Story 6

Posted: November 6, 2015 in Uncategorized

So, I decided to go ahead and bring a 4th part to the 3-piece story. It just semed like the thing to do, since Yvette’s POV hadn’t really been brought into the equation. So…yep. 4th piece.


Yvette couldn’t believe this had happened. How could they have left her sister behind? Of course, given the fact that Beast had been damaged in a fight… Yes, okay, she could see how focus would shift for a bit, there.

That didn’t make this any less humiliating for her, though. Yvette had always held herself to a certain standard. Given how Beast was their group’s brawn and Ivy was…well, Ivy, Yvette had prided herself on being very detail oriented. After all, she had been the one to craft the spell that was meant to cleanse a job site of any trace of the trio. She was the one that designed all of their clothes, making sure every stitch was in its place. She might have snapped if even one tiny thread on her belt was loose.

Which made the fact that they’d managed to leave behind a whole freaking person even more glaring to her. And she just knew that she wouldn’t hear the end of it, either. But she supposed that was what she got for not letting her sister go one day without being reminded which twin was older by a few minutes.

She was heading back to the warehouse for now, as Serena fixed up Beast’s leg, thinking during the whole walk. She crossed her arms, trying to figure out how she would save face. Yeah, Yvette knew just how much Ivy might pick on her for this one. How could she not?

Thoughts of Lorena entered her mind, as well. Most of the time, when their group was on a job, the actual kill was tasked to whoever got the target where she wanted them first. But not with Lorena. Ever since that first encounter, where Lorena was responsible for Beast losing a leg, the three had made a pact. If Lorena resurfaced, killing her would be Beast’s job. Anyone else that did it would be in for an ass kicking.

And nobody wanted an ass kicking from Beast. Even without the cybernetic limbs, she knew a thing or two about dealing out pain. Yvette was both awed and terrified by her, to be honest.

As she tried to work out an apology to her sister, she could feel a sudden pang in her head. It nearly caused her to fall to her knees. And it was then that something occurred to her…

Her sister was probably in some kind of trouble.

Yvette wasn’t really what one could call telepathic. Not by a long shot. But there have been other occasions where Ivy has sent out distress signals. Not intentionally, as she hated admitting that she needed help. But subconsciously. And thanks to their shared DNA, Yvette was the lucky recipient of those signals each time.

The same held true if Yvette was in some kind of trouble. Only for her, she usually DID intend to send out these signals. Of course, Yvette had also been careful not to end up in these situations all that often. If necessary, she’d been known to use invisibility spells, intangibility…anything she could to avoid being caught by an enemy. That wasn’t to say that it never happened. It was just that she’s managed to keep it to a minimum.

But what kind of trouble could she have run into…

Oh, crap.

Lorena was pissed about her eye, wasn’t she?

And would be likely to take her anger out on anyone close to Beast.

Her walk became a run, as she sped back to the warehouse. She needed answers, and she needed them ASAP.

It took little time for her to find the children again. This time, she could see the police with them. Okay, she needed to disguise herself…

Ducking out of view for a moment, she tried to visualize something innocuous. Something that would not rouse suspicion. Hm…police officer? No, they all probably knew each other, and that wouldn’t work out.

Perhaps a reporter? Yeah, those types were always sticking their nose in someone’s business. It wouldn’t be strange at all for her to get in there that way, would it?

And before long, her hair was pulled back into a bun, her clothing changed from the specialized catsuit she’d made herself to some kind of cheap looking, off the rack pantsuit. With a snap of the fingers, she had a notepad in her hand and a headset mic. Now she just needed to get a statement from these kids…

She cleared her throat and began to rush over to the scene. She did, of course, attract a bit of attention from the police. One officer turned toward her, eyebrow raised.

“Ma’am, I’m afraid you’ll have to leave. This is a crime scene.”

“I know that. I’m just here to get some statements from the kids. My press badge.”

She handed it over.

“…Do you really expect us to buy into this one?” he asked. “It’s about five years out of date.”


“I need this, man…I need it to get back into the biz! Do you know what kind of scoop this is?!”

Still not buying it.

“…What would it take for me to get in there and talk to these kids?” she asked.

“It’s not happenin’, lady. Back off.”

So much for that…

And with that, she went back out of everyone’s view and switched back to her previous gear. So much for trying to ask for clues from the kids. It was time for plan B. Plan B involved the contents of a tiny envelope she kept tucked into her boot.

Yvette unzipped the left boot, pulling the tiny envelope from where her foot was and rezipping it. The envelope contained a small sample of Ivy’s hair (she had an identical one with Beast’s hair in the other boot). Clutching the hair, she closed her eyes and focused. Focused on finding the energy of the owner of that hair.

She could feel it after a while. A pulsating sensation that’d guide her half a mile south.

A smirk crossed Yvette’s face, as she began to run in that direction. She was ready to get her sister back.

She came to a stop outside of what looked like a bunker of some kind. A van was parked outside. White, nondescript…

And by the time Yvette was through with it, the tires had been transformed to cinder blocks.

She paused for a moment to make sure her gun was loaded, making her way to the door…

The locked door.

A little help from her good friend Mr. Bobby Pin remedied that pretty quickly.

The door opened with a slight creak. But that creak was thankfully inaudible to the group in that bunker. Three of them, and Lorena. Lorena was right there, as well, hook held high in the air. From the look of anger on her face, Ivy had made some sort of remark. And judging by the damage to Ivy’s face, this hadn’t been the first.

Time to act, and fast.

“Get away from her!” she called, looking to attract everyone’s attention, up to and including Lorena’s.

It worked.

Yvette began firing at the group. They’d pulled their own weapons, and a small gunfight broke out. The mage had taken a few hits, but thankfully nothing fatal. Her opponents weren’t quite as lucky. Two of them had lived, but one of them was already dead. One of the survivors wouldn’t be one for long.

As Lorena turned toward her, Yvette used a quick patch spell on the bullet wound to her torso. Nothing vital had been hit, but it’d still have to be removed later. And she didn’t want Lorena to see that she was hurt. A force spell came next, directed at Lorena and the three she’d shot.

Of course, Yvette contemplated shooting her other eye out. Maybe that would kill her once and for all. But then she remembered the promise she and Ivy had made to Beast.

Lorena was lucky this time, as a shield formed around her and her men, keeping them trapped against the wall for the time being.

Now that she was out of the way, Yvette could focus on picking the handcuffs. She crouched down behind the chair her sister was in, using the pin yet again.

“You okay?” she asked.

Aside from her face, anyway.

“Yeah. How’d you find me?”

“Went back to the warehouse. Kids said someone carried you to a van. And then I used a tracking spell. Nothing to it, really.”

No way was she going to admit that she’d been turned away from the site for shitty credentials.

As Ivy reached up to get rid of the blindfold, Yvette found her sword and cut the zip tie on her ankles before handing it back over. She let her walk around a little bit, and then decided on the quickest course of action to get home.

Seeing the younger of the pair reach up and rub her swollen cheek, Yvette broke out the simplest reassurance she could.

“We’ll get some ice on that when we get home,” she told her, soon giving her a hug. “Also, heads-up. About to use a teleportation spell.”

She could see the unimpressed look in her sister’s eyes. And she just prayed that she wouldn’t end up hurling on her boots like last time. Teleportation seemed to have that effect on people, for whatever reason. Like motion sickness on crack. Maybe Yvette was just used to all sorts of sensations connected with spells by now, though. That would certainly explain a lot.

Yvette held her close, casting the spell. It tended to make Yvette rather lightheaded herself, now that she thought about it. But that’s because this spell took a great deal of energy.

When the spell was finished, they were standing in Serena’s lab. Ivy had made a straight beeline for the bathroom, and Yvette sat down to catch her breath. Beast was resting for the time being. Serena was finished with fixing her leg, but had made a couple of adjustments to the upper half’s inner workings.

So for now, Beast was relaxing in a chair, plate of cookies in her lap.

“So, what happened?” she asked, taking a bite of one.

“Ivy got picked up by Lorena. I went to get her back.”

“I see…and Lorena?”

“Still alive. Don’t worry, I left her alive so you can slaughter her yourself one day.”

Beast smiled at that one. “Good. Cookie?”

“Are those the catnip ones again?”


“You can have them. Seriously, the ‘nip makes ‘em taste weird.”

Beast chuckled. “Fair enough…”

Yvette got up to ask Serena to help with the gunshot to the torso. Once Ivy had finished throwing up, she went to get some ice.

As Beast munched on her cookies, she found herself thinking about Lorena again.

One day, she’d finish things between them.

One day.


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