City of Hell Bent Overview

Posted: July 23, 2013 in Uncategorized

I intended to get this up over the weekend… But stuff came up. So, here’s the overview of the city for now, taken right from the as of yet unedited prequel to the series. First thousand or so words, I believe: 


Hell Bent, Pennsylvania. Also known as the “Lab Capital of the US”. It was a large city, to say the least. Not quite as big as its neighbor to the east Philadelphia, but a bustling area nonetheless. 

Where the corners of many other metropolitan areas had coffee shops, Hell Bent seemed to have labs. Biology, chemistry, cybernetics, physics…if one could name it, it was likely that there would be some sort of building devoted to studying it in some way. 

There were a couple of parks, both of which were contained in bio-domes to preserve their natural beauty. To visit, one had to go through a very rigorous (not to mention somewhat invasive) disinfection process. A park visitor would have to remove their clothes inside of a small chamber at the entrance, at which point they would be scoured for approximately fifteen minutes. After that, they’d be sprayed with jets of water of varying temperatures (usually cold), and given a scan or two for any sort of contaminant. If none were to be found, they were provided with a different, completely sterile outfit. If they were contaminated in some way, they were banned until the contaminant was gone. 

Like most cities, Hell Bent also had stores. Some were major chains one would find all over the country, while others were much more specialized in nature, selling lab equipment. There was one hospital, but those that worked there didn’t get all that much respect. No, the main focus in this region was science. 

Much of everyone’s education in science was gained at Hell Bent’s school district named after one Nikola Tesla. While it was common knowledge that Tesla had nothing to do with the founding of the city, or even passed through that particular area on his way from point A to point B, the city’s founders had looked up to his work and admired him so much, they felt it only fitting to name their school district after him. Their test scores in English weren’t the best, but their scores for Math and Science were consistently within the 99th percentile.

Residences weren’t much different from other cities. There were apartment buildings all over the place. Instead of keys, though, they had retina and thumbprint scans. Just outside of the hub of the city was their suburban area. Houses with the same thumbprint and retina scans as the apartments were all over the place.  All of them had cars in their blacktop driveways, all run on electricity. There wasn’t a single gas station for miles. 

There wasn’t much of a homeless problem. If one had to resort to living on the streets, they’d be snatched up by a lab for experimentation quickly. It was their mayor’s idea to take this route to solve any sort of homeless problem. The city’s administrators just claimed some labs on their federal taxes as homeless shelters and got on with their lives. 

Any experiments that weren’t in the labs were usually genetically enhanced in some way. As long as they had a place to live and could make a living for themselves, their government had absolutely no trouble with them at all. In fact, a couple of them had positions of power in Hell Bent’s government.”


Next up, villain profiles. And I’ll figure out what to go a bit more in-depth on with the city itself, for the next city post. 


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