Hell Bent Character Profile #2

Posted: July 17, 2013 in Character Profiles

Hey! Here’s the 2nd character profile. Forgot to mention, the first 3 novellas in this series are primarily from Travis’ POV. The next 3 (Arc 2) would be from the following character. Anyhow…



Name: Dr. Spencer Kirk Abbot

Age: Late 20s/Early 30s (A few months younger than Travis)

Gender: Male

Species: Human, but with a cybernetic leg

History: Spencer was born to Linda and Leroy Abbot. He’d been an only child for his entire life. But even without brothers or sisters, he managed to keep busy. As a boy, his parents began to push him toward medicine. Having always been interested in helping people, he’d never tried to rebel against that push. 

Much of Spencer’s free time as a child was spent reading medical books. By age 10, he was reading Gray’s Anatomy, with his father explaining anything he didn’t understand. This pastime, along with his thick glasses and thin frame, tended to make him a target of bullies in school. But he’d managed to survive without any major scars.

Through much of his high school and college career, he’d been good friends with Travis. The two had gotten into a major fight nearing high school graduation. They were prepared to walk together as planned, before going their separate ways. What they weren’t prepared for was an impromptu/unwanted trip to a Russian lab (Travis due to his genetic tweaks, Spencer because he was a witness). This incident had led to Spencer developing a fear of those much more muscular than himself. But on the plus side, they’d never had another major argument since the Russia incident. 

Spencer married Travis’ sister when he was about 25, proposing soon after becoming a full-fledged doctor. 

Around the time of his wedding anniversary, Spencer and Travis had discovered the existence of a studio responsible for creating snuff films. Also, they’d managed to get on the bad side of a serial killer. 

The dealings with this killer have led Spencer to seek a way to defend himself. Knowing that he wasn’t exactly the strongest guy out there, he elected to learn magic. He’s gone through a few different instructors. 

Almost two years or so after his marriage, he became the proud father of a young monkey boy named Daniel, a child that’d inherited his mother’s eyes and tail, but his father’s hair and nearsightedness. 

Personality: Spencer’s generally kind and compassionate. If a patient dies on his watch, however, he will blame himself. Even if there were circumstances beyond his control. Also, he can be a bit on the reserved side. He loves his family and friends more than anything, even if he does sometimes find his brother-in-law to be a little bit of a pain. 

Other: Spencer is a vegan, and his magic-related element is water. His preferred spells are those related to ice. 


And there’s post 2. I still need to get around to editing arc 1 of this series. And arc 2. And don’t get me STARTED on arc 3!


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