Month Of April

Posted: April 1, 2015 in Uncategorized

So, I’m planning an illustration-a-day sort of thing for the month of April, to go along with the reworking of book 3. These illustrations would be posted here, on Facebook, Twitter, Behance…possibly Google+, if I remember. But each would have to do with arc 1 of Hell Bent.

As always, the first 2 books Visions and Retribution are available on both Lulu (black and white hardcover) and Amazon (full color paperback). And here are the new promo images for book 2:

RetributionPromo2 RetributionPromo1

Curious? Buy Retribution here:

or here:

And see where this story began in Visions, available here:

or here:

And once I figure out how to go about it, there will be color hardback versions of these books, as well. Expect more updates from this account soon…if I can keep up.


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