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Arc 1 (Books 1-3 in one volume)
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I recently had the pleasure of beta reading Stephanie Barr‘s newest release Ideal Insurgent (available here). And as usually happens when I read something I enjoy, I had this need to draw some of the characters…






















I’d go more into who each of them are, but I don’t want to spoil too much of the book. ^_^

Ah, yes. Another blog hop. For details and a list of the blogs involved, check here.

So, what to do for this thing…

I can’t exactly promote arc 3 yet, as I’ll be working on the comic sketches and some edits this weekend. Still need to get it presentable for the beta stage, after all. And I am, as you might say, Hell Bent on getting this arc finished and published by the end of the year.

Can I do it? Maybe, maybe not.


Would you be interested in having a character interviewed, by any chance? For almost a year now, I’ve been conducting them through one of the main characters in my book series. Travis, as it turns out, kinda likes being able to go to different parts of the multiverse, And he likes talking to people.

Interested at all? Comment here! Monkey-boy is always happy to chat. Gets him out from under my capricious thumb.


Travis’ First Interview (if you’re interested in seeing an example).


I’m also more than willing to draw character pics for people, if interested.

And while I’m here, how about a giveaway? Anyone that does this puzzle and posts their time in the comments will be entered into a drawing to win a couple of bookmarks and some character cards. Or if they’re not in the US, a piece of artwork sent to their email address.

Okay, I think we’re good for now. Thanks for stopping by (and don’t forget to look for the secret word/phrase…I happen to think mine makes a rather bold statement…or it may just be a pun. Who knows?)

Random Fear-Related Story

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So, this was inspired by a few posts about animal-related fears. I found myself thinking of Ivy’s fear of snakes. And her fear of clowns. And her normal reaction to both. This story’s…not the most ridiculous thing I’ve written *looks to the 2 prompt-related stories I’ve yet to finish…wait, make that 3*. But here it is anyway.


It was supposed to be one of those nights. A calm, normal, downright boring night. Ivy would have preferred that. Okay, so it probably wouldn’t have been as boring, given that it was a date night. She and Travis were on their way to their destination, a restaurant with an all-you-can-eat buffet. This place tended to have excellent drinks (and Travis saw “all-you-can-eat” as a challenge), so that covered both of their criteria.


Once more, it was supposed to be a calm night. What they hadn’t expected was to be mugged. Yes, they’d taken a shortcut down a dark alley, but it was generally common knowledge that Ivy was not to be trifled with. Of course, that may have been negated somewhat by Travis’ reputation. Many saw him to be an easy target, after he’d been taken to laboratory after laboratory, experimented on, victimized by the worst serial killer the city of Hell Bent had ever seen…Why wouldn’t some rando take a shot at him?


“Just empty your pockets, and I’ll leave you alone,” their mugger said from behind them.


Huh. No footsteps. Though something smelled a little odd…


The pair turned, facing him. Travis rolled his eyes as he recognized him, while Ivy’s own eye started twitching a bit. The man had the upper body of a normal human…save for the eyes. Those had slitted, snake-like pupils. His lower body didn’t make matters any better, a long scaly tail situated where his legs should’ve been. And they really should’ve been there.


“…Mind fucking off, Sherman?” Travis asked, arms crossed as he stepped toward him.. “We’re not handing anything over.”


Ivy’s hand had already flown to the hilt of the sword she had on her back, and she was getting into an attack-friendly position. She’s never liked snakes. In fact, she’d always hated them. She couldn’t quite place why they unnerved her so. But the only reason that this guy was still breathing was that Travis was trying to defuse the situation. Or make it worse. Either way, he was in her way and she had no intention of hurting him. Sure, he’d regenerate, but he didn’t want to use that ability unless he had to.


‘Trav, move outta the way,’ she thought toward him.


‘I’ve got this,’ he thought back.


“If you know what’s good for you, you’ll hand whatever money you’ve got over…” Sherman hissed.


Travis narrowed his eyes, tail flicking. “Again, not happenin’. And if you don’t leave us the fuck alone, you’re gonna find yourself in the hospital. And that’s if Ivy’s feeling nice.”


‘Well, that was probably the wrong thing to say!’ Travis thought to himself as the thick tail darted toward the half-monkey, coiling around him. He screeched in surprise. At that exact same time, Ivy had her sword drawn, eyes glowing as she stared Sherman down.


“Let him go…” she demanded, managing to keep most of the shakiness from her voice.


“Or, you can hand over your cash, and maybe that sword, and I won’t snap your pet’s neck.”


Travis sighed. “Why do you think I’m her ‘pet’, dude? Seriously, the stuff we do? NOT something someone should be doing with their pets, if you get my meaning…”


Sherman reached out with a human hand, squeezing his neck for a moment.


“You heard me, lady. Hand over the—“


Welp. On the one hand, he got her sword. On the other, he got that sword blade-first, right in one of the coils. He lost his grip on Travis right away, the half-monkey scrambling back toward Ivy and ducking behind the woman (despite having 8 inches and a good 60 pounds on her).


She reached out with her powers, yanking the blade back to herself and cleaning it off on a pant leg.


“I’m feeling nice today. Fuck off, before I change my mind,” she growled at Sherman.


He was bleeding and glared at her, before slithering toward the hospital. Once he was out of earshot, Ivy re-sheathed her sword and hugged Travis, shaking a bit.


“You okay?” he asked, returning the hug.


“Hesitation means death…hesitation means death…why did I fucking hesitate…?” she muttered. “Shoulda stabbed him before he could grab you…”


Travis held her a bit longer. “I don’t care that you hesitated. The main thing I care about is that you’re okay. Okay?”


She nodded. “I’ll be fine…still hungry?”


“Still need alcohol?”


She chuckled, as they broke off the hug and continued on their way. This time, they stayed more in a well-lit area, with the hopes of avoiding another such incident.


Of course, Travis’ luck being what it was guaranteed that they were probably bound for more trouble.


And that trouble came in the form of a tiny, brightly-colored car. Sinister calliope music filled the air. Well, to most it would be regular calliope music. To Ivy, however…


“Travis. Behind me. Now,” she commanded, eyes and hands glowing. “I have no idea how many of them are in there…”


Travis stepped behind her, as the car inched to a stop. And that was when the clowns piled out of there. Five of them. And before one of them, the one with the huge bright red wig and matching nose, could utter a syllable, a blast of telekinetic energy knocked him off of his oversized feet.


She had attacked a second one before the other three scrambled out of the way. Ivy was vaguely aware of the hand on her arm.


“Ivy, I don’t think they’re here to attack you,” Travis said.


And that was when one of those left standing pulled out a large bowling pin, banging it into the palm of his hand.


“ATTACK!” he called, with the sort of voice that indicated a great deal of helium use.


The three clowns charged at her, one of the other two armed with a rubber chicken and the other with an oversized hammer. A squeaky oversized hammer. She charged at them with a roar, sending more blasts of psychic energy at them. And Travis stood back and watched, arms crossed. He didn’t notice the slithering behind him. Not until the tail curled around him again. And it was bleeding.


“…Aw, come, ON!” he grumbled, trying to get out of his grip.


Ivy was in the middle of her fight with the clowns, still. She’d gotten them down to two. She dodged the chicken, bringing out her sword and slicing it in half. One of the remaining clowns disarmed, he ran away, shoes squeaking as he made his escape. The other two saw a mailbox being lifted from the ground by that same turquoise glow that was bound to haunt their nightmares, and saw that as their cue to retreat.


“Start the car, START THE CAR!” one of them called as they both piled into the clown car.




The car was started just in time to be lifted up by that telekinetic energy, after which point it was airborne. And what’s more, it smashed Sherman in the face, causing him to drop Travis. The half-monkey again rushed toward Ivy, the two moving quickly from the scene.


“The hell was that?” he asked.


“The reason I drink, I’d say.”


“I thought that was for medical reasons.”


“Can’t it be both, Trav? Please, can’t it just be both?”


“…Fair enough.”

Hey, all! Welcome to another interview. This time, Travis spoke with Luthor McAlester, the main character in C.J. Rose’s “Generation Chronicles”.

As he strode through Belmont Park, Travis knew that his first priority should have been the interview. The monkey/human hybrid had, however, been distracted by food. And so, he was killing two birds with one stone for now: seeking out his interviewee and figuring out where to get a snack first. His long red hair was pulled into a braid for today, so he’d have less of a chance of tripping over it. There was still a chance of that, of course. It was just lessened. His tail twitched as he looked around the park for one Luthor McAlester.


Luthor sat quietly under an old oak tree right at the edge of the water. With one of his father’s journals in his hand, he contemplated his next move. Now that he was home from Olympus, there would be questions from some of the people at school, and in the building. The biggest issue he had now was whether or not to go on like nothing ever happened or embrace his heritage and do more with his life.


A sudden rustling caught his ear over the sound of th carousel ride not far from him. He looked up to find a creature unlike anything he had ever seen. Normally he would be frightened, but now he is only intrigued. He nods to the creature and goes back to his thoughts.


The half-monkey looked at him. “Your name Luthor, by any chance?” he asked, his tail giving another twitch. “And if so, would you be up for an interview?”


Luthor’s attention drew from the water back to the creature. “Yes, I’m Luthor.” he turned his gaze back to the water. “Why do you want an interview with me?”


Travis shrugged. “It’s part of a blog I’m involved with, and your life sounded fascinating, and holy hell, that sounded creepy…”  He cleared his throat. “Anyway…feel like talking about it?”


“This blog of yours…” Luthor paused, “How do I know it is real? How do I know you are not some figment of my imagination?” He stood up to face the creature in front of him. “Your name?”


“Name’s Travis,” he replied. “And I’m pretty sure you didn’t imagine me. The writer I kinda work for would probably go ballistic if that were the case.” He tried to think of how to continue without either sounding insane or bringing up a whole bunch of existential concepts that might screw with someone’s mind. “But yeah, I promise I’m not a figment of your imagination, and there are a number of labs back home that will back me up on that.”


“What are you anyway?” Luthor questioned Travis as he turned to face the ferris wheel in the distance.


He was almost tempted to give a reply of “Freaking adorable, if you ask my girlfriend” but held back on that one. Instead, he went with the straight answer. “I’m a genetic experiment, pretty much. So, first question…I’ve heard a little bit about your heritage and all. Is there anything you’d like to tell the readers about it?”


“There isn’t a lot to tell, at least not right now. The most that I know of I learned from my father’s journals. My great grandfather was from Scotland. He immigrated to Ireland when he was just about 18. It was a hard life for him on his own, but he made it pretty far. Until fate happened.” Luthor stopped there, not wanting to get into to many details about Hera quite yet.


“Yeah, fate’s brought about a lot of crazy things…” Travis replied, nodding slightly. “How would you say your life has been in general?”


He was eyeing the tree somewhat, resisting the urge to climb it right now. There was a time and a place for everything, and now didn’t feel like the best time.


Luthor thought for a minute…”Before I tell you my life story, I need to know what kind of readers are going to see this Blog of yours. There are some things I have been through that the normal mind could not contemplate.”


Travis paused for a moment. Alrighty, here it went. It was time to bring in a lesson that would probably blow some people’s minds…


“What if I were to tell you that you’re the main character in a book? Possibly a series of books?” he asked.


“So are you telling me that the life I have been living is something that someone came up with in their head? Hmm. Interesting.” Luthor laughed to himself. “That would explain a lot.” He turned away from Travis and began to walk along the pier. “You coming?”


Travis walked with him. “Pretty much. Anyway, the type of readers that’d check this out are some that’d probably be interested in learning about whatever you end up going through.”


“Gotcha. Well, it is hard to explain really. I thought I was a normal teenage boy going to a normal high school, hanging out with a normal best friend. No one ever imagines that their life changes in one split second. At first it was hard to deal with, knowing that my whole life had been a lie. I could be angry with my mother and father for not telling my about my destiny, but I understand that they did it just to protect me. After my trip to Olympus, I am slowly starting to get used to the idea of being a Traveler. It is getting used to Gwen… that’s my best friend by the way; being my guardian.” Luthor stopped walking long enough to glance at Travis, waiting to hear his response.


“Yeah, I could definitely see that taking some getting used to,” Travis replied, thinking a bit on what his life was like at 18 and shivering at the thought. “The whole destiny thing in general’s probably kinda weird to think about. So, how would you describe being a Traveler?”


Luthor contemplated on how to explain being a Traveler to Travis. “Imagine you are someone who has the power to help anyone, at anytime, in any era. That is what being a Traveler is. The only difference is, I do not have the choice to go on my own. I cannot just up and pick somewhere to go. I have to be called on by the person who is in need of my help. They have the ability to pull me into whatever time period that they want. From there, I find the issue, find the solution, possible fight some evil, and save the day. I do not do it all on my own though. On my first trip, I had the help of some of the most well known Greek Gods and the resources of old journals and and Gwen’s grandmother.”


“On the one hand, that sounds awesome. On the other, it also feels like it’d be a lot to deal with,” said Travis, soon just taking to walking on his knuckles as opposed to the bipedal gait he’d been using. “How stressful would you say it is for you, if at all?”


“In the beginning is was pretty stressful. It was a lot to get used to and a lot to learn. It took me a while to learn to control my temper and subdue my need to walk away from it all.”


“Well, sticking with it sounds like the way to go. As someone that’s needed help way too many times to count, that kind of work is definitely appreciated,” he said. “Backtracking a bit, you mentioned that your best friend is your guardian. I’m just kinda curious…what’s that mean, exactly?”


“Her family and others are described as the keepers of knowledge. They have a lot of pull in the community without anyone knowing who they really are. To be honest, I do not even know who they really are. As for Gwen herself, she has her own special powers. When she touches things, she can see the past. It is not always something that she can control, but it can come in helpful I’m sure. She is also a pretty good fighter. She doesn’t really use a sword like I do. She prefers a bow and arrow.” Luthor’s eyes began to distance themselves at the thought of Gwen.


“Sounds like a good person to have at your side,” he said. “Between the abilities and being able to go for a more ranged attack as opposed to melee…pretty good balance, there. What would you say is the most intense thing to have happened as a Traveler so far?”  


“Well, since you say I am a part of a book, I do not want to give too much away, but I would say the worst part of my adventure so far was the thought of losing Gwen for good at the hands of an evil torturer.” Luthor’s face began to grow angry at the thought.


Travis was soon back at his full height again, gently putting a hand on Luthor’s shoulder. “Out of anything here, that’s one I know ALL too well,” he said. Though in his case, it was his brother-in-law. “Both of you are okay though, right?”


“Oh yeah, we came out of my last endeavor stronger than ever. I love her all the more for it too. She is the best part of me.” Luthor began to blush.


Travis stepped away for a moment, but grinned somewhat. He did, however, decide not to tease him over the blushing. “Cool, cool. Hoping things work out for you two, in that case. So, second to last question…is there anything that you regret above all else?”


“I think the one thing I learn out of everything I have experienced so far is that is you regret something, then you didn’t learn from it. So, to answer your question, no, I don’t regret anything.” Luthor concluded the sentence firmly.


Trav nodded in response. “Fair enough. I know a few people that could probably benefit from that one. Alrighty, last one. Is there anything you’re looking forward to in the future?”


“I can’t wait to see where my next adventure takes me. In the meantime, I need to concentrate on finishing high school. I won’t be much of a Traveler is I fail at my education.” Luthor laughed.


“In that case, best of luck with school and the Traveler thing. Thanks for taking the time to talk to me, too,” Travis said, his tail flicking somewhat. “Hug or handshake?”


“I think a handshake will do just fine. Then you can go climb that tree you’ve been eyeing this whole time.” Luthor chuckled.


“That’ll probably be after I grab some food,” Travis admitted, going to shake his hand. “And thanks again!”

For more about Luthor and the world he’s in, you can check out the Generation Chronicles on…


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Or you can contact the author via Twitter, @generationson, tumblr at generationson, Snapchat at lovely1078, LinkedIn,  Instagram


You can find the first book of this series on Amazon: Bridge of the Gods

Or if you happen to enjoy reviewing books and would like to review this book (which I have, and it’s a fun read): fill out this form for a review copy

Here we go with another interview! This time, Travis got the opportunity to speak with Jeffrey Cook and Katherine Perkins’ character Ashling.

Trav re-pocketed his phone, having reassured his brother-in-law that he knew what he was doing, he wouldn’t get lost in a park, and that he’d be back soon. There was some sort of conference going on or whatever (Travis hadn’t quite paid attention), but he knew that Spencer was going to attend that, and he’d tagged along to do another interview. Looking at his notepad, he saw that the newest interviewee was someone by the name of Ashling. His tail drooped a bit, as he tried to think of what this Ashling looked like.


An average person who didn’t know better would think a crow was flying to a nearby branch with a butterfly clinging to its head. A keener, more well-informed observer, especially in the right light, would know that in fact, the crow was ridden by a pixie, her Cosmopolitan Butterfly-esque wings tattered and torn.


“You sure that’s him, Count?”



Jumping slightly, Travis looked in the crow’s direction. After which point he made his way up the tree, making sure not to get too close to that particular branch.


“Hey. Ashling, right?” the monkey-human hybrid asked.


“That’s me! This is the Count. Thanks for agreeing to do this. It’s good to get the real information out there; when you leave things to rumor, you end up with sudden attacks by redcaps with spiked bats on a human playground.”


He blinked. “Okay, then I guess that brings me to question number one…are redcap attacks a major problem for you?”


“Only recently. But the real problem is that it’s never just about the redcaps. Distinctly not idea people. At least not in An Teach Deiridh, where I’m from. If they’re pulling this kind of thing, there are some serious Faerie court politics going on. And here I am already having to give good, wholesome advice to a brand new princess in the middle of all this.”


“Okay, that brings up a couple questions,” Travis said. “I guess the next would probably be about An Teach Deiridh. What’s the area like?”


“Well, from here, it’s just a jump to the left, step to the right, you do the hokey pokey and you –”  


Ashling sighed. “All right, so /technically/ it’s just a matter of stepping into the right circle of mushrooms or lodestones with your eyes closed. But anyway, the castle is great, manages to provide a place where the Unseelie and Seelie courts can live together without destroying each other.  Usually. Things have gotten unusual lately, and some of it’s spilling into the mortal realms, particularly Washington State, where the Unseelie King’s daughter lives. But mostly it’s great!”


He raised a thick red eyebrow. “Now, when you say it’s spilling over into the mortal realms…like, how is that coming about? What kinds of things should, say, someone like me look for?”


“Well, to start with, people in San Francisco 49ers caps with terrible dental work. You should watch out for those anyway; their taste in football teams with bad offensive lines is suspect. But……if things get /worse/, well… if the humans around you gradually seem less interested in music, or if there’s a weird… chill. … well, that would mean we haven’t successfully saved the day and returned the balance of the courts, so /probably/ not going to be an issue.”


“Don’t be a pessimist, Count.”


He chuckled slightly. “Fair enough. But okay, weird chill…will have to keep that in mind. Alright, so, there’s one that I’ve been kinda curious about, and–feel free to not answer this one if it’s, like, too personal for you–…What happened with your wings? Like I said, feel free to avoid answering that one if you’d rather not. I’m just wondering if they’re naturally like that, or if there was an accident, or what.”

Ashling’s face goes a little flat. “It wasn’t an accident. It was a butterfly collector. But we get around just fine now, thank you.”


Travis thought of what likely happened with the butterfly collector, cringing visibly. “Wow…sorry you went through that,” he replied. “So, what is it you do for fun?”


“Well, with my /lengthy/ professional obligations as the Unseelie King’s hunting scout, most trusted messenger, and now, serving as a magical tutor, medicine-reapportionment infiltrator, and all-around tour guide for his daughter in the midst of this political crisis, there’s really not all that much time for hobbies, although the hunting is always fun, regardless of what kind.”


“Duuuude…that sounds like a lot. Glad some of it’s fun, though. What would you say is your favorite part of hunting?” he asked.


Ashling looked sheepish. “Well, right now, I’d have to say it’s the part where we all go home afterwards to a warm fire with everyone feeling happy and well-exercised, because I’m kind of missing that part right now with all the current difficulties.”


He nodded slightly. “Yeah…political difficulties can screw with a lot,” he said. “So second to last one: if you were to find out that there was someone out there, writing about your life and possibly even causing some of the more unpleasant parts of it, how would you react?”


Ashling blinked. “Well, I’d tell them that I appreciated their getting all my valuable wisdom out to the masses, and that if they’re /causing/ things, well, thanks for meeting Megan; she’s a good kid….” The pixie’s eyes narrowed. “But if they don’t give me my King back soon, they’re going to find out the Death of the Author isn’t just a literary-philosophy term. There’s plenty of blank space on the next hunting-target list.”


“Getting wisdom to the masses…okay, so I haven’t thought of it that way before,” he replied. “Last question: Where can you see yourself about a year from now?”


“Count, I can too think more than five minutes ahead.” Ashling looked thoughtful. “Well, Megan’ll be in her more advanced bardic magic lessons, and certainly I can’t leave her stuck relying on anyone else for those, so some of that, the downfall of certain butterfly collectors, can’t exactly count out a massive interplanar war….” She shrugged. “It’ll be interesting times, certainly.”


He smiled somewhat. “Welp. Best of luck with everything. Especially the butterfly collectors.”


Travis would have offered a handshake or a hug, but wasn’t sure how either of those would work, given their size difference.


“Thank you. We appreciate the interview.”


“Always happy to interview people,” he replied, soon hopping down from the tree.


Ashling will give a cheery, manic-pixie wave good-bye before the Count flies off.

Jeffery’s Amazon Author Central page is here, and Katherine’s would be right here.

Jeffery Cook’s Facebook and Twitter


Upcoming Book Stuff

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So, part of this year’s goal is to get arc 3 and a prequel done. There’s also this hope of being able to customize more Funko figures for my characters, but more on that in a bit.

I don’t have any of these books at ALL close to ready…but I have figured out blurbs and covers for all of them.



Protection: Recently forced into retirement from the assassination biz, Beast Taylor has found herself looking for other ways to occupy her time. While she does appreciate this new, less dangerous life, she does sometimes find it to be a bit dull.


Thus, she becomes somewhat conflicted upon learning that an old enemy has escaped from prison. On the one hand, she looks forward to another battle. But on the other, there are members of her family that she knows will become this escapee’s first targets.


But is the escapee the real threat this time, or is it someone more exclusive to her own past?


Reunion: Beast continues to settle into her new life, a feat made easier with the fact that she knows her old enemy is still around. And what’s more, her younger brother is in town for a visit.


But Beast is thrown into confusion when she meets a young man that looks a lot like herself, albeit with some differences: where she has feline features, his are canine, and he seems to have huge feathered wings. He seems nice enough, but there is something about him that isn’t quite right…


Incarceration: It was something she never thought would happen, with the government of Hell Bent itself officially sanctioning her assassin activities. But Beast has been arrested for murder. She denies having committed the crime, but the police refuse to believe her. Even worse, one officer in particular seems to hold a grudge against her, making the inherent unpleasantness of the Hell Bent prison system even more of a living hell.


The evidence is certainly stacked against her, but did she really do it? Find out here, as the third arc of the Hell Bent series comes to its conclusion.


Transformations (Where I decided to mess around a bit, since this one will be so much different from the main series):

Two children from an abusive home are given a second chance.

Rage changes a young genetic experiment’s situation from hopeless to something a bit more.

A pair of twins and their little brother are separated in their youth after their parents are murdered.

Nerdy little Spencer Abbot goes from outgoing, to withdrawn, thanks to a pair of rather cruel bullies.

Sick and twisted, a girl murders both of her parents, eventually going on to star in her own films.

For the crime of loving the wrong man, a mage puts his mother through the unthinkable.

One Russian scientist seeks to change the world.

Ready for a change, a young cop turns to the other side of the law, becoming a feared arms dealer.

Many stories come together into this one volume.

Now, about the mention of Funkos…I got a couple of customizable ones recently, one male and one female. So I made them into Travis and Ivy. I’d love to eventually get enough to make the rest of the family, as well. Next time I get a male and female, I’ll go for Spencer and Beast. I’d also need to make Gemmy, Yvette, Serena…and quite possibly Nick, Tsaeb, Daniel, and Silas. But I’m pleased with how the first two came out, despite Ivy’s hair being a bit more…destabilizing than initially intended.


So, I just wanted to start this off with an announcement…


Get it HERE!


The full Arc 2 set has also been uploaded to the KDP site, and should be available for purchase soon.

And speaking of “available for purchase”, you can now buy A Twist of Fate: A Collection of 11 Twisted Fairy Tales. Having read through most of the rest of it (aside from that strange hair-based one that comes third), I can attest that it’s an excellent read. Not only that, but the funds raised will go entirely to scoliosis research.

So, what will 2018 bring in terms of projects?

Well, first of all, I want to finish all of the huge ones I’d started prior to this year, which includes a few pieces of fan art. Especially the Buffyverse, RWBY, and Avatar/Legend of Korra pics. The one that’s closest to completion is the RWBY one, since everyone’s inked.

Also, I should pay more attention to my Patreon (and see if maybe I can’t get more people to pay into it). In fact, I’ll probably print out more pages for the tarot cards and start inking the next set of comic pages this month.

ARC 3! I fully intend to try and get arc 3 completed by the end of the year. This one’s from Beast’s POV, and contains books 7-9. Book 8 could be considered a breather episode of sorts, since that’s sort of the calm before the cray-cray that begins with Beast’s arrest, then goes into books 10, 11, and 12, where I could safely describe the plotline as “Hell comes to Hell Bent”. The prior antagonists team up to seek revenge on the Abbot/Malone/Taylor/Sangre clan. That one’s going to be a bitch to draw, I can tell already.


Transformations…the prequel to Hell Bent, which follows everyone’s backstories. I need to expand on it a bit, polish it, create a cover…but this one may be a permafree thing.

I might also try and polish the stories of my assassins’ various jobs, and release a collection of shorts for that. The title: “Slaughter Angels”, given that that’s the name said assassins have given themselves.

So…yes, I should figure out the covers for books 7, 8, and 9 in both hardcover and paperback/Kindle, the one for Transformations, and one for Slaughter Angels. That, tarot cards, comics, fan art stuff, giveaway prizes, Inktober (I still haven’t given up on last year’s, despite that it’s…well, no longer 2017), and a bunch of other stuff.

The workaholic streak is REAL!