Story #5

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Seriously wondering if I should get a 4th story out of this one, or not. May do that tomorrow, because why the hell not. Anyway…


Ivy sighed in resignation as she watched Beast and Yvette take off running into the warehouse. She still didn’t quite get why Beast couldn’t stay back and help the kids. She was way more equipped to rip the crates apart, and children were just sort of naturally drawn to her.

But Ivy…

She couldn’t quite put her finger on why, but kids always sort of gave her an uneasy look. It was like they knew how bizarre she naturally was. She probably gave off a smell of hard liquor most of the time. She couldn’t help it, though. The thing about Ivy was that her body seemed to be comprised mostly of alcohol. Nobody knew what had caused it. Some had even theorized that she wasn’t of this world, when she was a child. And even stranger was the fact that her twin sister had none of this anomaly with her body.

Or these children might have been able to pick up on the fact that she’d killed before, as far back as age 12. Took out most of the Psionics wing at the lab where she grew up with Yvette, Beast, and Serena. Everyone had tried to keep that under wraps, but stories still leaked out every so often…

“Alright,” she said, hopefully loudly enough for these kids to hear. “I’m here to get you guys outta here. I promise I won’t hurt you and shit, okay?”

With that, she began to open a few of the crates with her sword, using it as a crowbar. Thankfully, the blade was sturdy enough that it didn’t just bend on her. Of course, the addition of a bit of telekinetic energy didn’t hurt, either.

So focused was she on opening the crates, she didn’t notice the van pulling up outside. Nor did she hear the heavy metallic footsteps running past her. No, because she needed to focus. The more she focused, the quicker she could get through this task and get these kids to safety.

There were about twenty of them that were liberated thanks to her efforts. As they ran outside, she paused to refuel. Ivy pulled the flask from her belt once more, taking a long swig. Good, now she could catch up to the others…

It wasn’t until he was right behind her that she realized she wasn’t alone. Something jabbed into her neck, and a huge amount of electricity coursed through her body. She stumbled, but didn’t lose consciousness yet. Her attention turned toward her attacker.

Or in this case, attackers. She wasn’t alone at all, and was instead outnumbered three to one.

Hmph. She’d dealt with worse. As she raised her sword to attack them, the taser hit her again. This time it was right in the face. Between that and a hard knee blow to the solar plexus, she was incapacitated for the time being.

The sword fell from her hand, and she began to fall to the floor. One of her attackers caught her, carrying her out. Another of the three had taken the blade. And with that, they left the building and headed to their van, planning to wait for Lorena.

They got her to the back of the van, one of them taking his spot in the driver’s seat. Taking a couple of zip ties, they restrained her wrists and ankles. Putting a bag over her head, they waited for Lorena to join them.

She ran to the van after a few more minutes. As the driver saw her arrive, she was very noticeably missing an eye. Just what in the hell happened back there…?

“What happened?”

Lorena grumbled. “Crazy cat bitch got me in the eye…got anything I can put over it?”

Ivy was beginning to come to around that time.

“If it makes you feel any better, we managed to get one of their group,” she heard the driver say.


“Yeah. She was getting those kids out when a few of the guys got the drop on her.”

Somehow, she knew Beast should have handled this situation. Beast would be a lot more physically imposing. But Ivy? Not so much.

As they drove, Ivy began thinking over how she could potentially make a break for it. The van seemed to be moving at a relatively high speed. And she knew there were two of them in there with her. If she could get rid of them, maybe crash the van…

Well, then she might manage to kill everyone in that van, including herself. Then what would the point be? No, she might have to make an escape after they stopped somewhere. Wherever “somewhere” happened to be, that is.

She kept track of as many turns as she could, and remained as motionless as possible. Letting them know she was fully conscious might be a disaster. Of course, this came to be slightly difficult when she could feel one’s hands groping her body. Ooh, if they didn’t stop touching her ass…

“Would you two save that for later?” Lorena sighed. “I wanna talk with her for a bit before you start using her.”

Ugh…did she have to use that terminology?

The van came to a stop, and the back doors opened up. Ivy could feel herself being picked up and carried to some other location. She’s wait to make her move when the bag was removed. As long as she could see where she was, she had a good chance of laying waste to both the place and anyone looking to mess with her. It wasn’t that her powers wouldn’t work otherwise…it’s just that she needed to be able to see in order to aim where she wanted.

“Where do you want her?” asked the one that was holding her at the time.

“Chair. And it’d be a good idea to keep her eyes covered at all times.”

Dammit, how’d she know that?!

“Why’s that?”

“She’s psychic, and that might dissuade her from attacking.”

Stupid common sense…

Ivy let them take her to the chair in question, where they removed the zip tie…only to pull her hands behind the chair’s back and cuff them. How did they go over this in her training, again? Something about breaking the thumb and pulling one’s hand out before the swelling could kick in? She’s tried that before and it didn’t work out well at all.

She resisted the temptation to bite one of them in the arm when he reached up into the bag to blindfold her. It was hard, but she held back on pissing him–and by extension Lorena–off.

And soon enough, the bag was removed from her head.

Lorena’s footsteps could be heard next, and she crouched down to Ivy’s level.

“Evening, Sangre,” she greeted.

“Wait, wait…don’t tell me,” Ivy began. “I’m at the worst surprise party ever, right?”

An annoyed sigh. Of either of the Sangre twins, they had to end up with the smartass…

“I would dispense with the snippy comments if I were you. See, thanks to your friend, I’m not in the best mood tonight.”

“So, what’d Beast do to you? I could definitely smell some blood…”

“She took my eye, if you must know.”

Ivy thought about that one. A missing eye…which might very well be covered with a patch at some point. That, added to the fact that she had the hook hand, brought to mind one thing…

“So, what…Beast brought you one step closer to your dream of being a pirate?”

Lorena growled at her. But a few of her employees couldn’t help but snicker. And Ivy’s smirk didn’t help matters at all. All Lorena did in response to that was ball up a metal fist and slam it into Ivy’s face. Which caused Lorena to grin as the smirk quickly left the psychic’s face.

“I will let you know this right now…I have a zero tolerance policy on this ‘pirate’ bullshit.”

“It’s accurate, though, isn’t it? Eyepatch, hook hand…stealing stuff that doesn’t belong to you.”

The cold steel of a hook met Ivy’s throat.

“You’re going to stop, if you don’t want me to rip your throat open. I already plan to send you back to your friend broken. If that means I have to tear you apart, as well…”

Yeah. Because Ivy clearly hadn’t been through some amount of hell in her life. It was called her childhood. And if Lorena thought she’d be intimidated by her threats…

Welp. Someone was just going to have to work harder, then, wasn’t she?

“Who knows? Maybe you’d have to become like us…part-machine. Would that work, though, given your unique body chemistry?”

Ivy didn’t respond. She could already feel her face beginning to bruise.

“I’d be willing to tear you limb from limb myself, if need be. And those would be sent to her, first. All because she made me what I am now…”

And then came another blow from her metal fist, this time managing to crack her cheekbone.

“Of course, I will let some of my guys have some fun with you, first. Prior to my hurting you.”

Like she hadn’t hurt her already?

Lorena slashed at Ivy’s clothing, tearing a hole in the fabric with her hook.

“Might as well make sure you’re ready for them, right?”

“…Go to hell, Lorena. Go. The. Fuck. To. Hell.”

As Loena prepared to slash at her again, a new commotion began. The door opened, and gunshots rang out. Soon before the screams and thudding of bodies hitting concrete.

“Get away from her!”

From the sound of it, Lorena was about to attack, when the slam of metal hitting concrete at a high speed could be heard.

Ivy could soon feel Yvette behind her, picking the lock on the handcuffs.

“You okay?” she asked.

“Yeah,” Ivy replied. “How’d you find me?”

“Went back to the warehouse. Kids said someone carried you to a van. And then I used a tracking spell. Nothing to it, really.”

Once she was free, Ivy stood up and walked around a little bit to get her legs working again. Yvette held onto her, pulling her sister into a hug.

“We’ll get some ice on that when we get home. Also, heads-up. About to use a teleportation spell.”

Ugh, teleportation spells…Ivy always hated those. But she also hated the thought of getting a beating from Lorena.

Yvette had elected not to kill Lorena herself, though. She’d leave that to Beast. Beast was the one with an issue with her, anyway.
A red glow surrounded the pair, taking them to Beast for the time being. They’d get back at Lorena one day. But that day wasn’t going to be now. They needed some rest.

  1. I was wondering if Lorena was going to get away alive mostly because it wasn’t Beast there. You made a great cast of characters for these stories.


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