sort of crazy. Family emergencies and the like. She didn’t like to think about it, really.

Her childhood was negative enough without her dwelling on the nightmares that had invaded her adulthood. No, she’d much rather focus on the positive. The positive that only became so much better after dealing with one Jesse Lynn Belle.

She got to the studio soon enough, where her class was already waiting. Wait, was everyone early this time? Or was she…

She pulled out her phone. Five minutes late. She could have sworn she’d left on time. The clock was probably a bit off, and would be corrected later. For now, though, it was class time.

“Namaste,” she greeted as she walked in, pushing the stroller. “Sorry I’m late. I think the clock at home stopped. Also, I’ve brought a guest, as you can see here.”

The six students of her noon class crowded around the stroller. They’d heard about her son, and had been wondering when they’d get to see the child.

“Wow…he really DOES look like his father…” one of them, one Linda Monroe, murmured.

Daniel grabbed a hold of her platinum blonde hair, causing her to look at Gemmy.

“Heh…yeah, one little thing. He likes hair,” she explained.

“Probably really likes his uncle, then,” said another.

Jamie McGrady, the ex of one of Travis’ co-workers, looked to Gemmy.

“Would you mind if I held him for a moment?” she asked.

She usually kept her hair up in two buns. Much more difficult for him to tug on her locks.

“Go ahead,” Gemmy replied. “He loves attention, too.”

She reached into the stroller, lifting him out of it. His big light green eyes stared up at her.

“Heh…he may look like your husband, but he definitely has your eyes,” she said.

Gemmy nodded. “For the most part. The reigning theory at home is that he’ll have his father’s eyesight.”

Ah, yes. Spencer’s eyesight, where unless something was a foot in front of him, everything was a blur. Or maybe half a foot. She wasn’t quite sure. Either way, there was a very good chance that Daniel would eventually need glasses.

“Can I see him next?” asked the shortest member of the class, Alice Kane.

“Of course.”

Jamie handed Daniel off to her.

“Heh…he reminds me of my brother’s kid,” she said as she looked at him. “He has that kind of look in his eyes, y’know?”

“Which look would that be?” Gemmy asked.

“Curiosity, I suppose. Like he wants to explore anything and everything.”

That made sense, really. He was always staring at her bookshelf at home. And she’d had to put a baby gate around it after he had managed to pull her copy of the full Lord of the Rings trilogy from the shelf. She intended to read it with him one day, but that wouldn’t be until he was old enough to have some comprehension of what was going on. And after reading the entire Chronicles of Narnia with him.

Yes, this boy would become a hardcore reader, if she had anything to say about it.

“Good thing for a kid his age to have,” she said.

She let the others look at him, as well. The one male in the class, Gene O’Russell, didn’t seem to like the fact that Daniel was trying to grip his goatee. But he wasn’t about to admit that he found the child to be incredibly cute right now. He had his pride. And Elsa Anderson had been a bit leery of holding the child, herself, given his love of hair. See, she was really quite proud of her long dark brown hair, and the fact that he might start pulling on it made her nervous.

And for whatever reason, he seemed afraid of Lita Erikson. Nobody could quite figure out what it was. And to be quite honest, she was sort of intimidated by the young boy, herself. She never knew how to deal with children, let alone children that weren’t even entirely human. Not that there was anything inherently wrong with that. Her teacher wasn’t fully human, and she had no problem with her. But that’s because she was an adult and could therefore take care of herself. What if something were to happen where Lita was the only one that could take care of the kid? What would she even do?

With half of the class period gone thanks to everyone wanting to meet little Daniel, Gemmy moved to set up for class. She opened one of the bags, intending to grab her yoga mat.

The material of what she grabbed, however, was soft and fleecy rather than mildly firm and made of foam.

With a sheepish chuckle, she laid the blanket out for Daniel and pulled out her actual mat. The blanket was set up right next to her, so that she could keep a better eye on him. Maybe.

“Okay, so…class will be somewhat abbreviated today,” she admitted.

As she began to go over a few of the major poses, Daniel curled up on the blanket and grabbed his tail again. He watched his mother for a bit.

Why was she doing these fancy stretches rather than paying attention to him? He made a little noise to alert his mother’s attention. She paused mid-asana, smiling at him.

“Are you hungry?” she asked. “Because I’ll be able to feed you after this class. Only a few more minutes. Can we wait?”

He wasn’t hungry right now. But he gave a whine. She sighed and got out of the pose.

“Hold that position, please,” she told the class, picking Daniel up for a moment.

“I’m working right now, sweetie,” she said, moving to his bag for a moment and pulling out a set of toy keys.

He took those with a happy little coo. And with him distracted from disrupting her, she resumed teaching for the next twenty minutes.

The next three classes went rather uneventfully. She’d introduce her students to Daniel, then let him play while she proceeded to teach. Overall, it went well, and she walked him to the hospital to meet up with Spencer at the end of the day.


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