NaNo Story 2

Posted: November 2, 2015 in Uncategorized

New story! So far, so good…ish.


The rain poured down that late afternoon, as Travis made his way home from school. Gemmy hadn’t gone with him this time, having stayed after to hang around the library. And Spencer had a project to finish for biology. Travis, however, had nothing better to do right now. Might as well head home and read some comics.

Or at least dry off. Really should have looked into using an umbrella today, in retrospect. But nobody ever really thought about retrospect until after the fact. Would not be “retrospect” if that weren’t the case. But at least this rain looked like it couldn’t get worse. It already seemed to be coming down as fast and hard as possible.

And so, much to Travis’ surprise and annoyance, the downpour somehow got even worse. Was that HAIL starting to come down, as well?! Maybe he should step into the nearest building until the storm passed.

But what was the nearest one…

His attention was drawn toward a large, somewhat imposing building. Its surface was a smooth, black glass/plastic/metal…well, Travis wasn’t sure which, exactly. Probably one of the labs around the city. Serena had told him to avoid being picked up by one of these labs.

But thinking about it, nobody knew about his regenerative abilities outside of home, and the fact that he was part monkey was basically common knowledge by this point. So he should be okay if he ducked into the lab to take refuge until the storm cleared a bit, right?

He walked to the door, pressing a button next to it. A voice came through an intercom.

“Business?” the voice asked.

“Hey, uh…I’m a high school student, and I really need to get outta this rain and hail and was wondering if I could crash here until it passes?”

There was a pause. And then a click as the door unlocked. Travis walked into the building, shaking himself off like a dog once he was in the lobby. And then he started to look around.

The lobby had a few chairs, with smooth, blank white walls. A bored-looking receptionist sat at the front desk.

“Just sit down anywhere,” she said.

Her voice was the same as the one from the intercom. Travis moved to one of the chairs, thinking he may as well get his homework out of the way while he was here. Right until the point that he pulled it from his bag.

He opened his math book, only to see a quadratic equation staring back at him. He shut the book and cringed. Okay, he could deal with that later with Serena’s help. At least she’d know what she was doing.

Maybe he could find something else to read around there…

Trav looked over some of the magazines. Yeesh… Some of these were even more outdated than the ones at the dentist’s. He could have sworn he saw one from 1984. The damn thing was older than he was!

He checked the weather. It was still coming down out there. Ugh…was there a TV in here, at least? Well, there was a flat monitor on the wall, but there didn’t seem to be anything interesting on there. Just other people out braving this storm.

The young half-monkey leaned back in the chair, looking for some way to relieve his boredom. He tapped his fingers on the chair next to him, staring up at the ceiling for a moment. And then he looked over at the receptionist.

She paid no attention to him, and his attention went back to the magazines. Well, might as well start flipping through those. He hoped that reading through the stack of magazines would help him kill a good amount of time…

Half an hour later, he’d gotten through the full stack. And it was still pouring and hailing outside. Maybe he should just ask to use a phone to get an escort home from either Serena or Spencer’s parents or something.

He got out of the chair and stretched a bit, before starting toward the receptionist’s desk. He was still dripping wet, however. And as he walked from the safe traction of the carpeted waiting area, he slipped on the wet tiled floor. He grabbed the first thing available to help himself get up.

However, that thing happened to be the “Caution: Wet Floor” sign, and he fell again. He managed to make his way to the desk, gripping the edge to pull himself to his feet.

“H-hey,” he began. “Would it be okay if I made a call home?”

She looked at him from the corner of her eye. And as she pushed the phone toward him, he managed to slip again. This time, on the way to the floor, he bumped the desk. A small glass snowglobe that’d been perched on the top of the desk was knocked to the floor. The snow globe shattered, and Travis went pale.

“Shit…sorry about that!” he said, going to clean it up.

In the process, a piece of glass got stuck in his hand. The receptionist had come out from behind her desk to help, and was about to ask Travis if he was okay…

But then she saw him pull the glass from his hand. Though the cut was small, she was still shocked when she saw the cut disappear, as if he’d never been harmed in the first place.

She backed away, picking up her phone. She punched in a few digits, before giving a message.

“Send in the boys from the medical wing,” she said. “There’s something here I think they’d like to see.”

Travis finished cleaning up the wreckage of the snowglobe.

“Again, I’m really sorry…” he said. “Can I make that call now?”

“Afraid not,” she replied, as the sounds of running footsteps reached Travis’ ears.

“The fuck?” he asked, as he found himself surrounded by four doctors. Complete with lab coats.

One of them poked at Travis, another taking a hold of his arm.

“So, what is it we need to see about this kid?” he asked.

“He cut himself on some glass,” the receptionist said. “Right on the palm of his hand.”

They inspected both of his hands. The 15 year old was, quite understandably, confused as hell. Why were they prodding him like this? What was their endgame?

“Not seeing anything, Billie…”

“See, that’s the thing. He healed in two seconds.”

One of them got right in Travis’ face. “Is this true, kid?”

Travis froze for a moment. Crap…what was he supposed to tell them?! He began to suspect that this sort of thing was the very reason his mother never wanted him to set foot in a lab that wasn’t her own…

But if he said no, they might just try and test it out, anyway. He simply refused to answer.

“Could you guys step back a bit? You’re kinda weirding me out…”

They did not, however, back away.

One doctor pulled out a scalpel, holding Trav’s hand in an iron grip with his other hand. He slid the scalpel’s blade along his finger, drawing a tiny amount of blood. And much to their astonishment, it healed in the span of 2 seconds. They began to murmur amongst themselves, before starting to pull him down the hallway.

Travis, however, had no intention of going with them, pulling against their collective grip.

“What the fuck is wrong with you people?!” he demanded. “Let me go!”

“Subject needs to be sedated,” one of them said, as another pulled out a small walkie talkie.

“We need some tranqs in the lobby, STAT!”

Travis protested again, managing to twist an arm free of a doctor’s grip. He tried freeing himself from two of the others, as well, but the first one took a hold of him again. More running footsteps.

The next thing he felt were a few small darts hitting him in the neck and legs.

As his vision faded, he could see a few security guards going to grab a hold of him. He attempted to pull away, even as his strength began to peter out. The last thing he felt was the guards picking him up and carrying him into the hall.

His last thought before losing consciousness was that he missed that previous boredom.

After a while, Travis began to come to. What he noticed right off the bat was that he could not move. The second thing he noticed was the cold steel table on his bare back.

Wait a minute…he could have sworn he had clothes on earlier.

His eyes opened to horribly bright lights, with the vague figures of people standing over him. And once Travis’ vision adjusted, he could see that there were thick leather straps keeping him pinned to the table. There were a few needles jabbed into his body. One was apparently an IV. Another looked like it was collecting a little of his blood.

“What’s going on…?” he groaned.

The question went unanswered for a moment.

Whatever happened to asking if he’d be okay with this kind of thing? At least Serena had asked first. But why hadn’t they?

“Where do you want to make the first incision?”

“His side. We may have to work quickly, though, if we want to keep the cut from closing.”

Wait, WHAT?!

He struggled and pulled at the straps, screeching at them to leave him alone. And that was when one of them actually saw fit to speak to him.

“Calm down,” he said. “We only want to look at something, and we’ll let you go when we’re done.”

“When will that be?!”

Silence after that.

“There is the possibility that we’ll have years of research we could do, here. It would be interesting to see how extensive your regeneration is.”


He resumed his struggles, finally managing to wrench a hand free. He got the other hand and both legs out, next. He tore the needles from his arms, and hopped off of the table.

Oddly enough, nobody tried to stop him. Not that he noticed, as he moved to grab his clothes from a nearby table and make a break for it.

Travis streaked through the hall and back to the lobby. He paused only to pull on his pants and grab his bag, before charging back outside. At least the storm had cleared by now.

They hadn’t followed him, still.

As he ran outside, this revelation occurred to him. He always thought they would pursue him…

But why not?

It did not take much longer for him to reach home. He panted as he unlocked the door, retina and thumbprint scans and all.

Travis charged into the main room and fell to his knees.


“Travis? Is everything okay?”

He looked up to see a concerned Serena standing there. She crouched down to meet his eyes.

“What happened?”

Travis hugged her tightly. “Someone tried to cut me open. I know you told me not to go into someone else’s lab, but I had to get out of a storm and then I hurt myself and they found out about my healing ability…Don’t be mad…”

She hugged him, as well, rubbing his back soothingly. “It’s okay now, Travis,” she told him. “I’m not mad…”

“They never asked if I was okay with it…”

Serena sighed, continuing to hug her son tightly.

“That’s why I wanted you to avoid other labs, Travis. These other scientists…they tend to think that if you’re not 100% human, they can run whatever tests they’d like on you. I take it they never chased you down?”

He nodded. “Yeah…it’s really weird.”

“Well…I hate to scare you like this. I really do. But it’s because they know they don’t have to fear legal repercussions. They will try to get to you again one day, I’m sure. And did they already take a blood sample?”

He nodded again.

“That should keep them off of your back for a little bit, at least. But I’ll look into creating some way to help keep track of both you and your sister.”

He blinked. “Did Gemmy get home okay?”

“Yes, she did. She’s reading right now. But she got home safely, and I’m so glad you did, too.”

“Is there any way you could talk to the labs around here? Let them know to leave me alone?”

She sighed. “It won’t help anything unless they get you again, and none of us want that…”

He couldn’t agree more with that one. They finally broke the hug, and Travis went to change into something else before asking his mother for help with his homework. She watched him walk away, thinking of what might make for a good tracking device, without necessarily being a microchip.

Maybe her children would be okay with having their tails pierced…

She would ask them later, though.  


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