Okay, as promised, here is where books 1 and 2 can be found. Now edited to include book 3 and a full Arc 1 set! Book 4: Deception, is now available for sale!

CreateSpace e-store: https://www.createspace.com/4716031
Amazon (paperback or Kindle): http://amzn.com/1500260630
Lulu (Full color hardcover): http://www.lulu.com/content/hardcover-book/visions/14875668

CreateSpace e-store: https://www.createspace.com/5295775
Amazon (paperback): http://amzn.com/1508546266
Amazon (Kindle): http://amzn.com/B01387TIEU
Lulu (Full color hardcover): http://www.lulu.com/con…/hardcover-book/retribution/16363814


CreateSpace e-store: https://www.createspace.com/5817252
Amazon (paperback): http://amzn.com/1508546266
Amazon (Kindle): http://amzn.com/B0186GZ220
Lulu (Full color hardcover):  http://www.lulu.com/content/hardcover-book/destruction/17607619


Arc 1 (Books 1-3 in one volume)
CreateSpace e-store: https://www.createspace.com/5831367
Amazon (paperback): http://amzn.com/151883244X
Amazon (Kindle): http://amzn.com/B018701YLS
Lulu (Full color hardcover):  http://www.lulu.com/content/hardcover-book/hell-bent-arc-1/17612474


CreateSpace e-store: https://www.createspace.com/6489753
Amazon (paperback): https://amzn.com/1537010913
Amazon (Kindle): https://amzn.com/B01LTASC36
Lulu (full-color hardcover): http://www.lulu.com/shop/kayla-matt/deception/hardcover/product-23014219.html

Apparition Cover Reveal(s)

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So, as of late Wednesday night, I finished the current draft of book 5 of the Hell Bent series: Apparition. As is my tradition, I’ve worked out 2 covers for it: one for the paperback version offered through CreateSpace, and one for the hardcover edition on Lulu. The hope is to have it all ready to release in May. The intention is to work out all 34 comic pages next month.


Anyway, the paperback version:


And the hardcover.


Also, I am rather proud of Spencer’s back tattoo…combination of part of the Periodic Table and a DNA strand. Feels like a very Hell Bent-ish thing to have, there.

Character Wardrobes Part 3

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Here we go…last set of these bad boys! In this case, the antagonists’ stuff. Only three of these four are featured in the main 4 arcs, the last one appearing in a story that takes place after arc 4.


First up: Jesse Lynn Belle. Most of her clothing was chosen specifically to make her look as non-threatening as possible. I know,t he stitches may detract from that one, but those weren’t always there. Before she pissed off a certain half-monkey and received some major scarring to her face, she would roam around, looking for targets that she could lure to her studio. Once she was ready to kill them, she would switch to that one black latex outfit featured in the middle of the bottom row.


Ah…Slade McManus. First and foremost, this dude was born way back in the 1700s, over in England. Until the early 1900s, he retained his father’s hair color. The hair color change came after his mother’s death. By his hand. See, she’d left his father for a scientist, and he saw fit to kill them both: him for taking his mother, and her as a…I guess a sort of honor killing sort of deal. As we see, his look changes each decade. The only thing about him that seems to modernize over time is his appearance. His ideals, however, are just as antiquated as ever. Of course, he also takes immense pride in his appearance, and yet he feels he needn’t make too much of an effort (the magic probably helps there). He already feels superior to those around him, anyway.


Lorena’s clothing is meant mainly as a contrast to Beast’s. That one blue dress is mainly for special occasions. And she’d have some help with that one pair of shorts and the shirt paired with it. The hook hand that she has, combined with her eyepatch, has led to her being called a pirate every so often. The engineer she’d hired to help with her arms and legs is the ONLY person she will take that kind of thing from. That being said, she doesn’t quite appreciate the pirate wench-looking outfit he’d given her for her birthday one year. Well, she thought the gesture was sort of nice, but she would never let him know that. For the most part, though, she likes to look at least somewhat professional, lest her many employees stop taking her seriously.


And lastly, we have Arsyn. As we can see, some of her clothes fit better than others. She’s a cannibal that hides out in the woods, and doesn’t do very much shopping. So, when she needs something new, she’ll take whatever she can off of her victims. But sometimes, mere scavenging isn’t enough. As it turns out, Arsyn is also a skilled seamstress. Her favorite material to work with is a certain type of leather…made from human skin. She doesn’t take many opportunities to wash her clothes, leading to blood stains on everything. Also, that one white dress was her mother’s wedding dress. She has it on hand just in case she finds “The One”. Her hair is styled after that of her imaginary friend as a child. Said imaginary friend pushed her to kill one of her brothers. The scars on her face were also inspired by the imaginary friend mentioned earlier. Um…yeah, I’d say Arsyn’s childhood was kinda fucked up. As is her adulthood.


So, I think that about covers it all. Also, an update on stuff! I’m hoping to get a ton of character pics inked tomorrow, as well as a few book covers. With any luck, one of my next posts will be a cover preview for book 5.



So, I started this one a few months ago. It’s not finished yet, but I figured “EH, why not share it?”


Yvette mulled over the email she’d received, chewing a bit on her favorite pen. This job offer was indeed an intriguing one, but there was a slight issue with it…

Yvette, her sister Ivy, and their friend Beast were assassins, and this job was, after all, right up their alley. But the request had been sent by their target’s wife. They had a strict policy against killing anyone with a spouse or children. Their target, however, had three wives and twelve daughters. This man was the dictator of a small nation, with a population of 500. The “nation” was really just a small town in Florida that had somehow not been recognized as part of the US. The dictator himself had constructed a large wall around the area to keep any intruders out, and to keep his people in.

“…So. How we wanna handle this?” she asked, turning around in her chair.

Ivy had been leaning on a wall behind her sister. She took a large swig of vodka as she thought about it. “Well…how bad is this guy?” she asked.

“Want the whole list, or just the highlights?” Yvette replied.

“Highlights, please.”

“Okay, good. The whole list would take all day. Let’s start with his wives…They’re really not his ‘wives’, per se, as that implies consent on their part. Rather than, well, him asking his buddies to find the three most attractive women in town and dragging them to his place. If one of them refuses to sleep with him, she gets a beating. And according to this, they get a lot of beatings… Some aren’t even from refusal anymore. Some are from—and I shit you not—‘refusal to bear a son’. NONE of them have given him a son…it’s been all girls. He used to have a fourth wife…you can probably guess her fate.”

“And what about the children?” Beast asked from a nearby corner, inspecting her huge metal claws.

“Their father handles their education.”

“I’m almost afraid to ask, but what does that consist of?”

“Their role in the world.”

Beast cleared her throat. “Would this ‘role’ involve only existing to please men?”

“Ding, ding, ding, we have a winner! And of course, he drills into their heads that they’d deserve every beating, every sexual assault that’s sent their way.”

“…I see. Well, since I’ve won, can I pick my prize?”

“Of course. And what is it you’d like, Beast?”

“That bastard’s head on a silver platter.”

Yvette chuckled. “I haven’t even gotten to the atrocities he’s inflicted on those he’s not related to, yet.”

Ivy went for another drink. “Don’t tell me…he’s got all the money and his citizens are as financially bankrupt as he is morally, right?”

“Competing with Beast for the grand prize, are we? Because that’s about right. You left out the part where the only ones that count as legit citizens are the men, though.”

“Ah. I was getting to that.”

Yvette cracked her knuckles. “So, we’re doing this?”

“Of course,” Beast replied. “How big of an army does this guy have?”

“Hm…about one hundred, two hundred strong, it looks like.”

Ivy reached her hand out, willing her sword over to her. Once she had a hold of it, she removed it from its scabbard and inspected the blade. “We’ve dealt with worse, haven’t we?” she asked.

“We certainly have,” Yvette replied, taking her gun from beneath her desk and a few fresh magazines.

Beast stretched and let out a yawn. “Well, alright, then. Let’s gear up and get a move on.”

Character Wardrobes Part 2

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Alrighty…continuing from Wednesday’s post, we move on to family and friends of the main characters. In this case: Serena, Ivy, Yvette, and Nick. Admittedly, Nick doesn’t come up very often, but…here goes!


So, Serena’s clothing looks sort of like what one might wear to the office, for the most part. Most of the material is created in such a way that it’s resistant to most corrosive materials (for which we can thank Yvette). Honestly, she looks like she might be someone’s hot science teacher. She has more than the one lab coat, of course. But she does only really have that one pair of shoes. She’d much rather spend her time creating small attack robots than she would shopping for footwear. Also, because her sister tends to scare her from time to time (by coming back from a job with one less limb), she has a couple outfits with a tiny bit of pink thrown in. Her sister fears the color pink, so the pink is her minor way of getting revenge.


Ah, Yvette…the one responsible for designing clothes for herself, her sister, Beast, Serena…possibly Travis, on occasion. She’s the only one that really seems to give a fuck about fashion. Also, she tends more toward warm colors, as we can see here, and is quite proud of her extensive shoe collection. One of these days, I will need to draw more of it. Also, because she doesn’t want to risk having her sister “borrow” her clothes by accident, she has caused the waists of most of her pants and skirts to point upward.


The younger of the Sangre sisters. She’s that one that will refuse to wear anything with a skirt and tends more toward cool colors. Again, Yvette REALLY wanted to make sure they didn’t accidentally take one another’s clothes. Also, thanks to a combination of comfort and good ol’ fashioned fucking-with-her-sister, she tore the sleeves off of her assassin uniform right before their first outing as a team. The assassination outfits, by the way, are one of Yvette’s proudest creations. They were created to leave 0 fibers, yet still breathe, with the ability to repel moisture (including blood) and an enchantment to keep as little DNA evidence from leaving the wearer as possible. Sometimes, working with a magic user can be an asset.


And finally, we’ve got Nick, the younger brother of both Beast and Serena. Dude’s 5’3″ and part of the FBI. To be exact, he’s part of the HRT. Most of his stuff for when he’s not working is fairly low-maintenance, and fairly easy to change into or out of. Given the unpredictability of his career, he finds that easiest to work with. It’s also the same reason he doesn’t want to get married. Since he doesn’t spend nearly as much time in Hell Bent as the others, he tends to just buy his clothing. It takes him a little time to find stuff in his size, though. Most of his pants need to be hemmed.


Next time, I go into the antagonists.


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So, here’s the beginning of that one comic involving a Grim Reaper variant of Travis…”Don’t Fear The Reaper”, a title I chose because 1) he’s not that intimidating, and 2) the song is a classic. Anyway, without further ado: Part 1. First 22 panels of the origin story. And here I am, explaining shit too much. Heads up: this is gonna be a long post.



Next one shows us where he ends up, and will probably be even longer. You have been warned.


Character Wardrobes Part 1

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So, this is actually inspired by this post. After reading that, I started thinking over my own characters, and the wardrobes I’ve designed for them. I know I’ve probably posted a number of the pics here before…but there’s also a new one, and a bit more explanation about it all. For today, I’m just focusing on the 4 primary narrators.



So, first and foremost, there’s Travis. He dresses mostly for comfort, owning several pairs of baggy pants. There’s a grand total of one suit, and he’d rather keep it that way. Now, why would he have 3 pages of outfits when the others would only really have 1 each? Why, that’s simple: dude’s severely unlucky and is rather prone to clothing damage. Sometimes, that damage happens when he’s killed. And he seems to die whenever he wears a shirt that’s at least 50% red. Of course, he’d be most comfortable if he could just go around naked, but since society has rules about clothes, he has to settle for going commando (unless he’s working), only wearing a shirt if necessary, and walking around barefoot…unless it’s winter. In which case, he’ll wear the boots Serena had created for both him and Gemmy. It cuts down on dexterity, but it has space for his opposable toes.


Next up, Dr. Abbot’s clothes. He prefers to keep his clothing to exude a certain level of professionalism, in contrast to Travis. He has one Eleventh Doctor-inspired outfit that many claim to be a cosplay…He seriously had NOT intended it to be so, but he’s accepted this. After the Visions incident, however, his various ties have been switched out for clip-ons. As for one of his jackets (the brown one with a very light brown lining), that’s actually been used in a roleplay with a friend. It seemed fitting for Spencer, so it was carried over. Also, as we can see, he has a certain affinity for sweater vests. I was thinking of classically nerdy stuff for him, here.


Beast’s clothing…THAT tends to be, as we notice right here, rather revealing. She has her reasons for this, I swear. First and foremost would be that sleeves and pant legs would just be a bother when it comes to her arms and legs. 2) She works as an assassin. Having her body on display like that might distract her targets. 3) She just finds it comfortable. The fabric is created in such a way that blood will not stick to it, and it stretches enough to fit over her bulky legs.


And the last one for tonight is Gemmy. She is another that goes for pure comfort. She also teaches yoga, and likes to reflect that in her wardrobe. The materials work well with her flexibility, and there is a possibility that they smell at least a little like weed. Most of it is a bit more close-fitting than, say, her brother’s clothes. But then again, Gemmy tends to be somewhat more shy than Travis. She’s friendly enough and likes people, but she’s a lot less inclined to hug random strangers.


Next round will be friends/family members. Namely: Serena, Ivy, Yvette, and Nick.

Random Hell Bent Story

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((So, for the sake of writing something…I’ve messed with Travis again.))


Travis’ eyes wrenched themselves open, and the first thing he noticed were the handcuffs. With a groan and a few mutterings of “Why me? Seriously, doesn’t the universe have better shit to do than mess with me like this?”, he worked on breaking his thumb and pulling a hand free from the cuff.

And then he looked around the room, trying to get a good idea of his surroundings. Four stone walls, no windows. And he couldn’t see a door. His eyes narrowed and he let out a growl. There had to be some way out of here, but he wasn’t sure where. How in the hell did he even end up in here in the first place?

“Welcome back,” a voice boomed over some kind of intercom that he couldn’t see.

Really, it seemed to come from every direction.

“Hey! So…what the fuck is going on?” he asked, arms crossed.

“You have five minutes to find the exit. Failure to do so will result in immense pain.”

He could hear a ticking sound just after that, and cursed under his breath as he started checking the floor. There was probably some kind of door in there, or something. Maybe if he could find that, he’d be out.

Travis crawled along the floor, feeling for anything odd. And he found…nothing. There were a few random numbers scrawled in a corner, but no door. With a growl, he punched one of the nearby walls. His knuckles broke upon impact and he screeched in pain, wondering why in the hell he thought THAT would be a good idea.

Ugh, no, he couldn’t sit here and wonder…he had to keep looking.

That was when something occurred to him…were ALL of the walls stone, or was there an anomaly that he couldn’t yet see on one? He began to feel around. For the most part, it all felt like regular stone.

But eventually, the texture seemed to become…softer. More rubber than stone. Looking for a good place to grab on, he started trying to yank the faux stone facade away. The clock was getting closer to 0, not that he saw that. All he could hear was that ever-present ticking.

As he ripped the faux stone facade away from the wall, he saw the door. He went to open that, only to find that it was locked, and required a pass code to unlock. He pressed a few buttons at random, only to hear an alarm blaring from around him.

Tried it again.

Same result.

He tried over and over for a solid minute, before an electric charge surged through the keypad, coursing through his arm and knocking him to the floor with a screech. And a few moments later, the door opened to reveal three people in lab coats, all wearing surgical masks and gloves. They reached down, grabbed onto the half-monkey, and pulled him out of the room. Travis tried pulling away from them, growling the whole time.

“The fuck GIVES?!” he demanded.

“You failed the test. So, we’re on to phase 2.”

“And what’s phase 2?”

“You’ll see…”

Travis had no intention of finding out. He wanted out of here, and soon head butted whichever one was closest. Another was kicked in the groin and the third bitten on the neck. The three were stunned and trying to recover, as Travis took to all fours and sped through the halls.

He kept running, soon realizing that this lab seemed familiar. If he ran for their main office, he knew there was a phone. He might be able to snag control of it…

There it was. There was the office in question! He ran to the door, ramming into it and forcing it open. The office was empty, but the phone was there, waiting. This…seemed a bit easy. But he didn’t care. All he cared about was grabbing the phone and calling for someone to come get him.

He punched in their home number, relieved when someone picked up right away.

“Hello?” Gemmy’s voice asked.

“Hey,” Travis panted. “So, got picked up by another lab and they’re kinda chasing me and I really, really, REALLY need a quick lift home. I hate to have to ask you, since I know you hate having to use your powers and all, but they wanna put me through ‘phase 2’, whatever the fuck that is, and— FUCK!”

The scientists pursuing him had caught up, a reminder that he hadn’t managed to barricade the door just yet.

Back home, Gemmy had heard the struggle going on at the other end, looking to Spencer.

“I’ll be back in a few,” she said. “Travis got himself in trouble again.”

Spencer sat up, pushing up his glasses. “Was it Slade?”


He was prepared to go with her, but she shook her head. “Please, I can speed right over and retrieve him, then be right back. Just keep an eye on Daniel, alright?”

He nodded. “Got it.”

And with that, the half-monkey rushed outside, becoming a blur as she did. She recognized the name of that one lab, and hoped that whoever she’d talk to would recognize their mother’s name. Seriously, Dr. Taylor had a LOT of pull around the labs in Hell Bent.

It took less than a minute for Gemmy to arrive at the lab, stopping as she got to the front door. She pushed the button to buzz herself in.

“State your business,” said a voice.

“My name is Gemini Abbot,” she said. “And my mother is Dr. Serena Taylor. I’m here to look for someone?”

A click, and the door unlocked. She strode through the building, shivering at the oppressive atmosphere. Travis was used to such places, but she was not. It was her first time setting foot in here, and as she walked, she could hear her brother’s protests echoing through the halls.

She followed the sound, hearing a yell.

“GAH! Little bastard BIT me!”

She ran through the halls to locate them. And by the time she found the four, Travis was face down on the floor, a foot on his back.

“Stay down!” shouted the one man he hadn’t bitten today.

“Fuck you!” Travis replied, crying out as his tail was pulled.

Gemmy cleared her throat. “Hey…excuse me?” she began.

All eyes were on her and a shiver moved down her spine. Her tail curled around her leg,

“Could…could you please let him go?” she asked. “See, our mom might worry if he’s not home. You should know who she is. Dr. Serena Taylor?”

They paused, considering this. It was rather easy to forget that this half-monkey was Dr. Taylor’s kid, and all…

That one keeping him pinned stepped away, allowing Travis to get up. He limped toward his sister, having gotten a broken leg at some point in their struggle. She hugged him as he approached, soon picking him up. He draped his hair over her shoulder to make sure she wouldn’t trip over it, and she soon sped off with him.

It wasn’t exactly the best thing for Trav’s leg. Plus, he felt like he was almost on fire. But they were nearly home.

The pair stopped off at a pizza place, both needing to refuel. Between his regenerative properties and her enhanced speed, their combined metabolism was freaking insane, to say the least. They ended up ordering two extra large pizzas. One was covered with multiple veggies, the other had mushrooms and —just for the hell of it and to prevent anyone else from taking it on Travis—anchovies.

They waited for their food, and Gemmy made a call home.

“Hey, Spencer. I got him back, and we just ordered a couple pizzas. Extra large. We’ll be home soon, though, I promise.”

“Alright. Can you pick up a slice for me, please?”

“Of course.”

After a while, they had both pizzas and a slice of tomato and broccoli for Spence. Along the way home, Gemmy looked to her brother.



“Why did they come after you?”

He sighed. “I really wish I knew that…they should know better by now.”

Her tail curled around his, and they eventually arrived at home. Travis was still trying to piece together how he’d gotten to the lab this time and why he was there…