Story #3

Posted: November 3, 2015 in Uncategorized

So, this is the first of a 3-piece story. This one has the aftermath of it. Tomorrow will be what led to this in the first place, and the day after will have what’s going on with one of the characters while this is going on.


If there were three things Dr. Serena Taylor had learned over the course of her scientific career, it was 1) time travel never led to good things, 2) heavy catnip use and complex procedures did not mix, and 3) phone calls anytime past 3am were always a bad sign.

3:15am, and the phone was ringing. Who was gonna die by her hand this morning…

“What do you want?” she demanded, growling.

She wanted to sleep, dammit!

“Serena, it’s Yvette. This is about Beast.”

Serena looked at a picture on her desk, of her and her twin sister. Beast used to look a lot more like her. Both still had the same hair (albeit Beast’s was now longer), ears, and tail (Beast’s being fluffier). The pair still had the same pale blue eyes. But while Serena still had glasses, Beast had gotten vision correction surgery.

“What’d she break this time?” she asked.

“Her leg’s pretty messed up right now.”

And of course, there was the biggest difference of all between the Taylor twins. Beast, over the course of a number of years, had gotten every arm and leg replaced with machines. And all of those were built by Serena herself.

“I see…just bring her over. I’ll take care of it.”

They hung up, and Serena brought out her tools. Why did Beast have to keep going in her line of work like this? She knew the assassination biz was dangerous. It always led to someone’s death. Usually, the targets would be killed. That was, after all, the point. But what if it one day ended up being someone she cared about? What if Beast were to lose something Serena couldn’t replace?

Her tools set up, Serena waited for her sister and their two friends to arrive. Her fingers tapped on her desk, and she watched the door carefully. As she waited, she pulled her hair back into a ponytail and rummaged through her desk for her favorite goggles. Since eye protection was always important, and all.

A half hour passed before the door slid open. Yvette was supporting Beast’s heft on one shoulder. But where was Ivy?

“Hey…” said Serena. “Where’s the other one?”

Yvette blinked. “Other one wha– Oh, crap…I think we left Ivy behind,” she realized. “So, Serena, I’m just gonna leave Beast here with you, and I should be back in a bit…”

Yvette left the lab, cheeks turning the same pinkish red as her eyes. Serena sighed and shook her head. What was she going to do with these three…

And then her attention turned back to Beast.

“Mind telling me what happened here, Beast?” she asked, beginning to inspect her sister’s leg. There were wires sticking out, and the casing around the shin region was completely demolished.

“Y’know…work stuff happened, Serena. That’s all. Work stuff.”

A few sparks flew from her leg.

“…Work stuff. Right.”

“I swear, it was work stuff!” said Beast.

It wasn’t that Serena didn’t believe her. In fact, she was all too aware that this had to be related to Beast’s line of work.

But just once, would it have been too much to ask for a simple “The table leg attacked me!” story? Something where she wouldn’t have to worry about her sister’s remains being brought back in a body bag?

“Okay, Beast. Let’s get you fixed up,” Serena sighed, looking over the damage. “I’ll have to detach your lower leg. Just as a little warning. You got it?”

“Yeah, I got it.”

Serena pulled away part of the rest of the leg casing, finding the emergency override switch. She flipped the switch, shutting the leg down. With a few tweaks at the knee, she was able to pop the full lower leg off.

“Beast, I really wish you would be more careful on the job,” she said, beginning to dismantle the rest of the leg.

“I know…but ‘careful’ kinda falls to the wayside when you get shot at.”

Shot. At.

That wasn’t something Serena really wanted to hear right now. Or ever.

“And you know assassination jobs are risky. But it’s what I’m good at, y’know?”

“You’re also an excellent singer. Why not pursue that?”

“Because people tend to look at the cat ears and tail, first. Do you know how often I’ve gone to auditions, only to be immediately turned away? ‘Sorry, miss, but we’re not auditioning for Cats.’ gets a bit old after the first three times.“

“True, true…”

She started to remove some of the more damaged wires. Might as well replace all of those. The steel rods that stood in for her fibula and tibia were set aside, and the ball bearing she called her knee was set near those. She had to pull away the synthetic muscle, as well.

The casing would be worked on last. Right now, she was looking over the gauge of the wires, so that she could properly select a few replacements. And soon, it would be time to bring out the soldering iron.

Serena got to work stripping away a bit of the rubber coating on the wires, first. Red, blue, black, green, yellow. Each attachment point was denoted by those colors, as well. And once she’d had each wire ready to go, she began to solder them in place, one by one.

She did not, however, solder the bottom tips to their places, yet, having to make a few little adjustments to the power source for that leg. It was located near the foot, behind where the casing was at its thickest. Something had been knocked loose, and she needed to get that back in place before she could finish with the leg.

Serena continued to make the repairs, humming to herself as she did so. On the one hand, she hated the fact that she had to do this for her sister on a continual basis. She preferred that she stayed safe.

But on the other hand, she did love working with cybernetics. The best part of it was the rush of pride when a well oiled machine of her own creation was put into place with little to no issue.

The wires and motor were back in place soon enough, and she ran a few quick diagnostic tests. Engine worked properly. The “bones” and “muscles” went back into place, along with a few new hydraulic cables. Those were the go-to blood vessel substitutes.

The work took a couple of hours, but she was finally ready to pound the dents out of Beast’s leg’s casing. Beast had been trying to take a nap…which was much easier said than done with this pounding.

And before way too much longer, the leg was repaired. Serena reattached it and the ball bearing to the upper leg, before going back to the switch and flicking it to “on”.

“Okay, we’re done here,” she said.

  1. Love the detail and inner thoughts. Curious about what happened.


    • twixie13 says:

      Thanks! I’m not entirely sure how accurate the details of the leg are, since I am not really well-versed with engineering and such…but I did have fun writing this, and story #4 would be about what happened. Looking forward to writing that one.


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