Story 4

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Okay, this is a bit later than anticipated. But here’s the 2nd part of the 3-piece story. Some’s a bit rushed, but was still fun.


Beast drummed her claws on the parking lot’s blacktop, growling under her breath. In all her years as an assassin, she had encountered her fair share of scumbags…ecoterrorists, gun runners, that bitch Lorena… but tonight, they had a syndicate to take out.

The syndicate had been in business for a while, selling runaway children to other countries. Other times, they’d pick up abandoned infants and toddlers and adopt them out illegally. Usually handled in underground operations, at a rate twice as high as any legal adoption.

The children they’d sell through these “adoptions” were never heard from again. And when this job was brought to Beast and the Sangre sisters, the cyborg leapt at the chance to bring down such a group. She believed all children to be sweet and innocent by nature. And if someone DARED harm one in her presence, she would not think twice about tearing them open and painting the walls with their blood and viscera. Nobody hurt children around her… NOBODY.

Yvette’s gun was loaded and ready to go. She glanced over to Beast, catching onto her anticipation. She hated when she got like this, though. It always made her nervous.

“Beast, could you please calm down?” she asked. “This always makes me uncomfortable, when you do the claw-tapping thing…”

“Can’t help it,” Beast replied. “Need to rip…tear…kill…”

“C’mon, ‘Vette. We both know that when she gets like this, there’s no other way to deal with it than to let her give into the ol’ bloodlust,” Ivy said from nearby.

She was just finishing with her sword, having decided to give it a last minute sharpening before they went in. She tucked the whetstone back into a pouch on her belt. Right before she grabbed her flask that’d been attached next to the pouch, taking a swig.

“We ready to go in, now?” Yvette asked.

Ivy nodded. Beast pawed at the pavement with a foot, much like a bull about to charge.

The three kept to the shadows, walking to the warehouse. The first thing they noticed was the lack of security around the building. Which could only mean one thing…

“Alright. Let’s check for some kind of alarm,” Yvette whispered.

“RIght,” Beast and Ivy both replied, the three breaking apart to investigate.

They were looking for cameras, tripwires…anything that might tip the syndicate off that there were intruders. But none of them found anything thus far…

Not until Yvette kicked some dirt at one doorway. The door frame itself was a foot deep. And in front of that frame were a series of lasers, becoming visible only when the particles of dirt hit the beams. Okay, so first off, they needed to deflect those.

But to do that, they needed something shiny…like a mirror.

Yvette re-holstered her gun for a moment, hands in front of her and aimed at the doorway. A red glow surrounded her hands, and a tall sliver of silver appeared within the glow. A second appeared with it, both being pushed gently toward the doorway.

The lasers hit the reflective surfaces, and there was enough space for each to pass through the door.

‘Disabled the lasers at the door,’ she thought, waiting for Ivy to pick up on the thought.

Ivy did, indeed, pick up on that and went to find Beast. The cybernetic cat-lady was in the process of hunting for security devices (and not finding any). She jumped when Ivy tapped her shoulder.

“Hey, ‘Vette found us a way in. Let’s move.”

Beast followed her over to Yvette’s location. Yvette was working on opening the door. Only to find it locked. She pulled a bobby pin from her belt, picking the lock. It took a few moments, but she managed to unlock the door. And with that, they entered the warehouse.

Almost immediately, the gunfire began in their direction. A handful of security guards had been stationed just by that door, just in case someone got in. Yvette threw a shield spell around the three of them, successfully deflecting the bullets flying at them. And when the shots died down, Ivy was sent after the guards, swinging at them with her sword. None were decapitated as of yet, but she did manage to expose the bone in one’s arm. Another was impaled, the blade entering his chin and emerging from the back of his head.

He dropped, the others trying to run. Beast, however, joined in the fray and pounced upon one of them. Approximately three hundred pounds of metal and well-endowed catgirl knocked him to the concrete floor. If that weren’t enough to kill him, the three razor sharp claws to the back of the head certainly did the trick.

Of the four men guarding the door, two were dead, and one was well on his way as he bled out from the arm injury. Beast charged after the injured one and tackled him in short order, putting him out of his misery.

But there was that one that had gotten away. No doubt going to alert their bosses.

And they couldn’t have that, of course.

The trio ran through the warehouse, hunting down the survivor. They were passing by a group of crates. And they could have sworn they heard voices in there. Beast gestured for the others to stop.

“Ivy. We need a scan. Now.”

“On it,” she replied, closing her eyes.

When she opened them again, they glowed a solid blue, and she focused on the crates.

“Found where they’ve been keeping the kids,” she said.

Beast growled, ears folding back. A growl ripped from her throat.

“Yvette, with me. We’re going to find these people and slaughter them… Ivy, I want you to make sure these children get out of here safely.”

She blinked. “Why me? I mean, you’re the one that’s better with kids…”

“You’d be able to get a read on them. You’d be able to determine just what each one needs to hear. We’ll catch up with you later.”

“Fine…” Ivy was much more at home with killing targets. But if this was what was needed of her, then fine.

Beast and Yvette resumed their charge into the warehouse, pausing when they heard yelling up ahead.

The survivor had gotten to the head honcho.

“Shit…get the crates outta here…we need to move!”

Another commotion from the next room, as Yvette walked calmly into the area. She raised her gun and fired a few shots at the surviving guard. He dropped within seconds, as Beast headed toward the boss himself.

He sat up, staring at the intruder. He could see the murderous intent in her eyes. The man was shaking uncontrollably, and could see the blood coating her claws. He needed help right now…

The man jumped back as Beast clawed at him, pulling out his phone.

“Wright?! This is Kenneth…there’s a crazed cat bitch here, trying to slice my head off!”

That was all that was needed, as he hung up. He smirked before Beast brought her claws to his chest.

“Take your time…” he said. “I’ve got backup coming…”

She growled, slicing his chest open like she was opening a Christmas present. Aggressively, at that. With a roar, she threw him into the wall.

He didn’t get up.

“Okay, Yvette, let’s get this place cleaned up before his backup arrives.”

“RIght,” Yvette replied, beginning to fire up her patented cleansing spell.

And that was when the sound of heavy metallic footsteps entered the room. And Beast knew they weren’t hers, this time. So that only meant…

“Lorena…” she growled, tail lashing back and forth.


Beast turned to the other cyborg. Like Beast, Lorena’s arms and legs were hulking, metallic appendages. But while Beast’s were painted red and one hand had claws, Lorena’s were a dark gray and one hand was replaced with a hook. Her dark green eyes stared at her in judgment, Beast’s pale blue eyes meeting them.

“Well. Been a while, hasn’t it…been adjusting to the new arms and legs, bitch?” Beast asked.

“Just because you didn’t have the decency to die…” Lorena replied, rolling her eyes.

“Yvette, go continue the cleaning,” said Beast. “I’ve got this.”

Yvette nodded, spreading the cleansing spell along the path they’d taken. She didn’t see Ivy anywhere in the area with the crates. Given that the crates were empty, she reached the conclusion that Ivy had gotten the children out of there in short order.

As Yvette cleansed the area, Beast and Lorena squared off against each other.

They stared one another down, before Beast charged at Lorena. She knocked her to the ground, and the wrestling match began. Lorena began kicking Beast in the shin as hard as she could, as Beast started trying to bite her neck. Beast rolled Lorena over, soon on top. She roared at her, and Lorena swiped at Beast’s face with her hook.

Beast clawed at Lorena’s face, one of her claws sticking her right in the eye. Lorena screamed in pain, Beast putting her claws to her throat to finish the job. Lorena shoved Beast off of herself, managing to knock her to the side. Before the other cyborg could get up, she stomped her in the shin over and over, until the wires were exposed and the leg itself was royally jacked.

Beast dragged herself to her feet again, limping/lunging at Lorena. The taller cyborg jumped back, trying to ignore the pain in what used to be a functional eye.

As Beast drew closer and closer, Lorena decided to stop. She tripped her, causing Beast to fall flat on her face. Once she was down, Lorena charged back outside. She passed Yvette on the way out, shoving her aside.

Lorena continued running until she got to her van. It was a nondescript white one, driven by a few of her men. The children from inside of the warehouse were sitting by the wall, still adjusting to being outside of those crates. They’d been in there for a day.

She got into the passenger seat of the van, grumbling about her now missing eye.

“What happened?” the driver asked.

“Crazy cat bitch got me in the eye…got anything I can put over it?”

He rummaged through the glove compartment, handing her a few gauze pads and some bandages. She created a quick eyepatch, sighing in annoyance.

“If it helps you feel any better,” he said. “We managed to get one of their group.”

She smirked a bit. “…Really?”

“Yeah. She was getting those kids out when a few of the guys got the drop on her.”

“Great. Let’s go.”

The van drove off. Meanwhile, Yvette had gotten back up and finished cleansing the place, save for where she last saw Beast. Noticing that her leg was messed up, she decided to make a call to Serena.
“Hey… Serena, it’s Yvette. This is about Beast.  Her leg’s pretty messed up right now.”

  1. Interesting. Really curious about what Yvette and Ivy are. They seem less straightforward than Beast.


    • twixie13 says:

      Thanks. And to answer your question, they’d both appear human. However, Yvette is a magic user (and a few minutes older than her sister) and naturally has light red eyes. Ivy’s probably the more bizarre of the pair. Unlike her sister, she requires alcohol to survive thanks to some still-unexplained quirk with her blood. She’s also psychic, to some extent…has telepathy and telekinesis, but not precognition. Hair and eyes are a little different than Yvette’s (blue eyes, really wavy hair with brown streaks, as opposed to straight with blond; the main hair color for both is still black).


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