Hell Bent Character Profile #1

Posted: July 15, 2013 in Character Profiles

Okay, figured I’d throw a post up here. First character to be introduced on here.



Name: Travis Isaac Malone


Age: Late 20s/Early 30s

Gender: Male

Species: Monkey/Human Hybrid

History: Travis was born a normal human, to the couple of Walter and Gail Malone. A number of years later, he became an older brother to Gemini “Gemmy”. Unfortunately, their mother didn’t survive the birth of his baby sister. Walter was left to raise both children on his own. And he took it upon himself to make sure they didn’t have an easy life. 

Travis and Gemmy had an abusive childhood, neither having a proper bed. They’d each been given a closet and a blanket. For pillows, they had to make do with piles of clothing. The only thing that kept them sane for those first 9/10 years was school. Right up until Travis snuck out to a friend’s house one night. After that point, neither child was allowed to leave the house.

That all changed the night that Travis had heard Walter screaming at Gemmy. He’d decided for both of them that enough was enough, cursing his father out and delivering a non-lethal punch to his throat. Both were thrown out onto the street. 

After a bit of time, the pair were adopted by one of the many scientists populating Hell Bent. This one? Dr. Serena Taylor, geneticist. She took the both of them into her home, giving them some much needed affection. 

Eventually, Serena had the thought of splicing monkey DNA into both of them. Of the two, Travis was the more gung-ho about it. Since the splicing, he’s gotten a tail, opposable toes, and a regenerative ability.

His regenerative ability is to a point where he can recover from damn near anything (not disintegration of any sort, of course…Or severe enough burns or stuff like that). Even come back from the dead. However, whenever he comes back from the dead, his hair grows another four inches in length. It hasn’t affected his nails yet. Just the hair on his head. 

Since his mutation, Travis has found himself attracting all sorts of trouble, from those that would want to experiment on him, to those he’s managed to irk on his own. 

Personality: Travis tends to be friendly and talkative, much of the time. Always willing to help those that need it, in a bid to keep from being accused of uselessness. That being said, he also tends to be a bit of a ditz. He’s developed something of a kinky streak, and has issues with Russians.

Other: He’s allergic to bananas. Has been since before the mutation, and the monkey DNA has not changed that. 


Okay, I think that about does it for him for now. Will probably update this each day with a different character. And on weekends, there’d be something concerning info on aspects of the city itself, I think. If I can remember to keep up with this. 



  1. Cosmo says:

    Well, I think this just answered my question regarding art work, lol. Keep going!


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