Hell Bent Character Profile #3 and #4

Posted: July 18, 2013 in Character Profiles

Hi! Time for the 3rd profile. The arc 3 protagonist… Arc 3 which, at this point, resembles more glorified synopses than actual novellas. And because I didn’t get around to posting this yesterday, as I’d wanted to, this one’s going to be a double-character post.


Name: Beast Taylor

Age 40ish (Not that she looks it)

Gender: Female

Species: Human/Feline hybrid, with cybernetic limbs

History: Beast and her twin sister Serena were born to Craig and Sheena Taylor, becoming the older sister to one Nick Taylor at the age of two. Not that they really got to know their parents. When they were just three (and one), the children had been taken to one of the labs in Hell Bent. Their parents had been killed in a robbery, and both the girls and the robber had been taken to the lab. Neither had any idea what happened to Nick.

Despite being in the lab, a few of the scientists began to raise the girls like their own children. Even if they did splice cat DNA into both of the girls, they still showed them some affection.Though somewhere along the line, the twins began receiving different sorts of training. Beast, since the age of about 8, began training as an assassin. She’d become especially proficient with knives.

Her assassin training also led to a love of musical theatre. She’d heard one of the scientists blaring the Les Miserables soundtrack one day, while practicing with a droid. Her first successful kill ever happened during “One Day More”. Since then, that particular musical has resonated strongly with her.

Around age 20, she and Serena met their younger brother Nick for the first time in years. He helped them to escape the lab, along with their friends Ivy and Yvette.

Since leaving the lab, Beast has become a full-fledged assassin. She’d gotten corrective eye surgery to avoid possibly losing a contact lens or her glasses while on the job. She’d also fitted herself with knife gloves, having been inspired directly by A Nightmare on Elm Street.

The first actual kill was the one that bothered her most. She’d been reminded that the target had a family, and that she’d deprived that family of their patriarch. Since then, she’s only taken on targets that didn’t have kids, and didn’t work with kids.

She’s had a good track record, having been successful in killing the vast majority of her targets. Except for one Lorena Wright. That particular arms dealer has given her trouble since day one.

Despite her good kill record, Beast has had her share of mishaps while on the job. And by “mishaps”, I mean she has, over the course of her career, had to get her arms and legs replaced with cybernetic parts. Those, and practically her entire skeletal system. And she’s got some sort of enhancement for her muscles to help with supporting it all. By now, it’s safe to assume she’s more machine than human. As for the eyepatch, that had been acquired after a nasty fight. But she wasn’t the one that got the worst of it.

Personality: Beast has a strong maternal instinct, and an appreciation for the dramatic. When she goes on one of her jobs, however, she can become quite cold. And if dealing with someone that’d hurt a child or anyone close to her she goes from “cold” to downright homicidal. Typically, she can switch between the two at the drop of a hat, being able to go from “Doom on two hulking metal legs” to “Sweet Aunt Beast that likes to bake you cookies” without warning.

Other: Sometimes, Beast’s cat side likes to take over. She’s got a ball of yarn somewhere that she likes to play with when she gets bored. And she has an affinity for catnip.

And the arc 4 protagonist, while I’m here.


Name: Gemini “Gemmy” Abbot (nee Malone)

Age: Late 20s/Early 30s (about a year younger than Spencer and Travis)

Species: Human/Monkey hybrid

History: Gemmy was born to Walter and Gail Malone, about a year after her brother Travis. During her birth, there were complications. The doctors could only save one, between herself and her mother. Her father tended to take out his anguish on her while growing up.

Gemmy found an escape from it all in books. She’d especially become fond of fantasy novels. Her favorite being The Chronicles of Narnia series.

The night that she and her brother were thrown out of the house, she found herself feeling something she hadn’t been used to before that: hope. Hope for a better life.

When the two had been adopted by Serena and had their DNA spliced with monkey genetic material, Gemmy had gotten a little something extra. It seems that Serena had managed to find a way to provide her with enhanced speed. Not that Gemmy tends to use that all that often.

In high school, Gemmy and Spencer had started dating. When her boyfriend and brother had gotten into the argument that nearly ended their friendship, it took a bit of a toll on Gemmy. She didn’t want to leave her room very often around then.

She went to college, with the hope of one day opening up a yoga studio. It was on the day of her college graduation, around when she got her diploma, that Spencer proposed (at Travis’ urging).

Her marriage to Spencer has been a mostly happy one… Though the trouble her brother and husband tend to get into causes her quite a bit of stress. It’s led her to start growing a marijuana garden beneath her studio, just for the sake of having some sort of coping mechanism around.

The day her son Daniel was born was something of a happy one for her, despite the fact that her brother had been missing for at least a week beforehand and still hadn’t made it back. She’s been giving him all of the love denied to her for all of those years.

Personality: Gemmy is a pacifist, through and through. Even the thought of violence makes her cringe. She’s a generally peaceful individual, but sometimes, things become a bit much for her to handle. She loves her husband and son, finds her adoptive mother a bit crazy (loves her… But that doesn’t mean she thinks she’s sane), is a little scared of her aunt (hulking metal limbs have that effect), and wouldn’t trade her older brother for anything. She’d always seen him as her protector when they were kids. But she also realizes that the guy’s trouble incarnate, basically.

Other: She’s a vegan, having always thought the concept of killing animals for food to be a bit too violent and gory, for her tastes.

That should do it for these two. Next time, the Sangre sisters (Ivy and Yvette).


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