Okay, as promised, here is where books 1 and 2 can be found. Now edited to include book 3 and a full Arc 1 set! Book 5: Apparition:, is now available for sale!


Amazon (paperback): https://www.amazon.com/Visions-Hell-Bent-K-Matt/dp/1500260630

Amazon (Kindle): https://www.amazon.com/Visions-Hell-Bent-Book-1-ebook/dp/B010YG2MMI

Lulu (Full-color hardcover): http://www.lulu.com/content/hardcover-book/visions/14875668



Arc 1 (Books 1-3 in one volume)
Amazon (paperback): https://www.amazon.com/Hell-Bent-Arc-Full/dp/151883244X
Amazon (Kindle): https://www.amazon.com/Hell-Bent-Full-Arcs-Book-ebook/dp/B018701YLS
Lulu (Full-color hardcover):  http://www.lulu.com/content/hardcover-book/hell-bent-arc-1/17612474


Amazon (paperback): https://www.amazon.com/Deception-Hell-Bent-K-Matt/dp/1537010913
Amazon (Kindle): https://www.amazon.com/Deception-Hell-Bent-Book-4-ebook/dp/B01LTASC36
Lulu (Full-color hardcover): http://www.lulu.com/shop/kayla-matt/deception/hardcover/product-23014219.html



Arc 2 (Books 4-6)


Hey, there, and welcome to stop #4 of this particular Blog Hop! Hope you enjoyed the previous stop, and that you’ll check out my booths: The Horror ArcThe Urban Fantasy ArcThe Sci-Fi Arc

I’m involved in a few different hops, as well as 3 Character Battles and…I believe 2 Cover Wars.

Horror Character Battle (voting opens 10:30pm May 16th)

Horror Cover Wars (voting opens 10:30pm May 16th)

Urban Fantasy Character Battle (Voting opens midnight PDT on the 17th)

Urban Fantasy Cover Wars (Voting opens midnight PDT on the 17th)

Sci-Fi Character BattleSci-Fi Character Battle (Round 2 is open!)

ANYWAY, it’s time to go into fantasy integration in modern society. The biggest thing that separates urban fantasy from your classic medieval-ish type. Some might show this with vampires going through the best human life they can. Others with werewolves living in some dude’s upstairs apartment. Often, you’ll see magic users.

My own main fantasy elements are magic and elves. Magic, in Hell Bent, is seen more as a strange hobby than it is just some story for children. All it really takes for one to be able to use magic is an open mind, knowledge of their element, and a sample of their element gathered with the intent of using it for magic.

To find one’s element, they need to immerse themselves in Water, surround themselves with Fire, bury themself in Earth, or find themselves in particularly gusty Wind (it has to be somewhat strong wind to unlock it; your average flow of air just will not cut it). From there, it’s a matter of clearing one’s mind. When they find their one element, something inside will click. And then it’s on to learning spells.

There are a few magic users in Hell Bent: Yvette was raised to use it. Slade and his father Silas are also magic. One of Gemmy’s students at the yoga studio? Also a mage.

But what of elves? I’d mentioned those. Welp, Hell Bent is primarily a city of science. So if they find something unusual, they’ll want to collect its DNA. One of the city’s labs actually has a few samples of elven genetic material. Unsure as to if it was gathered with the elf’s consent or not. Slade is half-elf, his father a full-blood. And the director of Hell Bent General, Oshiro Akira, actually has a bit of elven DNA in his system. There are probably more with some elf to them, but I haven’t figured out the entire city’s population…I mean, I’m only one person, y’know?

Also, out in the woods, if someone looks hard enough, they’ll find other fantasy creatures. They’d be welcome to join Hell Bent’s society, but given the mad scientists over there, they mostly choose not to get involved in that mess.

Next stop!

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Welp, it’s official. Every Brackify tournament I’m in for CyCon is live (and one is in its second round). I have two covers and four characters in the running this year!


Representing the Horror-based Arc 1 in the character tournament, we have Travis and Jesse! Travis came in 2nd last year…but let’s see if that can’t be beaten this time?


And the Arc 1 cover is in the Cover Wars!


For the Urban Fantasy Battle, Dr. Abbot has stepped up!

And Arc 2’s cover is in the Cover Wars as well.


For the Sci-Fi Battle, Beast is in the running.


Please lend your support to my little group of weirdos as they try to fight their way to the finals in their respective battles!

CyCon Blog Tour

Hey, all, and welcome to my stop of this blog tour! So the theme for this one is The Darkness Within. And when one thinks of darkness in fiction, villains generally come to mind. So that being said, let’s dive into some of the different types of villains in Hell Bent!




Okay, so you don’t generally see this type too often. Yes, they’re generally not seen as that satisfying. But on occasion, you DO see the sort of character that kills just because it fills them with a level of enjoyment they wouldn’t know otherwise. Jesse was heavily inspired by all those killers you see in classic slasher films. What drove her to begin killing? Welp, she started with the family…started with the dog because it just wouldn’t stop barking. And then her parents were both eventually killed. They were loving parents, and the problem was just that she had found the worst hobby imaginable.




Slade McManus’ darkness comes from his belief (instilled by his now-regretful father) that magic was far superior to science. Humanity was meant to bow to the will of people like himself, not figure out their own way out of trouble. His vendetta against science came to a head when his mother ran off with a scientist. He stalked them, tracking the couple to the New World. Though never found out, he was the one responsible for the first (double) homicide in Hell Bent’s history. If he had more respect for human ingenuity, he might be an ally to the main characters. But no…he’ll be damned if some mortal’s going to outperform him!




Another villain type is that one that’s started out with noble intentions. Lorena had gone into law enforcement…but then it turned out that she got a bit more respect from the arms dealers she was undercover with than she ever did from the ol’ Boys Club known as the Hell Bent PD.


Okay, so maybe Dr. Morozov is the only one of the two that fits that…but he’d enlisted Crazy Yuri as his hired muscle. But what drives Nikolai is a search for some means of keeping people from dying needlessly. His only brother (also a best friend of his as a child) had been conscripted into the Russian Armed Forces. A hazing incident had claimed his life, setting Nikolai on a quest to find a way to prevent that from happening again. He starts looking into funding a lab. Which leads him to approaching the Russian Mob. That’s where he meets Crazy Yuri, who begins to assist Nikolai however possible. When he learns of a teenager in Hell Bent that can recover from just about anything, he feels the need to investigate, thus leading to one of the most traumatic experiences of that teen’s life.



Walter Malone

So, this next type is a darkness that happens to way too many people out there: an abusive parent. Walter drove both of his children away. He was starting to become a better person after his own abusive childhood…but then he lost his wife. Complications from the birth of their second child. He blamed that second child for the loss, and got on her brother’s back for daring to defend her. His biggest goal was control over the two of them. Ultimately, he lost that. He has no real excuse for his actions, despite what he may think.


Of course, darkness isn’t something only for villainous characters. Often, you can get those that are on the side of good with some amount of it. My prime examples there: Ivy, Beast, and Yvette. Collectively calling themselves The Slaughter Angels, these three were trained as assassins from a relatively young age. They’ve learned to kill without hesitation. Sometimes, they even relish it. But at the same time, their targets tend to be the worst of the worst. Ivy, in particular, had been known as the most unstable lab experiment in local history. It’s thanks to a rampage on her part that the Psionics Wing was pretty much wiped out. But overall, they’re just here to help.



Travis Malone

And last but not least, we have that dark side you don’t normally expect, where things get weird. How weird, you may ask? Well, going with Travis, when we don’t factor in his childhood with an abusive father, we can look at the less natural part of his DNA. Personality-wise, he’s a friendly guy (with a few anger issues). But his regenerative properties have led to some…side effects, let’s say. First off, his abilities allow him to come back from the dead. It’s happened many times already. Now, he hasn’t actually dealt with this in the books as of yet, but when he’s pushed far enough in his healing requirements, he gets hungry. To the point where he’ll tune out everything else around him in pursuit of food. At that point, anything could be food…which means if someone doesn’t smell like a friend, they may be a target. Next up is his hair. Now this one has come up in one of the books. But his hair has a few unique traits: 1) it grows a few more inches anytime he returns from the dead and 2) haircuts will not work for him. An attempt to cut his hair will result in immense pain, his hair bleeding a bit, and then finally a rapid regrowth/healing. Nobody knows why it’s like this. Either way, Trav has become concerned that he may be immortal and outlive his loved ones.

Okay, so, that should cover the darkness within a handful of my characters! Please check out the other authors on this tour.

A. F. Stewart
Naching T. Kassa
K. Matt
Kayla Krantz
Alice De Sampaio Kalkuhl
Michael Salt

And check out the full events page for the Horror/Thriller segment of CyCon here!

2019-OWSCyCon 160x600 Horror Thriller Blog Tour




Welcome to another fantastic stop in our World-building Showcase blog hop! On this stop, we’re highlighting a story where the world changes or ends as we know it, but you can find a full list of authors and topics on the OWS Cycon website. Let’s dive in!

Welcome Odin!

Hi there! Thanks so much for having me!


  1. Before we dive in to the nitty gritty, what is Sleepless Flame about?


Sleepless Flame is a fast-paced mission style cyberpunk thriller featuring a nonbinary protagonist. You follow the exploits of Nara, an alien war criminal that made a new life for herself as a mercenary in the Undercity of Arcadia.

Things get interesting for her when the unconscious body of the heir of the largest Biotech conglomerate lands at her feet. The same company that also has the largest price on her head. Oh what to do?


  1. Does language play any role in your world? Does everyone speak the same language, or is there variety? Did you invent any new slang or terminology during your world-building process?


Arcadia is a galactic hub, so people from all over have their own native voices. But there is also Galactic Trade as a primary language, which was created to unify friendly planets to the main governing body in the area.

There is, however a division in the city. The noble echelons speak High Trade, a dialect variant known by most influential traders and tech emperors. Dark Trade was developed in the Undercity to navigate through the legal systems, and often used to take advantage of visitors to the city.

Everyone can communicate with a high margin of success, they might just not understand the nuances of each other’s voices.


  1. What kinds of climates do your characters experience? Do they see a lot of change or is it always the same? Has your world always had this kind of climate, or has it changed over time?


Uppercity Arcadia uses drones that control the atmosphere to benefit the morale of the populace. Pollution and other detritus has destroyed the planet’s natural ecosystem, so technology is employed to make up for it.

Undercity, however, is settled beneath the cloud of the Haze, remnants of atmospheric refuse that never dissipates. The city is always cast in darkness, and the only changes it experiences are whether it rains or not.

The rest of the planet is uninhabitable, having been destroyed by humanity’s actions.


  1. Is there any kind of faith system in your world? Did you draw inspiration from any real cultures, living or dead?


Faith is not a priority in Arcadia. Uppercity residents are focused on material gain, while Under is focused on survival. Galactic traders that visit brought their own theologies, but none of them have taken root.

There are whispers of witches living in under, however. Their goal is to rejuvenate the planet’s previous life forces by any means necessary.


  1. What do people in your invented world do for fun? Are there sports, games, music, or other activities they do in their free time?


Uppercity has a glorious club and music scene with various themed niches. There are also the VR stations and artificial Arboretums constructed inside ecobubbles to keep them alive. Sometimes visitors can see specimens from other planets when traders graciously donate plants to the collective.

Undercity has a lot more self-destructive vices, brothels for every taste and depravity, a massive drug trade. But occasionally, the nomadic trading caravans can distract with semi-legal delights. And one hell of a street food scene.


Your Process


  1. When you build a world, what is your process like? Do you do a lot of research upfront, wing it completely, or something in between?

It is rather chaotic. I mostly wing it, and there are often gaps of “Huh, I need to fill something here.” Improv exercises and experience DMing helps me with that a lot.


  1. How central is the setting of your story to the story itself? Is it more of an interesting backdrop, or is it integral to the events of the story?

It tends to reinforce the character’s actions and feelings, while also adding colorful flavor that make the story feel alive.


  1. When helping the reader get to know the world you built, what techniques do you use? Do you tend to be upfront about things, or keep the reader in the dark and feed them only bits at a time?


I try to balance between revealing only what the reader needs to know and just an outright exposition dump. I like letting the reader’s imagination visualize what the words are saying. I also try to describe as many senses as possible to give clarity to the description.


  1. How much of a role does realism and hard scientific fact play in your world-building? Do you strive for 100% accuracy, or do you leave room for the fantastical and unexplainable in your world?


I am an escapist by nature so I depend a lot on fantasy. However, I do try and explain things to offset the suspension of disbelief to something plausible.


  1. Do you have any specialized training or background from your “real life” that has informed your world-building?


I am a practitioner of Historical European Martial Arts (Broadsword fencing), so I have a lot of experience with close quarters combat and how a fight would play out. This also helps me visualize my choreography to translate the action easily to a reader.


  1. How do you keep all of the details of your world and characters straight? Do you have a system for deciding on different factors and keeping it all organized, or does it live more in your head?


Heh heh heh. If I knew you would be the first to know…

Mostly I keep it in my head, but since I am deathly afraid of losing something important, I have folders upon folders of documents in my dropbox in a semi-organized fashion. Mostly it’s just word vomit.


  1. Did you experience any difficulties while building your world? Any facts that refused to cooperate or inconsistencies you needed to address while editing?

Just keeping track of all the factions and corporations that exist, as well as their relationships with each other. There is a lot of afterthought when I finish a scene or even a whole book that I keep fussing over. I also have a problem with over touching my edits.


Where can people find you on the web?


Thanks for having me! I have a booth over at OWSCyCon where you can check out my work and come chat with me:




As well as my Books here:



But you can also follow me around the internet here:








Hope to see you there!


For more stops on our World-building Showcase, visit the tour page on the OWS CyCon website. You can also find more great Sci Fi authors and books on our main Sci Fi event page.


CyCon: My Top 5 Influences

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Hey, there! Long time, no post…but you’ll be seeing quite a bit more from me very soon. I’m taking part in OWS CyCon this year! Got 3 character battles, I’m in 1-2 cover wars, my booth can be found here, and I’m involved in 2 takeovers and about…(let’s see, this one, the Sci-Fi Goes Punk, The Darkness Within, and one about Fantasy Integration In Society) four blog tours.

A top 5 is not easy for me. I’m generally indecisive on things. And suck at explaining myself. But I’m hoping to take part in as many of these activities as I can, so…

So, what’re my top 5 influences, asked…well, usually nobody, but in this case, the good people of CyCon?


In no particular order…

5) Comics/Movies Based On Comics: It’s hard to pinpoint exactly which comics have had some influence on my work. I guess the first that leaps to mind is X-Men and groups like that, where you see a group of characters with powers, that (while not related through blood, really) are basically a family. That’s always fun to work with.


I mean, we’ve got a regenerator, two magic users, someone with telepathy/telekinesis, people with tails…

4) Anime: A number of the characters in my work have animal traits, and since anime’s the most likely place for someone to see catgirl characters…yep. That’s on the list. Plus, my art style came from an attempt to draw in an anime-ish style. What came about is something of a bastardization of that, and I’m happy with how it looks.


And here we go with chibi form.


3) Disney Movies: Specifically the animated ones. Aside from anime, the Disney Renaissance was a factor in how my art style came to be what it is now. When I was starting to get into drawing, I’d replicate other pics…up to and including Disney characters. Also, one thought that came to mind after seeing Tangled was “What if a male character had hair that long…?”


Not quite there yet…but Trav’s well on his way.

2) Stephen King: Or to narrow it down, Carrie. One of my characters’ backstories was heavily influenced by the story of Carrie White: a girl with telekinesis gets pushed too far by those around her and finally snaps. But in Ivy’s case, she went on to become an assassin.


Hell Bent’s Most Unstable Lab Experiment

  1. Finally, we come down to Slasher Films. I’m a horror fan, but I have a soft spot for this particular subgenre. Though I notice that a LOT of your killers (with a handful of exceptions, of course) are male. So I started thinking on what’d happen if you were to have a woman that has a few of those same traits as your classic Freddy, Jason, or Michael type. Jesse is a hard one to stop, a relentless killer…

And she’s so damn gleeful about it!

So, that does it for my top 5. Stay tuned for more CyCon stuff!


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Hey! So, first up, I’m still around! Book 8 is in full swing. I’m figuring out some new scenes to add, have the first 5 comic pages inked, first 12 sketched, and plan to start in on the other 37 soon. Also planning a couple of writing binges for the prequel this month. The hope is to have both ready for OWS CyCon (May 17-19; more info to come about that later).


But for now, I have a takeover on Facebook this Saturday! I signed up for a 3 hour chunk of time that night. Feel free to stop by the Reader’s Lounge and check it out!

Interested in interacting with authors of Fantasy and Sci-Fi? Want a chance to win some awesome prizes and walk away with some great books? The Fantasy and Sci-Fi Reader’s Lounge will be presenting themed events for the month of March!

Join us at https://www.facebook.com/groups/FantasySciFiReadersLoungeas our authors takeover the page to introduce you to amazing stories full of diversity, vampires, cyborg/robots, and more!

• Diversity (LGBTQ, minorities, all abilities/disabilities) – April 3-7
• Admin’s Away, Let’s Play–Wednesday: Short stories; Thursday: Children’s fiction; Friday/Saturday: Drop Everything & Read (DEAR) any genre that has not yet been part of any takeover theme in Feb., March, or on April’s schedule – April 10-13
• Vampires – April 17-20
• Cyborg/Robots – April 24-27

Join us for these exciting events and bring a friend!



Character Interview: Sebastian

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Hey, there, and welcome to a new character interview with Trav! This time, he gets to speak with Sebastian, one of the leads in Lydia Sherrer’s highly entertaining Love, Lies, and Hocus Pocus series. The fifth book in the series releases TODAY! Links will be available at the end.


‘Hope this is the right place…’ Travis thought to himself as he knocked on the apartment door. He had come by to meet with a witch by the name of Sebastian. The half-monkey’s tail swayed lightly, as he went over the questions in his head. Hopefully, his interviewee was home. Though with his luck, he wouldn’t have been shocked if Sebastian both wasn’t home and didn’t live at this exact apartment.


As he hesitated on the doorstep, however, he finally heard signs of movement inside. There was a shuffle, then a crash and some rather inventive cursing. Finally, he heard the scrap of multiple locks being undone before the door finally cracked open. Brown eyes examined him through the gap, one eyebrow raised in question.


He waved to his interviewee when he saw him, flashing a grin and flicking his tail. “Hey…Sebastian, right? I was wondering if you’d be up for talking a bit about, like, yourself and your life?”


“Well, normally I don’t like to talk about myself, seeing as how very humble I am. But since you asked nicely, I suppose I could make time in my extremely busy schedule.” Sebastian mirrored his grin and opened the door wide, inviting him in with a dramatic flourish. As he straightened and caught sight of Travis’ tail, his brows rose almost to his hairline, but he didn’t comment.


Walking into Sebastian’s apartment, Travis was hit by a distinctive, less-than-pleasant odor. And he noticed the mess. It was hard not to. But he shrugged it off, figuring that at least it wasn’t the smell of death. Really, as long as he could avoid tripping over discarded pizza boxes, it was all good.


“Alright,” he began. “So, first question…what’s the difference between a witch and a wizard? I’ve seen one used to refer to female magic users, one for males, seen ‘mage’ used for both, and…well, I wonder if it’s, like, a regional thing. But yeah…I’m curious, there.”


“I mean, I don’t know how you do it where you’re from, but if you ask any magic user around here they’ll tell you that wizards are the stuck up people born with magic who think they’re better just because, and witches are everyone else who bargain their way into whatever powers they have.” Sebastian laughed, though the skin around his eyes was just a little tight.


He nodded, keeping this in mind. “Awesome. Yeah, I figured I’d ask. I know a few magic users, myself, and it’s always sort of cool to see how it differs. So next one: what would you want to tell anyone reading this about your friends? Which I realize just after saying that is totally something an enemy looking for information might ask and I’m, like, really sorry if it came out that way. Anyway…yeah, what about your friends/allies?” Travis asked, running a hand through his long red hair.


Sebastian gave him a sideways look, a little mischievous glint in his eyes. “Friends, huh? Not sure I have any of those—I’m a bit much to handle, if you know what I mean,” he said with a wink. “But there is this one gal—a wizard—who has a soft spot for me. I think it’s just because she likes having someone around who appreciates her scones, since she spends most of her time telling me everything I’m doing wrong. But…I dunno, we just seem to mesh well. She’s great to have around in a fight, or if you need some boring information that would take forever to look up. Oh, also if you want someone to annoy. She has the most delicious reactions, I just can’t help myself.” He gave a bark of a laugh, his eyes sparkling like diamonds.


“Other side of the coin, now…what about those you don’t get along with?”


“Pffft.” Sebastian gave a careless wave of his hand. “I get along with everyone. It’s other people who don’t get along with me. Though…” he paused, a more sober expression darkening his brow. “If you’re out to cause mischief, I’ve got no particular problem with you—I cause a fair bit of trouble myself. But if you’re an evil bastard who goes around hurting people for kicks and giggles, we’ll have what you might call a ‘philosophical disagreement’…the kind that ends with an imprint of my boot on your face.” Sebastian gave a more toothy smile this time, the warmth gone from his eyes.

“I might know a few people that’d deserve that,” Travis replied with a chuckle. “Some fairly twisted asshats…”


Clearing his throat, he took a moment to think of his next question. “Is there anything you regret?”


Something about Travis’ question must have struck a nerve, because Sebastian’s expression tensed and his smile became brittle. For a moment it wasn’t clear if the witch would even answer the question. But finally his lips parted, letting out strained words. “Regrets are a luxury I can’t allow myself to indulge in. The last time I did, it nearly killed me.”


Something about the haunted look in Sebastian’s eye as he spoke betrayed the lie for what it was, and Travis wondered what regrets the man “wasn’t” indulging in. Better, perhaps, to move on from that particular question. He chewed his lower lip a bit as he scrambled to think of the next question. And finally, it came to him.


“What, would you say, is your proudest accomplishment?” Travis asked, head tilted somewhat.


Sebastian snorted, and a small smile was back, though his eyes still seemed distant. “Back in the day I survived two years living under the beady eye of my cranky old bat of an aunt. Considering how many times she probably wanted to strangle me, I’d say that was quite an accomplishment.”


“Okay, now…this is a question that’s been kinda nagging at me since I came in, but about your apartment…is everything okay? Probably kind of a weird question, but it kinda has that whole ‘there appears to have been a struggle’ sort of vibe. Is it a case of just not having the time, or what?”


He wasn’t normally one to judge, but sometimes…


Sebastian must have thought his question hilarious, because he threw his head back and guffawed. When he finally caught his breath, he spoke between lingering chuckles, “You and my friend Lily would get along well. She doesn’t approve either. Let’s just say it’s a combination of drunken pixie parties and the fact that I’ve got way better things to do than clean.”


“Ah, right. Got it. Sorry if that last one got kind of invasive…next one: what would you do in the case of a zombie apocalypse?”


“Grab a few things…and a few people I guess…and relocate to the fae realm.


Travis raised one eyebrow, not sure how to take such a response.


“What? Sebastian asked, spreading his hands wide. “I’m no bleeding heart hero. Sticking around isn’t going to do anyone any good, and it would be detrimental to my health. Plus, I might be able to convince some fae I know to help out…maybe. You never know when it comes to fae.”


Nodding, the half-monkey flicked his tail once more. “Alright, last one, then I’ll get going. Is there anything you’re looking forward to in the future?”




“What?” Travis asked, wondering if he’d heard him correctly. That was definitely one he could understand. It was just one he didn’t hear very often.


“Dinner. I’m looking forward to dinner. You never know if your next meal will be your last. Besides, I’m going to this awesome pizza place in Little Five Points. I once got chased by a mob of homeless guys there and I had to use fae glamor to distract them while I made my escape. It was pretty epic!”


He chuckled.


“Hey, fair enough”. Travis stretched somewhat. “Welp. Thanks for taking the time to talk to me, and hoping everything goes well. Handshake or a hug, before I head out?”


“Thanks for the generous offer of physical contact, buuut I think I’ll pass,” Sebastian said, an amused expression on his face.


Travis shrugged. “Alright, figured I’d ask. Anyway, thanks again for the interview!”


And with that, he turned around to leave, tripping over one of the discarded boxes. With a sheepish chuckle, he pushed himself upright again and–a bit more carefully–left the apartment.     

Screen Shot 2019-02-26 at 9.53.00 AM.png

(Art provided by author, though I’m not sure who the artist is)

You can find Ms. Sherrer on Facebook, or at her website. She can also be found on Amazon


Love, Lies, and Hocus Pocus: The Lily Singer Adventures





Betrayal (Available Feb. 28)