Fragmentation 16-20

Posted: November 7, 2013 in Uncategorized

Been getting more done on this project. And anyone that’s been reading… Yeah, some pieces are better than others. Many are probably crap. But, eh. Having fun with this, at least.

16) Vampire


Young Beast Taylor ran down the corridor of the lab, in abject fear of her life. Behind her, walking at a leisurely pace, was a tall imposing figure. A tall imposing figure that she knew was out for her blood.

She looked over her shoulder every so often, seeing him continuing to walk behind her. That one long fang was the real kicker for her. It was longer than anything that should EVER penetrate human flesh.

“It’ll all be over soon, Beast,” he replied.

The young kitten girl whimpered, finding a curtain to hide behind. She ducked behind it, clutching the material in her little hands. Unfortunately, this meant that she’d cornered herself. Her pale blue eyes shot wide open as her pursuer caught up.

“Just let me see your arm, please.”

“No… Please leave me alone!”

“I just want a teensy little blood sample.”

“I won’t let you turn me into one of you!”

The doctor sighed, syringe still in hand.

“I’m not here to hurt you. I just want to get a blood sample so I can run a few tests. Make sure your own DNA has fused well enough with the feline genes.”

Beast’s ears folded back a little. she felt perfectly fine. Why would they have to get a blood sample from her to figure out if the fusion was perfect?

As if they could tell what she was thinking, the doctor crouched down to her eye level.

“I need to make sure there aren’t any internal issues. It’s best to detect said issues early, before they do anything to you in the future.”

Beast thought for a moment about that one. She didn’t want them to take any of her blood. Not after that movie she’d seen with some of the doctors. They’d watched a vampire movie in a break room, and Beast happened to be in there, reading with one of the other scientists. She’d heard all that screaming, and talk about blood being drunk and all that. This was the previous night, and she’d had a few nightmares.

And now there was this doctor out for her blood.

Just like a vampire.

But then she had a plan.

She stepped out from behind the curtain…

Took a step toward the doctor…

And then kicked him in the shin and took off running again. He rubbed the area where the young girl had kicked him and radioed for backup.

“We’ve got a runner. Yes, experiment 24601 wouldn’t stay still long enough for me to extract some blood. I need help chasing her down… I’d rather not have to restrain the child if it can be avoided. Just help me catch the kid, would you? Okay, thank you.”

Beast thought she’d given the doctor the slip. And that was when a number of security guards began to close in on her. She tried to run from them. she truly did. But there were too many of them. and these were grown men and women that could bench at LEAST 200 pounds each. She was just a small child that considered it an achievement to lift one of the little 2 pound barbells they kept in the break room.

Once caught, Beast was lifted from the floor, kicking and screaming. She was brought to the doctor, who prepped her left arm, felt for a vein, and extracted a vial of blood. Once finished, she was set down.

“There. Was that so bad?” he asked, giving her a small smile.

“Yeah,” she pouted, arms crossed.

He sighed and walked away to do the analysis.

Beast wouldn’t forget this day.


17) Convention


Sloane finished stacking the flyers for Hell Bent Comics at her shop’s booth. They didn’t have much on them to sell, though there was a way to get some money. As it turned out, they had a bit of a local celebrity.

Travis Malone, a former employee of the shop, was the man that led to the arrest of the most notorious serial killer the city had ever seen. That, and the fact that he was part monkey, led to him being seen as almost a real life superhero. Like he’d stepped right out of a comic book. Hence the booth.

Since he was still connected to the shop, the booth was used to advertise the shop, as well. They could always do with more customers, after all.

But where the hell was he right now? Sloane hoped he hadn’t run into trouble again. she stood at the front of the booth, her employers standing nearby. They were on a break for now, having been taking turns trying to entice people to their booth. Most passed by for now.

After a while, a cluster of long red hair fell in front of the booth’s window, as if hanging from the top of it. Sloane arched a brow, looking outside. 

“Hey. Sorry I’m late,” a familiar voice called. “Got lost.”

“Hey, Travis!” called Leo, the somewhat portly guy that usually manned the counter at the shop.

Travis dropped down in front of the booth, sitting in front of it. His tail swayed a bit, and now people were beginning to pay attention. He waved as people got close. A few poked at his tail, wondering if it was real. It was, of course. Some held up the newspaper article announcing Jesse’s arrest.

To be honest, this was all something of a mindfuck for the monkey. He’d recently recovered from his last encounter with her. The nightmares had recently stopped.

But he’d helped make the streets safer for other people. Jesse couldn’t hurt anyone else while she was behind bars. Not only that, but she’d been given the death penalty. One of these days, she’d no longer be a threat to anyone ever again.

The convention goers still seemed so enthralled by his unique attributes. And to be honest, he sort of liked the attention. This easily made up for the last convention he’d been asked to go to, at any rate.

He was supposed to go to one in Philadelphia a couple of years before. he had been packed and was on his way there, looking forward to having the greatest weekend of his life. It was to be his first convention, in fact.

But then Jesse showed up. She’d drugged him, restrained him, and forced him into the trunk of a car before he could get away.

What followed was the roughest year and a half of his life. He had managed to recover, for the most part.

So, his first convention experience was ruined by that psycho.

And that just made this one all the more enjoyable to him.

The fact that he was getting attention and some degree of adoration was just icing on that cake. 

18) Roleplaying


That day had been a little on the stressful side for Dr. Spencer Abbot. There was an epidemic of some sort amongst his patients. An epidemic of hypochondria, it seemed. He’d prescribed he didn’t know how many placebos that day. And he had needed to unwind. Badly.

Gemmy had much the same idea. She felt that Spencer would do well to have some rest and relaxation. And she had an idea of just how to provide that for him. She’d stopped in to see him at the hospital before going to her own job. He seemed to be a bit stressed. And so, she’d decided to go and do a bit of shopping later that afternoon.

She hadn’t been in a sex shop before. Not until now. She was looking for something very specific. That something was a naughty nurse costume of some kind. She knew that Spencer of all people would appreciate that sort of getup, and all.

Upon purchasing the outfit, she made her way home. She asked Travis to take her son to see their aunt Beast for the evening, while she prepared to greet her Spencer.

She got into the bathroom to change into the outfit. And when she noticed how revealing the back was, she blushed a bit. The front was relatively modest, save for the translucency of the fabric in the breast area. But that back… It reminded her of those hospital gowns.

And now it was time to wait. Spencer would be home eventually. And when he was, she’d be ready. She hoped he’d be up for a little bit of roleplay. That was why she got this outfit. And just in case he DID want some roleplay, but this wasn’t what he had in mind, she had some Dungeons and Dragons supplies in their closet. Sure, she wasn’t quite up on how to play, but she knew that Spencer would explain things to her when she needed help.

After a while, the doctor returned home. He headed for their room, dragging himself along and muttering to himself. “Is it all really worth it?” he asked himself along the way. “Is it really?”

“It could be,” Gemmy said from behind him. “How about you get to our bed and take everything off?”

He turned to look at her. She was ducked behind the door, hiding herself from him.

“Now, you’ll get to see when I get up there.”

He arched an eyebrow, but got to their room. upon arrival, he stripped down and got into the bed, covering up a bit. And then he watched the door, waiting for whatever Gemmy had in mind.

And that was when he saw her.

She leaned in the doorway, her tail swaying gently. That little nurse outfit suited her rather well, he felt. Spencer sat up, attention fully on her.

“Ah… Some roleplaying, huh?” he asked, grinning ear to ear.

“That’s right, doctor,” she said with a little smirk. “If you’re up for it, of course.”

“I never get to see you dress like that. Now, don’t get me wrong, you’re always gorgeous. But this is a great look for you. Now, I think I’ve got something here that needs looking at…”

She got into bed with him. And that night was one of the best they’d had in a while.

19) Skull


The assassination biz was a natural fit for Beast. Being part feline, she was already a natural predator. All she really had to do was imagine each of her targets as mice. Little mice, trying to escape the big scary kitty.

All kitty wanted to do was play a bit. Was that so much to ask for? Sometimes, she’d just play with their expectations. Others, she’d draw out their deaths.

But right now, she wasn’t on the job. She was, instead, at her sister’s lab, playing with something else. It was a skull, that she was batting around in her hulking metal paws like a ball. It wasn’t a real skull, though. it was a leftover Halloween decoration from that year. She didn’t play with any of the real remains of her victims. Just in case someone came poking around.

Beast found this skull quite a bit more entertaining than a real one, somehow. Maybe it was the material it was made of. It was more of a foam substance than bone. That made it a little softer and quite a bit less hollow.  And it rolled between her steely paws so nicely.  She purred a bit as she continued to bat it around, her one good eye watching its movement intently.

Before long, though, a pair of feet caught her attention. And attached to them were long thin legs. She didn’t go beyond the legs, soon darting for them. A loud yell followed, and a thud.

“Hey, Spencer,” she replied upon seeing who it was she’d tackled.

“…Hi, Beast. Um… What’s with the skull?”

“It’s my new plaything,” she proclaimed, grinning ear to fuzzy black ear.

“I see…”

She mewed softly, soon resting her hands and head on the skull.

“Don’t worry, it’s not real. It’s just a foam one Serena had around here for Halloween.”

He just sighed and walked away, muttering something about crazy cats. Beast looked down at the skull, thinking of what to do with it next. She knocked it about between her metal hands again. That never ceased to entertain.

And then she had an idea.

She swatted the skull toward a wall, soon chasing after it. Her sights were set solely on that skull, and too bad for anyone that strode into her path!

And unfortunately for Gemmy, she was striding right into Beast’s path. Beast didn’t register that she was there and Gemmy didn’t notice. Not until it was too late.

The monkey girl SLAMMED into the wall, just narrowly avoiding head trauma. Just narrowly, though. Beast noticed her niece beneath her, standing up and helping her to her feet.

“Sorry,” she said. “I was chasing the skull.”

“…Aunt Beast, why on earth are you playing with a skull?”

“It’s fun… And it moves so nicely across the floor…”

“Uh-huh… I’m gonna go find Spencer…”

“Suit yourself.”

Nobody seemed to get the fun of playing with a skull. A fact which made Beast somewhat sad. Ah, well.

That just meant more fun for her, now didn’t it?

20) Pain


Lorena gave the body at her feet a kick. That damn monkey had been so annoying… She had to do it. She just had to. There was, after all, no other way that she could see to get him to stop calling her a pirate. She had to shoot him, and that was that.

The bullet had splattered bits of brain onto the floor. Brain, skull, blood, hair… The back of Travis’ head was pretty much nonexistent. All in all, that shot looked as though it was painful. And exceptionally so.

“What happened out here, ma’am?” one of Lorena’s underlings asked.

“This little pain in the ass acted up. He needed to be put down.”

He blinked.

“But… But didn’t you need him alive?”

“He’ll recover. Trust me, he’ll be just fine. But we need to get him restrained for when he inevitably wakes. Get a roll of duct tape. Preferably a full one.”

The underling nodded, walking off to get it. Lorena studied Travis’ body again. She was sort of glad that he did have that regeneration. If not, then she’d have lost her bargaining chip. And there was no way she wanted to deal with that. No way at all.

She’d keep an eye on her bait for now. really, Lorena wished that she’d gotten Beast’s sister, instead. She’d be a bit less annoying, she was sure. But no. The monkey had to intervene. And she didn’t appreciate that at all.

As for Travis, his head began to knit itself back together. It all started with his brain. The chunks of brain that had been blown out of his head were slowly edging their way back to his head. Lorena stepped back to watch. In reality, she was quite fascinated at the sight. Slightly disgusted, perhaps. But still fascinated.

Once the brain bits were back in place, the skull fragments skittered toward the head. They began to reassemble themselves, like bits of some grotesque jigsaw puzzle. Lorena was tempted to blow his brains out again just for the sake of watching the sight once more.

The skin came next. That just sort of expanded from what was left, stretching over the cranium. It was a curious sight to see that huge bald spot on the back of his head. She was thinking of shaving all of that hair off. But then she had a different thought. She’d use that hair to her advantage at some point.

Speaking of the hair, it began to sprout back into place. Not only that, but it was growing exponentially. Once it’d hit the same length as what was there before, all of his hair grew an extra four inches.

Lorena crouched beside him, feeling for his pulse. It took a while, but there was eventually a very faint pulse. She watched as her underling returned with a fresh roll of duct tape. It wasn’t even out of its original packaging. She took it from him.

“Do we still have those anchor points?” she asked.


“I’ll need a few of those. And then we can get to tying this little pain in the ass up. “


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