Hell Bent Character Profile #8-13

Posted: August 4, 2013 in Character Profiles


Hey! It’s been so long since I’ve posted some of these. Anyway, got the rest of my antagonists on this post. So, it will be a long one.


Name: Slade McManus

Age: 214+ Years

Species: Mage

History: Born in Sheffield, England to Silas and Lucretia McManus. He’d been trained in magic usage from an early age, believing in its superiority over all else. Around the time of the Industrial Revolution, he found himself despising any new innovation by mortals. When he lost his mother to a scientist, he swore revenge on all things scientific/technological. He’d tracked his mother and this scientist to America, where he learned that they’d begun an affair with one another. He killed them both, and has been looking into once again proving the superiority of magic.

Personality: Firmly believing himself to be in the right, Slade is an immense technophobe. He is also ruthless and manipulative. He won’t physically harm children, but is not above using them for his own gain.

Other: Slade’s hair is red thanks to a color change spell he’d used on himself after killing his mother. She’d had red hair, and he changed it from brown out of some degree of remorse.


Name: Lorena Wright

Age: Somewhere in her 40s

Species: Cyborg

History: Born to Emma and Clark Wright, Lorena had a relatively lonely childhood. In her teens, she started running with street gangs around the city. Her life of crime escalated to a certain point, eventually causing her to become an arms dealer. Various encounters with Beast have resulted in her receiving cybernetic limbs in place of her natural ones.

Personality: Lorena is a cold individual, and is mildly obsessed with taking Beast out once and for all.

Other: Lorena HATES being referred to as a pirate, even though she has a hook hand and eyepatch.


Name: Jack Markov

Age: 33

Species: Human

History: Jack was born somewhere in Hell Bent to Leigh and Gregory Markov. The heir to a fortune, Jack used his riches to buy an old film studio, with the intention of using it to shoot independent horror films to submit to festivals. All that took a detour when Jesse entered his life. When he saw her murder her costar, he found that this death was much more entertaining to watch than one awash with fake blood and trick knives. Since then, he began filming her murders, still marketing them as indie horror.

Personality: Jack is something of a sociopath and has manchild-like tendencies. His biggest love in life is film, and he’s rarely away from either his video camera or editing laptop.

Other: Jack’s got a major crush on Jesse, and has been known to be a bit of a stalker.



Name: Lane Martin

Age: 37

Species: Human

History: Growing up as the youngest of Allie and Paul Martin’s nine children, Lane grew up wanting to be the accountant for a major film studio. He wound up as the accountant of Visions Studios. It was fine for a while. Right up until he saw Jesse murder her costar. He stayed on, despite it eating away at his conscience. Of course, he’d only stayed on out of pure, unadulterated fear.

Personality: Lane isn’t strictly a villain, here. He is normally quiet, and isn’t fond of violence. However, he is too much of a coward to stand up to Jesse, despite his utter horror at what she’s done.

Other: Lane will sometimes direct possible victims to a different location in an attempt to save their lives.



Name: Dr. Nikolai Morozov

Age: 40-something

Species: Human

History: Born to Ivan and Kristina Morozov in St. Petersburg, Russia, Nikolai was close friends with his brother Dmitry. After high school, Nikolai had gone to school for genetics. His brother, on the other hand, wound up going into the Russian army. He never made it home alive. This, and the fact that friends of theirs had been horribly maimed in battle, has driven him into looking for a way to prevent any future casualties.

Personality: Nikolai has good intentions, but is more than willing to kill innocents if it will help him to get what it is he wants. He also tends to be very goal-oriented. Not one to show empathy to anyone, unless they are his friends/relatives.

Other: Nikolai is one of the few scientists at his lab to speak English.


And finally:



Name: Crazy Yuri

Age: Unknown (but he’s assumed to be in his 40s)

Species: Human (probably)

History: Nobody knows much about Crazy Yuri’s home life, or childhood, or any of that. But most believe that he once worked for the Russian mafiya, as their muscle. He’s identified as Crazy Yuri because he’s been known to beat his targets into submission. Which is the only time one would actually see him smile. For now, he works as the hired muscle for Nikolai’s lab.

Personality: A man of few words, Crazy Yuri can understand English. When he does feel the need to speak, though, it is in Russian. The man is brutality personified.

Other: Crazy Yuri’s only friend of any sort is Nikolai. And he merely tolerates the man, rather than seeing him as a true friend.


Alright, so, thinking of what to post next time.





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