Long Overdue Update!

Posted: October 21, 2013 in Uncategorized

Warning: This may be a bit lengthy…

WOW, has it been a while since I’ve posted anything up here. Well, that is going to change pretty soon. Why? Because NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month, for anyone that happens to stumble upon this post that wouldn’t happen to be familiar with it) fast approaches.

And this year, I’ve got 3 projects in mind. 

Project #1: Conflagration. 

“Three months ago, the reconstruction of Hell Bent, PA had begun. During that time, Dr. Spencer Abbot has been teaching his brother-in-law Travis to use magic. Travis’ element, as it turns out, is fire. And having to strike a match or flick a lighter to use a spell can become very annoying to deal with, very fast. After a bit of research, the men take to the woods to look for a few stones that give off the same magical energy as fire. 

For the past few months, in the forest just outside of Hell Bent, someone has taken up residence in the cabin of the late Slade McManus. Her name is Arsyn, and she has an appetite for human flesh. 

And there just so happen to be two prime candidates wandering around her homestead…”

2: Origins

“In May 2012, the first studio to produce snuff films, Visions Studios, had been uncovered and shut down. The most infamous of the trio that had operated the studio, Jesse Lynn Belle, had managed to escape from the police. But what spurred the creation of this hell on Earth? And how did Jesse get to be the way she is now?

That is what the FBI is trying to figure out. Particularly Agent Nick Taylor. His nephew had been instrumental in bringing this case to light, being one of the only survivors. But what will they find out about Jesse and Visions Studios? With footage of all of her murders, they may find that they’re left with more questions than answers.”


And finally, “Fragmentation”, a collection of 100 very short (think 500-1000 words) stories, each based around various themes. The basis for this is from a 100 themes challenge on deviantART. Each story will also have an illustration. The plan is to post this project on here, and probably on dA, as well. Thinking I’ll post about 5 of those per day. 


Also, a while ago, I’d decided to use several different media to create pictures of some of my characters dressed as comic characters. One of them is part of the 100 themes project, one isn’t finished yet, and the rest are below.

First up, Yvette. Figured that Scarlet Witch was a fitting character for her. Done in oil pastels.


Next up are two characters that haven’t been used in the Hell Bent universe, really. I use them on occasion in roleplays, though. Wes and Denise. Wes has a bit less cash than Batman (though he’s still rather rich), and while Denise doesn’t exactly have the Canary Cry ability, she can become especially loud if her boss/Wes has elected to do something stupid. Done in charcoal.


And now, we’re up to a pair of watercolor paintings, featuring Travis and Spencer as Thor and Loki…though with Spence dressed as Loki, I felt the film version would look better on him. One was done on bristol board, the other on canvas.



Next up, Serena. Done in acrylic paint. And a genderbent Doctor Octopus seemed fitting for her.


And now, we come to Jesse, who I’ve always imagined as the Joker of my characters. Drawn in water soluble crayon. 


Next up: Ivy and Lorena, dressed as Batgirl and Poison Ivy. Done in fine line markers. 


And now we come to Nick as The Punisher. Sharpies and gel pens. 


Gemmy dressed as a genderbent Flash. Done in older markers. With some failed optical blending with the skin tone.


And last but not least: Beast/Wonder Woman. And I think that may cover more than some of her usual clothes. Colored pencils.


And that about does it for this post. Even if I don’t update again this month, there will be a number of updates next month. 


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