Hell Bent Character Profiles #14-21

Posted: August 24, 2013 in Character Profiles

Well. Another lengthy delay in posts. Thinking of throwing up 3 different posts soon, though, including this one. Possibly today. Anyhow, next round of character profiles. This one has notable family members of the main characters. 


Name: Dr. Serena Taylor

Age: 40ish (Not that she looks it)

Gender: Female

Species: Human/Feline hybrid

History: Serena was born the twin sister of Beast Taylor, being raised for much of her life in a lab. While her sister was trained as an assassin, Serena was taught by some of the greatest scientific minds Hell Bent had to offer. Over the years, she became highly proficient in the fields of cybernetics and genetics. 

After leaving the lab, Serena took on jobs at a few other labs around the city, eventually stockpiling enough cash to build a lab of her own. And once she had this lab of hers, she has been building cybernetics for people and giving genetic enhancements. For a price, of course. 

Her sister’s career has taken a bit of a toll on her, as well. Whenever Beast would lose a limb, she would come to Serena. It wasn’t as though Serena really cared if Beast split her part of the pay with her or not. It’s still always been a point of strife for the scientist. She’d always wished that her sister would retire, before she lost something that couldn’t be replaced.

Much of Serena’s life outside of the lab was relatively lonely. Right up until she adopted Travis and Gemmy, giving them a comfortable home with her. Since then, she’s been even happier with her life.

Personality: Serena is a bit on the eccentric side. How eccentric? She was willing to splice monkey DNA into her adoptive kids. Using DNA that she’d “borrowed” from a late night run to a zoo. That being said, she’s also rather kind-hearted, and would never experiment on the unwilling. If she found someone that would do such a thing, she’d likely send Beast after them. 

Other: Serena has a very slight catnip addiction.


Name: Nick Taylor

Age: Somewhere in his late 30s/early 40s.

Gender: Male

Species: Human

History: Nick was not old enough to remember anything about his birth parents. All he knew were the photos kept by family friend Wes Wilkes. He came to be in Mr. Wilkes’ care after the robbery that’d claimed his parents’ lives. When the robber and his sisters had been taken to a lab, he had been hiding underneath a bed. Wes, being part of a crime scene cleanup crew, had discovered the child half-starved and brought him home with him. 

Nick was told about his family around when he hit puberty. For the next couple of years, he began hatching a plan to reunite with his sisters. Eventually, he’d found a way to get them out of the lab. And from that point on, he began to look into a career as an FBI agent. The training was a bit tough for him. At first. 

Since then, Nick has become highly competent in his line of work. His specialty is in firearm usage. 

Personality: Nick’s usually able to focus on a task. Though he does have one major weakness…If he sees an attractive woman, his attention will drift toward her. He can be a shameless flirt when not on the job. Also, he has a very slight Napoleonic Complex, being only 5’3″ in height.

Other: Nick has not had a steady girlfriend as of yet, although he has gone on more dates than he can keep track of in about a year. At least.


Name: Tsaeb

Age: Unknown

Species: Human/Canine/Avian hybrid

Gender: Male

History: Tsaeb was created in a lab sometime during Beast and Serena’s stay. He was cloned from Beast’s genetic material, which was then tampered with further. This tampering has altered his gender, and resulted in him developing large feathery wings and hollow bones. 

He was released from the lab after a number of years. given an opportunity to find a home for himself. What he found was Lorena. She had hired him to work for her, but he wasn’t aware of her criminal activities when he took the job. If he had been, he would have avoided her like the plague.

Personality: Tsaeb is still rather naive. Naive, but loyal. He is also very easy to confuse, and  has an appreciation for the simpler things in life. Not exactly the bravest guy out there, though. 

Other: Tsaeb sleeps more like a dog than a human. Complete with barking in his sleep.


Name: Daniel

Age: 5 or 6 years old

Species: Monkey/human hybrid

Gender: Male

History: Born to Spencer and Gemmy Abbot, young Daniel doesn’t have much of a history for now. Though he was born without his uncle Travis being around. But in his short life, he’s already been exposed to people a young boy should not be exposed to. Namely, his family’s enemies. Also, he learned to read at about age two.

Personality: Daniel’s a naturally curious child. Like his father at a young age, he loves to read. He doesn’t quite have the patience to meditate with his mother quite yet. 

Other: Daniel’s family has to go the extra mile to childproof the house, since his monkey traits would enable him to get into things that the average kid wouldn’t be able to.


Name: Silas McManus

Age: At least 300 years old.

Species: Elven Mage

History: Silas never knew his parents. But he did know the forests by what eventually became known as Sheffield, England pretty well. He had felt some sense of superiority toward humans thanks to his usage of magic. He never used to think of anyone else as being worth his time. That is, until, he met Lucretia. He’d never been so attracted to a human woman. 

After a lengthy courtship, they married. Silas used some of his magic to grant her an enhanced lifespan, so that she may keep up with both him and their as of yet unborn child. 

As human technology advanced, Silas became more and more enraptured by it. And by the time his wife had disappeared, he sensed that there was something more to the relationship between herself and the scientist, aside from him having any sort of power over her. 

Ever since learning of his son’s matricide, he has been against Slade’s actions. He’s still held out hope that Slade would turn back to the light.

Personality: Silas is a proud individual. But not so proud as to be completely arrogant. He’s greatly ashamed of his son, and would love nothing more than to be able to help him see that science isn’t all bad. Unlike Slade, Silas has come to fully believe that technology and magic can coexist peacefully. Possibly even complement one another.

Other: Silas has become interested in pursuing a relationship with Serena.


Name: Walter Malone

Age: In his late 40s/early 50s

Species: Human

Gender: Male

History: Walter has been involved with the labs of Hell Bent since his graduation from high school. He’d begun with an internship in one of the leading genetics labs, before finally landing a full time gig.

Within the first year of his job at the lab, he met one Gail Mitchell. They were partnered together at work for a while, before their relationship evolved past that. They were together for a few years before Walter got her pregnant. Not wanting their firstborn to be born out of wedlock, they planned their wedding. But about three days before the ceremony, Gail went into labor. Walter found himself the father to a little boy named Travis. 

A week later, the wedding took place. Things were happy for Walter for a good year after that: he was a father, had a beautiful wife, and had another child on the way. But there were complications during the delivery of his second child Gemmy. Gail went from the maternity ward right to the morgue. And Walter wasn’t quite the same after that. 

The grief made it difficult for him to function properly in the lab. He lost his job for a few years, eventually reapplying for a position as a receptionist in that same lab. He deeply resented his children, deciding that if he couldn’t be completely happy, neither would they. Not while he had anything to say about it. 

When he kicked his children out of the house, he occasionally felt some degree of regret. But he’d vowed to himself never to apologize. That’d just be admitting that he was wrong.

Personality: Walter excels at holding grudges and hiding his true feelings. He may berate his children, and make their lives a living hell. But deep (WAY deep) within, he cares for them. He’s usually a highly proud man, with problems admitting when he’s wrong. It’s difficult for him to form relationships. But when he does, they’re usually lasting. Usually.

Other: Despite whatever issues Walter had had with his family life, he has never resorted to alcohol.

And this last one’s got 2 characters.


Names: Leroy Abbot and Linda Abbot (nee Ferguson)

Ages: Late 40s/early 50s 

Species: Human (both)

Genders: Male/Female

Histories: Leroy went through much of his school career as a fairly popular student. When Linda transferred to Tesla High, he took her under his wing, so to speak. Got her set up with a number of friends, including a couple of boyfriends. However, neither boyfriend really worked out for her. He proceeded to ask her out, so she could have a chance with someone that wouldn’t treat her like dirt. 

One thing led to another, and they stayed together all through college. They’d eventually found jobs together in one of the labs, eventually getting married. After two years of wedded bliss, they had their one and only son Spencer. Since the birth of their son, they began to push him toward medicine. 

They’ve been together for about 30 years.

Personalities: Leroy is a highly intelligent male. He’s also very social and accepting of others. On the downside, however, he can be obsessive to a fault, especially on major projects. He’s very loving toward his family.

Linda’s sweet-natured most of the time, but will sometimes make comments that offend people. She’s also got relatively low self-confidence. But her son and husband are the best things that’ve ever happened to her. 

Other: Linda is a good 5 months older than Leroy. 


All I got for these ones. Next post I put up will be a 10 page preview of a comic I’m working on. 


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