Hell Bent Character Profile #7

Posted: July 23, 2013 in Character Profiles

Another character profile… This one being of the arc 1 antagonist.


Name: Jesse Lynn Belle

Age: Somewhere in her 30s

Species: Human

History: Jesse was born to Ted and Lizzie Belle. She had had a relatively normal childhood. Up until the point where she started tormenting and killing small animals. Her parents had tried to get help for her, but nothing worked. She hadn’t been allowed to live off on her own, for the safety of others.

She spent a good portion of her teens and twenties studying chemistry, learning as much as she could. It was a subject that fascinated her greatly.

When she’d lost her father to some sort of illness, her mother had tried to do all she could to keep going. But she eventually fell victim to the same illness. The autopsy on both of them was inconclusive.

Nobody knew that Jesse had poisoned them both, and she was soon free of them both.

But her freedom was short-lived, when she was taken into a lab for “rehabilitation”. They’d known of her issues, and took it upon themselves to bring her into a facility. After a number of years, she had managed to convince them that she was sane.

The experimentation from the lab had left her with enhanced strength. When she headed out of the lab, she took on a job at Visions Studios as an actress. It started off as an acting gig. Until she murdered her costar. At which point, the cameraman/director decided to keep her around to help make snuff films to sell on the black market.

She’s been happy to do so ever since.

Personality: Jesse is a sadist, and has no remorse for any murder for which she’s responsible. She wouldn’t think twice about killing a child. That being said, she enjoys warm baths and sleeping in on Saturday mornings.

Other: The stitches on her face are a result of an encounter with Travis. She’d gotten on his bad side, and he gave her a Glasgow grin.

Next time, we meet Slade McManus, English mage.


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