Hell Bent Character Profile #5 and #6

Posted: July 20, 2013 in Character Profiles

Last set of profiles for the week. Tonight’s pair would be Ivy and Yvette, the Sangre sisters.


Name: Ivy Sangre/Yvette Sangre

Age: Late 30s, despite looking like they’re in their late teens

Species: Mutant

History: These two have no idea who gave birth to them. Their earliest memory involves a man assumed to be their father driving them to a lab in Hell Bent and dumping them off. They were both raised as the doctors’ own children, much like Beast and her sister.

For the first few years of their lives in the lab, the girls were raised slightly differently from one another. Ivy was discovered to be a telepath, and so she didn’t receive much verbal contact, so as to enhance her skills. Also, it was learned relatively early on that she needed alcohol to function in the way most need water. Yvette was more of a witch, and so was trained to use magic. She didn’t have the alcohol aspect.

Also like Beast, the pair were trained as assassins. Ivy became more proficient with a sword, while Yvette got better with guns. Yvette was always a bit more refined in her approach, while Ivy was quicker (if a little sloppy).

The girls left the lab with Beast and Serena, going into business with Beast. Ivy would be responsible for getting non-targets out of the way by getting into their minds and convincing them to leave the area for a bit. Yvette was tasked with getting rid of evidence when they were done.

Personality: Ivy can be a bit of a smartass at points. A favorite pastime of hers is to rip on her sister, albeit she does it lovingly. She tends to be rather warm toward her friends and family, and has a hard time taking some things seriously. Not only does she need alcohol to survive, but she loves drinking. And while she can go into someone’s mind, she’ll never go into the mind of someone she cares about without permission.

Yvette is more studious than her sister, and is more likely to make a bad pun than a snarky comment. She takes things much more seriously, and enjoys peace, quiet, and tranquility. She would never be found at a bar, except to drag her sister home.

Other: Ivy has a certain procedure for entering the mind of a friend/family member. Step 1 involves asking permission to enter. Step 2: Get the other person drunk, so that they lower their mental defenses. 3: Ask permission again to make sure it hasn’t changed. And step 4: Enter.

Yvette’s magic-related element is water, with a secondary element of light.

Next week, I’ll go for either villains or secondary characters. But tomorrow, I go into an overview of the city of Hell Bent, itself.


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